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Unidentified Hostile Organism: Chupacabra by malevouvenator
Wornga - Cancrochampsa ammuti (version 2) by Zimices
Carnolepus sibericus by Gredinia
Moss Canopy by salpfish1
Future mammals
Ridge-Back Hare by SwagLord500
The Gorgon Cat by GlazeSugarNavalBlock
Tigricapra by GlazeSugarNavalBlock
Spec. Evolution: The Gorgonops Cat by BlackOliveArt
Future sauropsids
Tengu by SwagLord500
Petrel Cormorant by SwagLord500
Megavastatos Diabolos by BlackOliveArt
Hoatzin Descendants (Miscellaneous) by SwagLord500
Future invertebrates
southern bugs- Nomads project by Kiabugboy
Northern Nomads - marshland border by Kiabugboy
Abyssal Plane by salpfish1
Vertebrate Squid by salpfish1
Other future organisms
Grim eagle- Nomads project by Kiabugboy
Gigapengus- nomads project by Kiabugboy
Eastern giants- Nomads project by Kiabugboy
Type Augmented Organic All Terrain Vehicle by keenansun
Alternative organisms
Black Sea Pupper by ComplicatedStarman
In The Realm Of Giants by Kiabugboy
Pteranodon Sunset by Kiabugboy
A pair of turts by transpaleoartist
Alien organisms
Yiqet by SwagLord500
Moon by Kiabugboy
DAY 1- Creatures peaks by Kiabugboy
Terraformed Martain Forest by biohazzart
Fantasy organisms
Creature Sketches by Frikynaturalista
Bloodhorn by Frikynaturalista
In The Realm of Giants- Environment/keyframe art by Kiabugboy
Wolpertinger by Frikynaturalista
Scraps and rough ideas
It's gonna get weird by Cambul41894
Dragons 2 by Cambul41894
Dragon species 1 (first upload) by Cambul41894
Falmetumbili (AKA Falme) by GlazeSugarNavalBlock


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Watercolor Pencil Test Critter by LeccathuFurvicael Watercolor Pencil Test Critter :iconleccathufurvicael:LeccathuFurvicael 27 7 Horned Camel by Nizcae Horned Camel :iconnizcae:Nizcae 42 6 June 21:  runningrunning by e-pona June 21: runningrunning :icone-pona:e-pona 5 15 Wild Kratts Future Creatures: Future Predators by TimeKratt Wild Kratts Future Creatures: Future Predators :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 2 2 Wild Kratts Future Creatures: Orlocks by TimeKratt Wild Kratts Future Creatures: Orlocks :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 1 0 Wild Kratts Future Creatures: Treloi by TimeKratt Wild Kratts Future Creatures: Treloi :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 0 0 Woorthog by thalion-art Woorthog :iconthalion-art:thalion-art 34 6 Distant Relative by QuazarShark Distant Relative :iconquazarshark:QuazarShark 43 14 GET IN MAH BELLEH by SaritaWolff GET IN MAH BELLEH :iconsaritawolff:SaritaWolff 14 30 Clouded leopard of the future by Jagroar Clouded leopard of the future :iconjagroar:Jagroar 193 35 Smilolobo by Joshuasart Smilolobo :iconjoshuasart:Joshuasart 4 14 WTF Mammalsaurs by Moonshadow01 WTF Mammalsaurs :iconmoonshadow01:Moonshadow01 42 11

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This group is for people interested in evolution of the future of life on Earth but also other kinds of imaginary organisms.
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May 9, 2010


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Future Evolution

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I suppose I won't be wrong saying that people,  even if interested in evolution and palaeontology, are rarely aware of the fact how two Devonian mass extinctions shaped the way our current world of land vertebrates looks. I have to confess I wasn’t. Until I have read the book by George R McGhee Jr. ‘When the Invasion on Land Failed. The Legacy of the Devonian Extinctions.’
It's one of the best popular science books I have been read last year and I strongly recommend you to try it. But for the goal of this entry I can summarise it's content in only one, my favourite, passage:

‘In the world where the Devonian extinctions had never occurred, perhaps we, with our characteristic modesty, might have called ourselves the Eutetrapoda, the “true four-limbed vertebrates”. Our cousins the Elpistostegalian tetrapods we might have called the Paratetrapoda, the “near, or similar four-limbed vertebrates”, and our more distant Tristichopterid tetrapod relatives the Pseudotetrapoda, the “false four-limbed vertebrates”’

So I have a proposition for you all - let's try to invent what kind of organisms would inherit the land with us if tetrapodomorph evolutionary tree was not that severely depleted in Devonian with more than one lineage of land vertebrates surviving.

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One of the folders is titled "Alternative organisms".  How do you mean, "alternative"?
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They are organisms which could evolve from the groups being in reality extinct, with no actual descendans. Like for example therocephalians, non- avian dinosaurs, pterosaurs, amonites and so on.
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This puts me in a quandary, then.
Nesihonsu Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh really, so I must add it not only this - also creatures from parallel universes ( not like simply alien which meant to live somewhere in our real this here universe) where evolution took different directions. And one more thing - organisms which could exist in the past but we wil never know them because their fossils didn't made it to present.
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