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Olympia, Grand Star of Fleur Syndicate

By FusionBolt27
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Last picture from the Fleur Syndicate to be uploaded... at least, for now. I may come back to this concept and expand upon it further, if I have the time; there are some concepts I enjoyed about it a lot. This design was actually one I struggled a little with conveying perfectly, but one of my personal favorites in the Syndicate- as opposed to most other key members, Olympia actually willingly joined the Fleur Syndicate, having nursed dreams of becoming an actress since childhood yet being pushed into the family mystic business. Diantha's offer of a more 'elegant' society appealed to her, yet she was initially unaware of the lengths Diantha would go to in order to achieve her goals- behind her charming smile, Olympia distrusts the chairwoman, and seeks to mitigate some of the greater injustices Diantha commits in pursuit of her goal.

She's one of the last Gym Leaders fought in the Fleur Syndicate timeline, with her hometown of Anistar having become a glamourized film noir type of city with a bustling nightlife and an equally-bold cinema, with her Gym itself partially used as a practice studio for up-and-coming screen stars. The Player's puzzles much resemble the Pokestar Studios system, with a progression of different battles organized like the plot of a detective film, and the Player required to say certain things in order to get each scene to go off just right- just be careful about some of the subtle psychic suggestions offered, or you may be 'getting into character' more than intended.

...Yeah, honestly, Olympia was a character I reeeeeaaaaaally loved working on here. Her canon self is one of the most underdeveloped characters in the region, if you ask me, so writing more details on this variant with a defined aesthetic and the revisions to Anistar was a real treat. It helps too that she's one of the more 'wholesome' members given a makeover, so I had a little room to make her look more natural and personable. Think I could have done better with the skin tone (honestly just couldn't find a way to adapt her skin color from the official design), but outside of that, the hairdo feels a little better, and I love how her fur shawl came out- it's not often I do accents like that, but it makes me want to try bigger accents like that to add to outfits. Plus, I don't see many kinds of 1940's or evening-gown fashion shown in comparison to 50's style, so it's a nice diversion from the norm.
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i would love to read a fanfic about this scenario.

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A fanfic specifically about Olympia's conversion, or about her Gym itself? Hah, I'd like to see that myself.

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more about a trainer fighting against the whole fleur syndicate.