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Night Firework Magic


For :icontrainerkelly:

I hope you like it!!! It looks small here, but in reality, it's a HUGE file. I'll send it soon ^_^


Lillyian (C) *BlueberriesRulz
Faye (C) *TrainerKelly
Artwork (C) *fusuichikaku
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© 2011 - 2021 fusuichikaku
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Orangeandbluecream's avatar
Wow! This is beautiful!
The only thing I can say, is It would have been cool if you had the fireworks reflected in the pond as well.
fusuichikaku's avatar
Thanks for the compliment!
Yeah, I know! I had such a problem trying to figure out how to do the reflections in the lake.
I kept wondering if I should only show the mountains or should I show only the fireworks lol
Orangeandbluecream's avatar
Yeah, art requires a bit of problem solving.
Rebecca13's avatar
Ohhhh *v*
preeety lights
fusuichikaku's avatar
lol thank yous for enjoying the pretty lights
TrainerKelly's avatar



And VERY well executed from *BlueberriesRulz's blueprints (he sent them to me after sending me this picture).

The background is absolutely gorgeous and contrasts so well with Lillyian's and Faye's magiks! (I can't help but want to know how you managed to do the background as well as the effect on the magic).

And IOFHBEWJINFIUEWFIWE I LOVE seeing Faye draw in your style! (It's also quite exciting to see Faye just drawn in generally - 8D Usually my characters, other than Kelly, get ignored, but that's partially my fault I draw Kelly so much >.>)

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, as well as quick! =O I LOVE IT!

(And obviously thanks to *BlueberriesRulz for commissioning and coming up with the idea. XD)
fusuichikaku's avatar

Lol It's always a stressful time for me when I wait for people's reactions towards their commissions, gifts, and etc.
I love how you noticed the background. I had a slight fear that the magic would overpower it heehee. I hope *BlueberriesRulz sent you the big file of this so you could see it in real size ^_^ . Faye was very fun to draw. She seems like she's such a sweetheart ^_^

Thanks for liking it :tighthug:
TrainerKelly's avatar

How could I not notice it?! =O It was gorgeous! Yep, he did! =D ...speaking of which, I still need to move it to my Art Request/Art Trades/Gifts folder I have on my computer. XD It's in my "Downloads" right now. Haha. *does so now*

=P Faye would be a sweetheart, but she eventually joins up with Ganondorf. She's my first [fan] character I designed to eventually end up as a bad guy. Haha.

=D You're welcome! :hug:
RIP-Blue-Galewind's avatar
You are very welcome. Your OC's deserve attention, not just your OC Kelly alone in my opinion. :)
TrainerKelly's avatar
=] Thank you! And I agree. XDD
RIP-Blue-Galewind's avatar
You are very welcome yet again. :)

Besides, this idea came out very beautifully by *fusuichikaku hands. :D
She drawn this very admirably. :aww:
Carsis's avatar
That is an awesome idea! :D
fusuichikaku's avatar
Thanks! ^_______________^
Carsis's avatar
. . . .

you changed your icon :|
fusuichikaku's avatar
Lol! Yes, indeed, I did. I was wondering whether or not I should use one of my own drawings as an icon. Should I change it back?
Carsis's avatar
No, no, tis ok.

Just can't help but notice it is all :D
RIP-Blue-Galewind's avatar

He will really love this. You did very beautiful work on it. :D

I love how you truly captured the fireworks that Faye and Lillyian are trying to create with their magicks. Thank you so much. :aww:
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