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Welcome to Fusion Hero, the fan-group dedicated to Juudai Yuuki or Jaden Yuki of Yugiou GX.

If you are a fan of Juudai, please become a member or watch the group, and if you have some Juudai art somewhere in your gallery, why not submit it here so we can all take a look at it?

We are still under construction, but you are welcome to start adding to the gallery right away, just please read the rules first.

I hope we can make this one of the most active Juudai fan-groups here on DA, but we all need to work together on that.

-Jade (ElfBean)

Submission Guidelines

-Please choose the correct folder before submitting.
Anything that contains just Juudai (Jaden) will go into the Juudai Yuuki folder. Winged Kuriboh or Duel Monsters can be included here. Pictures of Juudai and friends will go in the appropriately named folder: Juudai and Friends.

-No Screenshots or Original Artwork
Please understand this group focuses on fan art from all of the amazing Yugiou artists here on DA. Screencaps and manipulations are not considered as 'your art' so do not submit anything that would fit in that category of work.

-No Mature Content or Offensive Work
The artworks within this group need to be appropriate for all ages, so please nothing offensive or inappropriate. The admin has a right to decline your submission.

:iconyukijudaiplz::iconyukijudaiplz2: :iconblank-spaceplz: :icongotchaplz1::icongotchaplz2::icongotchaplz3:
:iconyukijudaiplz3::iconyukijudaiplz4: :iconsaysplz: :icongotchaplz4::icongotchaplz5::icongotchaplz6:

Gallery Folders

Yugioh GX @ Lil J. Yuuki by ElfBean
Carton GIF by d53865
DA10,000 thanks yugioh 5DX by lmz0114
Color Your World by Chocotok
Juudai Yuuki
Fragile by XxSaorixX
Gem Judai by XxSaorixX
Judai [Yu-Gi-Oh! GX] by XxSaorixX
Yugioh DMGX - Number 1 by ElfBean
Juudai and Friends
Spiritshipping pocky by XxSaorixX
Spiritshipping [YGO GX] by XxSaorixX
Yugioh 3D @ Reunion by ElfBean
Yugioh GX @ Precious Time Glory Days by ElfBean
Flora Transformation Normal Plant to Humanoid Girl by florapolitis


Hi there.

First of all, I would like to thank all of our members for joining the group. I am really quite happy to see you all here, and the group is steadily growing. Thank you also for submitting your work to the galleries. I will try to comment on them eventually as thanks.

-Members are now allowed to submit blogs for the group.
I decided to give you guys some privileges within the group if you so choose to use them.  The first one will be the blogging system. I have opened this to all members so if you have something to say, a discussion to start, or some type of news, (or just feel like saying something here...within reason of course), just go ahead and submit a blog about it. I'll read it over and accept it probably within a few hours. So, have fun using this if you really want to. ^^

-Friend Invitations
I wanted to let you guys be able to invite your friends to the group as well, if you wanted to. Sadly, the group system thing won't allow me to open this option to members T_T Still, if you'd like to invite somebody, you can leave a comment on this blog or send me a note or anything like that and I will have to send in the invite. I will, of course, mention your name. Other than that, you can send them a message yourself if you want to. XD I know this is sort of lame, but I can't really do anything about it. But, if you'd really like to invite quite a few people, you can let me know and I will add you under contributors so that you can send out invites easily.

That's all for now. I hope you guys use the privileges as often as you'd like, especially the blog one, because I feel that the group is about all of us and everyone should be able to have a say in it. That also goes if you have an idea about something else you'd like/be able to do. Let me know what else, and I will see what I can do with the group system options.

Well, thanks for reading and see you soon~
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