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Fleurified Mega Gardevoir

By FusionBolt27
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Naturally, just like how Team Buddy has their own variants of Pokémon in "Buddyized forms", I felt it fitting to design a few different Fleurified forms for the Fleur Syndicate's key trainers. In Diantha's case, her Gardevoir gets a makeover in her Mega Form to more resemble Rococo attire from the mid-1700s or so, most of all inspired by Marie Antoinette and women of her time period, not to mention a more defined masquerade mask. (Note that these Pokemon designs will be a little less 'professional', as many of them are as much concept sketches as artpieces)

This and a Fleurified Lucario were the first two designs I really worked on for the Syndicate, and personally, they're my favorite in terms of conveying the classical French sense of 'elegance' that this AU of Diantha prizes so highly. The wider layered skirt and the shape of her hairdo were a lot of fun to work on, and I feel like the large collar really emphasizes a sense of royal queenhood- a Pokemon no doubt incredibly high in Special Attack and defensive capabilities. I did have an alternate color palette for this Pokemon and her prior forms in the works, but those sketches never got quite finished, and I'm not certain they'll ever BE finished... so, for now, this is what we've got. Hope you all enjoy, though!
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She's beautiful and I wonder what her non-Mega form would look like (if such a thing exists).

I'm considering making a drawing of her too once I get my proportions for Gardes & stuff down, but I'm doubtful I could replicate this level of beauty, sadly.

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Ahaha, thank you! That was definitely running through my head too when I was working on her desig.

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It only makes sense Diantha's Gardevoir looks just as beautiful as her trainer.

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I suppose, yeah. It's always nice to make a Trainer and their Pokémon look like they fit together, imo.