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Diantha, Chairwoman of Fleur Syndicate

By FusionBolt27
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Soooo, to begin 2021 on this site, I've got a few more materials from 2020 that I wanted to get posted- in particular, a small collection of works focused around an alternate-universe variant of Kalos. Short and to the point, the Fleur Syndicate setting swaps Lysandre and Diantha's roles around, making Lysandre a gruff, but well-meaning champion figure in addition to his Lysandre Labs work, and Diantha into a popular screen star and celebrity who much more fears aging than her canon self, and who stumbles upon a transformative substance related to the Misty Terrain that both her Gardevoir and the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas exude... something that gets adapted into her goals to make a more 'beautiful' version of Kalos, by forcibly changing the minds of its citizens rather than trying to annihilate them outright.

As you can probably see, her outfit is once again very heavily inspired by Audrey Hepburn, most of all the famous ascot dress from her role in My Fair Lady (1964). I'd mostly been thinking of a Kalosian, more "mature" variant of Team Buddy when developing Fleur Syndicate, thus their signature colors tend to be a mix of white, black and gold, with a logo based upon the Fleur-de-Lis. Actually, I didn't realize how closely it resembles Team Flare until after designing it, since both of them begin with "F"... happy coincidence, I guess.

Overall, it was still a lovely design to work on, and one I enjoyed playing around with a lot- the curve of her hat in particular feels like it gives her a more menacing disposition, and the Key Stone positioned in her hat was fun to do. Will be releasing a few more "Fleurified" designs of Kalos in the future, so look forward to that!
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Salznudel666's avatar

Ohhhh~ This looks simply perfect^^ I love this

FusionBolt27's avatar

Ahaha, thank you. I love the ascot dress from My Fair Lady, so I just had to make a counterpart to it at some point.

Salznudel666's avatar

ok^^ and it looks nice

Brave-King-Shishio's avatar

Oooh... okay, this is actually a REALLY cool concept, right here; I LOOOOVE the sophistication and elegance you give off! Sorta gives me a "what if Marie Antoinette was played by Audrey Hepburn" vibe.

Would def. like to see more of this expanded headcanon (perhaps even a glimpse at a more noble, if grizzled, Champion Lysandre) sometime!

FusionBolt27's avatar

Ah, thank you! I appreciate hearing from ya again, man, and yeah, it's something I thought would be a good way to expand on Kalos - I love Pokemon XY from an aesthetical standpoint, but damn if it doesn't feel really undercooked with its characters.

Brave-King-Shishio's avatar

I feel you. I think XY had so much potential as a game, only to end up with Kalos feeling a lot barer than it could have been. Especially after how RICH Unova was.

.... still richer than Johto, I suppose, but still.

FusionBolt27's avatar

Ugh, don’t get me started on Johto. I still stand by the statement that it’s more of an expansion pack to Kanto than its own region, and while I LIKE a lot of the stuff in Johto or how it plays, that kind of undercuts its specialty to me...

But! It may partially be nostalgia speaking, but I have to say I remember a lot more locales around Kalos than most other regions. I think they all play pretty well with not only unique set pieces and city constructions, but also different uses of color in each place... and the Pokémon available are some of my favorites to this day. Happy to hear your thoughts on this, though!

ESLM-Studios's avatar

So is this Diantha leader of Team Flare, or does her evil organisation go by another name? (if it is, is it Team Beauty?)

Really love this design. It is sheer elegance. In fact, I always wondered what Diantha could be like if she was the leader of Team Flare, but this is way better.

FusionBolt27's avatar

Actually, yes, this is an entirely different organization, despite the occasional parallels to Team Flare- the Fleur Syndicate is the canonical name for the group, partially because I wanted to use the 'team' name less and also because Syndicate implies less of the explicitly malicious term that Team Rocket or Team Flare imply, and fits with her organization being more hierarchical and like a business.

But thank you very much for the kind words! It was a lot of fun to work on her new look, and while there are some things I might have redone (I think the yellow on this is a little TOO bright), overall I think it came out well.

ESLM-Studios's avatar

It definitely came out well.

Hmm... sounds interesting. I'd love to hear more about the Fleur Syndicate, if you're planning on fleshing out on that further.

FusionBolt27's avatar

I may draw out more designs of them in the future, but my passion for Pokemon writing has sort of fizzled out by now, sorry to say.

ESLM-Studios's avatar

That's all right. My passion for Pokemon writing has been a little fizzled out for a while too.

The more I look at Diantha, the more I feel captivated by her beauty.

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