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Fleurified Lucario

By FusionBolt27
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(Note, these are more concept sketches than my usual work, so they may look somewhat jumbled... and also done on scratch paper, so pardon the text included.)
Now THIS, on the other hand, this is probably my favorite Fleurified design that I've done thus far. I have a lot of love for the Rococo era of men's fashion (pretty much the only time I recall where we get any decent colors to our outfits, bleh), and seeing as Lucario is a favorite Pokémon of mine... eh, why not? I figured it only made sense to combine the two.

Naturally, Fleur-Lucario (or Fleurcario as I sometimes refer to him by) has a strong sense of gentility to him, with his new typing being Psychic/Fighting to focus on his telepathic and Aura-based understanding of others and on fights with an evade-and-counter sort of style. Much like how the original Pokémon uses an Aura Club for Bone Rush, many of Fleurcario's attacks utilize an aura cane like a rapier when striking at foes- although I should note Fleurcario are much less inclined toward fighting than their normal counterparts.

In-universe, Fleurcario is made as the signature Pokémon of one admin from the Fleur Syndicate, who acts something like a loyal knight to Diantha- just for the extra flavor text. Fleurcario like this are fairly rare among the Syndicate, but tend to work as guards and escorts to important members.
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