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>- AgentJDN/Jaden1291 the Toad -<
About AgentJDN:
Calling himself the Meta Knight of his own country, AgentJDN is known to be very adventurous. He is a huge fan of the Kirby series, Geometry Dash, and OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes. In normal mode, he creates Geometry Dash levels and wallpapers and comics, but in hero mode, he turns into Meta Knight, complete with the Galaxia sword!

About Jaden1291 the Toad:

Jaden1291 the Toad was a user who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy, most likely known as Jaden1291. His character was originally a regular Toad, but he made a more original character, and it was a Toad who had a yellow cap with blue spots, plus he wears sunglasses. He was one of the Filipinos who joined MFGG and its messageboards, the others being Myte and Crunch40.

He was also known for his talented spriting at a young age, and he still sprites, and makes comics, too. Some of his graphics were implemented into various SMBX GFX Packs. He is also known for being FutureNyanCat's other alias on Mario Fan Games Galaxy. Luckily, he is never banned at all times. To prevent him from doing something wrong, he can always do some sprites or make ideas for comics if he can.

His best friends include smbmaster99, Supernova, and even the MFGG staff. Additionally, his other friends are Nite Shadow and Mit (MistaBird). He is also known for welcoming every single newbie without a hassle. The best of all is, he is a casual member and a sprite submitter, and reviewer as well.

Previously...he was known as FutureNyanCat:
FutureNyanCat is known under his first name Jaden, and was one of the former members of the SMBX community. He was also a Filipino who joined SMBX, the other being crunch40 (alias Luigifan400). He is sometimes banned several times, and was known for the comics "A Stupid FNC Adventure" and "The Misadventures of Jaden the Koopa". He also makes various fan-made The Adventures of Knux episodes (featuring his own character in one of his comics, plus additional cousins of reghrhre).

He also has his own SMBX project, Toad Goes to Outer Space, and his other project, Valtteri's Amazing Adventure in the Internet. He is most likely working on Toad Goes to Outer Space because it is his first SMBX project. (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS FOR MANY YEARS) He is one of the Filipinos of the SMBX community, and he's always FNC wherever he goes.

- FutureNyanCat
- FutureNyanCat2002
- FutureNyanCat2013
- FutureNyanCat2014
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This is where I'll showcase my sprite sheets, extended tilesets, wallpapers, and other art. Feel free to give positive feedback or constructive criticism as you view them. I may not be active that much, but I'll be posting new art once in a while.

Favourite Visual Artist
Well, any artist. Leonardo Da Vinci.
Favourite Movies
Uh...I have so many movies.
Favourite TV Shows
Adventure Time, Fox Filipino Tv shows, Phineas and Ferb, Kambal Sirena, and other GMA tv shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Cars (1980s), Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Filipino singers, all American singers, and other *BLEEP*
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Any writers of my owned books.
Favourite Games
Super Mario Bros. X, Minecraft, Where's My Water, Cut the Rope, Bad Piggies, and Angry Birds
Favourite Gaming Platform
Computer, iPad
Tools of the Trade
What? I'm not painting.
Other Interests
Pixel Art, Sprite sheets, and playing fangames.
Hey everybody! I got interested in a 3DS free-to-start game called "Stretchmo". I've uploaded four puzzles for you to try. Just purchase an attraction pass in the game, go to Stretchmo Studio, select the QR Code reader, and scan the QR codes to play....
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Hey guys. If you wanna see art, it's available on Instagram too. Follow me on @thetruemetanite to check them out. P.s. the picture below is my profile picture. Watch out for any fakery.
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Totally on track again!

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I'm now uploading drawings and art I made on MediBang Paint, as well as comics I made on my paper. I'm now focusing on new stuff like Kirby, UniKitty, Undertale, Geometry Dash, OK K.O., etc! Speaking of old webcomics I made like ASFNCA and The Misadventures of Jaden the Koopa, I'll make new episodes for Jaden the Koopa as well as archive all of the ASFNCA episodes I made on my DeviantART account. I'll have to rework one episode from Season 8 for personal reasons. Time to be a more active artist now!
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Happy birthday!
Heyo! Thanks dude! I'm not in the SMBX community anymore since I moved on. Now I'm playing Kirby, Undertale, and Splatoon stuff. :D
Happy birthday!
OH snap, I want to make a sprite sheet for MFGG but I have absolutely no ideas.
Do you need an avatar?!?