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Mrs. Masami Miu

By FusionBolt27
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And now, the first piece I've actually begun and ended work on in 2021! Not exactly a 'typical' way to begin the new year, but a piece I enjoyed working on all the same. This actually arose from a Discord discussion in one server about turning a neko black cat character (originally named "Miu", for obvious wordplay) into a more mature maternal figure, whiiich naturally lended itself toward 50's housewife material. Suffice to say, I found the idea amusing enough to work on a full drawing for it, and here we are now.

Given Miu is a Japanese name I tried my best to add a skin tone and eye shape that fit a more Eastern shape, while also working with a hairdo based on vintage victory rolls  alongside her ears and the bow on her tail- despite how difficult working with curls is, I'm actually quite proud of how her 'do came out in the end. 
Also worked on conveying a theme of 'domestication' in her design, which is why the black choker sits around her neck- sort of like a collar you might give a pet housecat, given that "Miu" is essentially a feral cat taken off the streets and raised in a warm, loving home to become a more 'swell' mama cat type. Probably the most explicitly Stepford-esque content thus far (unless you count the Buddyization request for a friend of mine a while back), but I've been leaning toward more and more vintage content anyway, sooo it was only a matter of time, really. And besides, who doesn't love having a pet kitty to come home to after a long day of work? Even if this one's more likely to pet you than the other way around...
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Looking incredible here, love the design man! and of course, the dresses are always on point.

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Ahaha, thank you! Have to admit I always enjoy drawing vintage dresses like these, and whether for the Stepfordization vibes or for the sake of a visual pun concept in OCs, it was a lot of fun to finally sketch out and make real. Thanks for stopping by!

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You're very welcome, always love seeing wonderfully vintage style in stepfordization!