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Viola, Picture-Perfect Fleur Fashionista

By FusionBolt27
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Well, well, well, it seems now we know just how Viola's suspicions of her sister and of the Syndicate turned out. In-universe, this new form of Viola shows up some time after completing a few other Gyms- you actually go on toward Clemont, Grant and Korrina first before going back to challenge Viola, at which point it's clear that she's become just as much a tool of the Fleur Syndicate as her sister, given the cheery, idyllic 50's suburbia that Santalune City has become in the Player's absence. Viola's own Gym much more resembles a traditional photo gallery, with puzzles based around spotting differences between certain pictures and battling artist and tourist Trainers who are equally as enamored with the vintage style as Viola herself...

This too was an enjoyable outfit to work on; there's actually an existing 50's makeover for Viola as part of Team Buddy, but I wanted to go with something that I personally felt best suited her- thus a more well-kept beehive 'do, and focusing on pale greens and whites to bring out her newfound style. The makeup didn't come out quite right, but other than that, the bangs and the bodice of her dress were fun details to work on. Probably should have included a camera to her new design, but this in of itself I think helps show off her different focus in photography quite well.
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