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Here is all the information you need on commissions and prints. Please contact me via DM or email at
For Comic Page rates DM or Email to discuss.

Prints can be purchased at

All prices are in AUD, and payments made via PayPal.


Marvel SketchCards by Future-Infinity DC SketchCards by Future-InfinityImage of StarWars SketchCardsImage of Misc. SketchCard
A4 SketchCards          $15ea or
                                     BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Xenomorph by Future-Infinity Sonic's Forces by Future-Infinity Little Mermaid by Future-Infinity Samus v Ridley by Future-Infinity

A3 Full Art                  $20

All Prints available at my store or via DM


Marvelous by Future-InfinityImage of Commissions - Starting From D and D Party Commission by Future-Infinity Superman by Future-Infinity

Full Colour Character          $120
    Additional Character       $10ea
    Traditional Medium          $20
   (Pens/Copic Markers)

Detailed and full colour action shot or pose, including background. Price includes High Quality A3 print, and a free head sketch of your chosen character.

Pokemon Commissions

Team Sunny Jam by Future-Infinity Team Dragonwind by Future-Infinity Team Valance by Future-Infinity Lad and his Absol by Future-Infinity

Single Pokemon                     $50
    (Your likeness and 1 Pokemon)

Pokemon Team                      $70
    (Your likeness and 6 Pokemon)
    Additional Pokemon           $10 each

Digital Colour Commissions
Wonka jen by Future-Infinity Batman 2016 SketchCard by Future-Infinity Supergirl   Inks By J Skipper-d6q8jzo by Future-Infinity Captain America 2016 SketchCard by Future-Infinity Callie Briggs Cleans Up  By Jollyjack-dc4t4kc by Future-Infinity

Single Character                   $40
    Additional Characters       $10 each
Batman by Future-Infinity

Digital Sketch                    $30
    Traditional Medium       $50
Price in AUD
Postage outside AUS add $10

I just want to say thanks to all peeps who favourited, commented or followed this year and years previous I am forever grateful for the support! Next year will be bigger and better, and I will be posting regular updates/pics.

So I hope your looking forward to it us much as I am!!

Merry Festivus and a Happy New Yer!
Time to get it done pretty much nothing else to it.

2014. I have been working away at my skills and now its time to get it all together.

Focusing in on what I should be doing with my skills not wasting time, farting around.

Gonna get a job or 10.

New comic book projects in the works!

And loads of pics coming 

Can't Wait!!!
I wanted to talk about my goals this year and what I'm up too.

I'm always driving myself to test the limits of my skills in everything I do, I have the biggest dreams and I cant help but go for them.

This year I am studying music which is my main passion and I hope one day to do something great with that. I'm also playing basketball.

As for drawing, so far this year I was involved my first exhibition which was really cool. But my goals this year is to get a lot better at drawing and painting, which means a lot of practise.

I have a lot of great stories to write as well and I want to do that in the form of a comic book. So that is gonna be one of my tasks this year, to try and get a comic happening.

I'm excited for this year and I'm excited to work as hard as i can to get these dreams.

And if you also have a dream I hope you go for it too, because its something you can never regret.
Heyya Everyone, I need your help!! I have entered a competitiion to design a surfboard for Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons. If I win my design will be her competition board for the 2012 world series, and my art will be showcased to the world.

All you have to do is click the link below, and like my design. Its really easy and the more likes, the more chance I have of winning.

I am chasing 300 likes or more so please help me out, send it to your friends and get them in on it too. SPAM!! and LIKE LIKE LIKE!…
Im working on a new Halo picture :) it will be halo reach with all the spartans in action, hopefully it will be epic.

Stay tuned the next few days!
just working away
1000 view whooooo not to mention

almost 3000 views on my marine concept :winner:

thanks people much appreciated :handshake:

as a treat i finally filled the what are you section enjoy :D :D
  • Listening to: Seal and ironman 2 soundtrack
  • Reading: 3d world and atomic
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: crysis
  • Eating: oreos
  • Drinking: water
Nearly 1000 views!!!  100 views to go cmon people :D
ok so Im currently working on a game project for skool and some other projects for fun

coming soon:
Lara Croft, anime painting

and definately a whole lot more

so watch out for em!!