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Here's a maybe-not-as-serious-as-it-may-seem short film that I played in and made music and sound for: Alea Iacta Est
I made music and sound for a short film. Go watch it.
I made a new piano solo album called Alone. 7 tracks:

  1. Jeux Interdits IV
  2. One
  3. Life
  4. Days
  5. Alone
  6. Snow
  7. Echo

You can listen to it on my BandCamp.
Wanna see a really amazing artist?
When I showed her to a friend, she started drooling! Honestly! (The friend, not the artist)

Go check her out! NOW!


Look at how few pageviews she has! You call that fair? Shame on you, deviantART!
My picture made it to the One Million Masterpiece 2008 calendar!

Read more about the calendar

See who else is in

Join the One Million Masterpiece!