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Be motivated to upload you art here too! and don't forget to join the tutoring program if you want to teach or learn Disney style art.


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We have two discord servers one Disney and one art and both ready and waiting for you!
Disney Hub
A hub with useful links as well as chat, and fun Disney self-roles and emojis.

Art Tutoring Garden
A place to help your art skills grow and flourish, and chat with fellow artists.
We are a  friendly server dedicated to helping each other.
Hope the rules are a little more tidy now. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.


:star: GENERAL RULES ::star:

:bulletblue: All the artworks you submit must be done by you. Plagiarism is not allowed!

:bulletblue: All the artworks must contain only Disney characters or characters modified to be disneyish (submit to admin help with a comment, if you are not sure the character fits  If you do not comment staff may just decline).

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellyson NO offensive behavior or offensive language towards other members and/or the administration.

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellyson NO  explicit sexual content nor erotic art. This includes linking to a NSFW version in the description

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellysonNO art thief or plagiarism. You will be kicked out of the group if you do so.

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellyson NO Tracing, your artwork must be something that you have created.

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellyson NO Photo-manipulation, this group does not consider this your own work (may allow for backgrounds IF permission from photographer was given and credited).

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellyson NO Photos of Disney merchandise this is not your work.

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellyson NO Photos of Disney Rides or attractions, the group considers this is as not your own work.

:bulletblue: Artworks that are duplicates of each other will be declined (this includes variations of a base).


:bulletblue: Submit your artwork to the RIGHT FOLDER ! Every piece submitted to the wrong folder will be removed. (if you don't know which folder, submit to admin help with a comment, If you do not comment staff may just decline )

No! (Emoticon) by BetooHellyson NO submission to the "featured" folder. The admins choose some pieces to submit each month.

:bulletblue: If the movie for your artwork is not listed the artwork goes in Movies

:bulletblue: 'Disney Crossovers' is for crossovers of two or more Disney movies and/or shows.

:bulletblue:  'Non-Disney crossovers' is for Crossovers of Disney and non-Disney movies and/or shows together.

:bulletblue:  'Crossovers' Is for both of the above, the two above are being fazed out.

:bulletblue: "Disneyish"  Is for artwork not based on a Disney movie and anything that does not fit elsewhere, but must use a Disney style.

:bulletblue: Literature goes in Disneyish and only the first chapter

:bulletblue: "Disney own characters"  is for characters based on a Disney movie, or other Disney media.

:bulletblue: Disney characters with own characters go in 'Disney Own Characters- OCs'

:bulletblue: ALL comics go in 'Comics'

:bulletblue: If you want to join the Tutoring Program it is in Art-Tutoring-Program you have to send us a note as we are the same admins.



As you may already know, we seek improvement based on help! If for any reason you don't want to be a member anymore, we ask you to let us know! So we can inform your student and tutor.
Once you leave, you can always come back!! :D:D:D:D

More Journal Entries

Welcome to FDA


Hello and welcome to future Disney artists, my name is Invidia-S the co-founder of this group and along with CherishTree one of the people here to help you. while we have a gallery for Disney style artworks we also have an art tutoring programing in our affiliate group Art-Tutoring-Program (it got too cluttered here) organised by the group between our members. The current 2014 list of students and tutors can be found here:
Tutors-Students List 2015- 2016Here's the list of our tutors and students for 2015.
We have removed all previous people from last year from the list so if you would like to continue please comment on this journal or note the group and we will re-add you.
Tutors please inform us of skills you are willing to teach in this (:bulletpurple: Traditional    :bulletred: Digital   :bulletblue: Animation    :bulletgreen: 3D modelling) format
Once registered with the group students are free to either contact a tutor or ask the group to help them find a tutor. Keep in mind that you should notify the group if you find a tutor. If you're a little shy you can ask Invidias or CherishTree to ask the tutor for you. I wish you all luck, may your talent blossom.

Click for Rules

What Disney means in realation to this group:

:bulletred: Movies, Short Films, and Television Shows released under the Disney logo, Pixar Studios, and Touchtone Pictures.

:bulletred: All Disney Theme Parks, Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Vacation Club, Adventures by Disney, Disney on Ice, Disney on Broadway.

:bulletred: Kingdom Hearts and other co-produced media

:bulletred: Walt Disney Internet Group video games and online games (screenshots are not permitted)

:bulletred:Walt Disney Pictures
:bulletred:Walt Disney Animation Studios
:bulletred: DisneyToon Studios
:bulletred:Marvel Studios
:bulletred:Marvel Entertainment
:bulletred:ABC Television Network
:bulletred:A&E Networks

:bulletred: And anything else on this ludicrously long list

:bulletred: All media types are welcome.

------>:bulletred:PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE RIGHT FOLDER!!:bulletred:<------

I now turn you over to our founder glimpen for the rest of the introductory post:


Hope you know how to read!
FAQs///How to join?/// Characters we accept /// Rules

Hello/Howdy/Hola/Bonjour/Willkommen! :wave:

Hello again deviants!!
This club is not a normal club!!

We are not just watchers, members, admins and visitor....we are supporters, critiques and especially friends. The one thing that makes us different is that we encourage improvement and congratulate it!!!

This club is not a gallery that you submit your newest artwork in, it is a learning environment to grow in.

We have a partnership program that is not an obligation for all the members!
Though it is the main focus of the group.
You have four options is this club:

:bulletred: Be someone's tutor.
:bulletred: Be someone's student.
:bulletred: Have a tutor and a student
:bulletred: Be a gallery contributor member (not in a partnership)
(Or you know you could help us here as an admin.)


As a group we have a job, an oath if you may. When we clicked "join" we accepted the responsibility of possibly being a tutor to other deviants that request useful critique, support or even help. Every deviant accepted is a deviant we watch grow and develop as a Disney artist. To every deviant, that wishes help, a tutor is selected...and that wishes to help a student!

You maybe thinking..."What Deviant Disney school?"
In a way we are, depends on what a school means to you. If a school means fun and friends... yes!! :dance: Or if it means study and improvement... YES! :work: Or if you simply want to help someone to get better in the drawings, sketches, colorings ( Colouring , sorry Glimpen, I’m Australian and just needed to say that) or even ideas... yes!!!:writersblock:

We simply seek the improvement of ALL artists that seek improvement. We need all the help we can get!!!! :D:D:D
If you want to improve your art with useful critique or want to help someone by giving critique!!!
You came to the right place!!!!!

:woohoo:This is the DD Academy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo: The Disney Deviants Club!>

Why are we named Future Disney Deviants????
Because when you join you are one step closer to become a Disney Artists* (In the sense that you improve as an artist though I also find Disney related job opportunities.) !!!!

Partnership Interested Members!
The program has started!

New gallery folders* will be created for each group (tutor/student)!
Once you receive that, every deviation you upload has to contain a link to the club and to your tutor! It is also very important that to put in your deviation your tutor’s icon or send a link to them, they need to be able to see the artwork to offer critique! Also tell us you have a tutor so we can make the folder for you.

Please note this…
You will improve here. There will be a time that your tutor won’t be able to help you anymore. Your need another type of help. Please send a note to the club that contains this points:
:bulletblue:are you a student or a tutor?
:bulletblue:who was your tutor/student?
:bulletblue:do you improve what you were looking for?
:bulletblue: what kind of help do you seek now?
:bulletblue: is there a specific area that you would like to improve?
After you send the note, we will remove the previous student/tutor folder and you can look for a new one.
do not forget to tell your tutor/student! A “thank you” note never hurts!

Your tutor is not helping you??
Don’t worry! Sometimes, someone is not the correct tutor. Maybe you didn't fully relate or you both share a very different point of view, please send the club a note were you say who is your tutor, why he did not helped you and what kind of help you need. We will communicate that to your tutor and you can search for a new one.
Do not be offensive to your tutor!
If you broke the rules and you wish another tutor… we will deny it! please read the Rules

Remember that this group and Art-Tutoring-Program have the same admins we are in essence the same group so what is write here goes for there.







Group Info

Hello there! :D
We are an open group! Separated by distance but united by a simple reason... we love Disney :#1:!!
Founded 9 Years ago
Jul 16, 2010


Group Focus
Art Collection

1,118 Members
1,101 Watchers
73,095 Pageviews
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