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No description needed. Its ROWSDOWER.

(Drinking arm status: healed)
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BigMac1212Hobbyist Photographer
Canada's true superhero.
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ImdaBatmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
honestly i agree with Crow: it actually could've made an interesting tv series
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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
Love that guy!
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Is he a makeupless clown?
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Rowsy makes an excellent Terry Bogard for this kind of thing.
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I just finished looking at all of your MST3K characters and reading the hilarious descriptions...amazing!! You are a hero to MST3K fans everywhere for creating this insane and awesome series. If I had two requests for characters to add to the roster it would be:  "Jean-Claude Gosh Darn" aka The Skinny Belgian Idiot himself from Future War (Kickboxing!!) and Grandpa Borgnine from Merlin's Mystical Shop of Wonders (including his Sea Turtle Sweater armor).
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Oh yeah...and "Chia Estevez" from Werewolf!
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Slendercell-2Student Artist
he's Canada's Chuck Norris
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Rowsdower saaaaves us, and he saves the day!

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VremyaControlStudent Filmographer
ZAP rowsdower.
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RomanJonesProfessional Digital Artist
I would get this guy tattooed on my flesh.
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novectorsProfessional General Artist
hmm, no, I'd hafta say Lee, Lifeson and Peart are the greatest Canucks who ever lived,
but you, m'friend show up on the list directly after THAT famed trio, no doubts...

(a "Llama" to anyne under 25 who can tell me the name under which that "famed trio" are more commonly known, and WITHOUT using Wiki or other source to look it up; in other words, tell me from memory)...
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novectorsProfessional General Artist
...can't wait to see your take on Mike Pipper!
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They could be... Pipper Partners
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I hates that rabbit!
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"I sensed that with my hair. My hair is an elaborate network of nerves, constantly processing information."

Aw, yeah, this is my favorite MST3K episode ever. Thank you for this.
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ShockdingoHobbyist Digital Artist
The fact that you have made this means that you are the greatest person who ever lived. Much Canuck love for ol' Zap Rowsdower!
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FutureDamiProfessional Digital Artist
greatest ever? EVER?

I mean, I am honored but... EVER?
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ShockdingoHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, okay, a biiiiiiit of hyperbole on my part, but in my defense this did bring back some grand MST3k memories in the midst of a slow time for me. Keep up the good work man.
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I just realized this about this movie...every car was a truck. Did they get sponsorship from Ford and Chevrolet or something?

Unfortunately, all the good Rowsdower quips have been taken...so I'll just say another great job!
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FutureDamiProfessional Digital Artist
I think that is actually an effect Canada has on cars. If you leave a car there long enough, the back will mold into a flatbed. A lot Canadians who live near the border will park the back end of their cars stateside to prolong this.
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Awesome riff!  Kinda like what Niel Gaiman wrote about albums left in cars:  They all turn into Best of Queen.

""This," sighed Crowley, "is Vivaldi's 'Another One Bites The Dust.'""
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Come on baby, don't let me down!
I won't, Rowsdower.
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