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Ciel Valier - 'Sir Nemean'

By FusionBolt27
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One of the last drawings saved from 2020, and a personal favorite of mine. I created this character around the early Summer of 2020 for a Discord roleplay server I'm a part of, involving a large town setting with various types of wizards, scientists, anthropomorphic animals, heroes, villains, you name it... and when working on a character that would both fit its transformation-heavy setting and the magical dynamism of the general cast, I came up with this young man as a superhero type with a magical girl theme to his powers and character. Although I'll no doubt be making revisions to him throughout 2021, the bio as is can be found below: 

Ciel Valier [23 / Male / Human]
Height/Weight: 6'3" (190.5 cm), 227 lb.
Background: A young man from Lyon, France with a relatively modest background, Ciel often dreamed of some greater purpose in life much like heroes of classical mythology he often read about. However, his less-than-average physique left him with little to offer, outside of a voice and his own strong sense of justice. Yet that fate would change when a shooting star and ensuing crater near his hometown manifested as a small, cross-shaped pendant, within which an entity by the name of Regulus would make contact with the young man, referring to himself as a "Celestial Spirit": one of several beings in the universe possessing cosmic levels of power, and seeking Earth as a place to provide guidance to normal humans. Finding a kindred spirit in Ciel's sense of right and wrong, the Spirit chose Ciel as his Vessel to watch over and make into an influential hero of justice, order, and knightly conduct, gradually molding him into someone stronger and capable of helping others.
With this newfound purpose and gradual experience as a vigilante do-gooder, Ciel eventually decided to move to a city called Castletown, known for chaotic events happening on a daily basis with heavily-destructive consequences, believing that he and his leonine partner could bring help to those who needed it. Yet only time will tell how this young hero develops...

Personality: As stated above, Ciel possesses a strong sense of right and wrong, and is particularly outspoken about his beliefs. Though slow to change his mind, he also takes time to make a full judgment of others, preferring to be cautious and observe passively rather than jumping headfirst into things. At the same time, he prefers to handle dangerous situations on his own rather than risk others' well-being, which can sometimes cause more harm to himself than necessary. He feels an instinctive desire to help others no matter the scenario, and bristles at being told not to do something that seems naturally "right" to him. All the same, he is slow to anger, and attempts to open himself up to others and to an optimistic mindset as much as possible.

: Thanks to Regulus's intense training regimens, Ciel has sharpened his body to peak performance, although he cannot exhibit any form of superhuman or otherwise "unusual" abilities in terms of intellect, spellcasting, or otherwise. Through his bond with the Celestial Spirit, however, he can merge together to gain access to a fragment of Regulus's powers, exhibiting superhuman strength, endurance/resistance to physical blows, dexterity (particularly in regards to swordplay), and mental clarity- the state of having two minds in one body grants him additional resistance to hypnosis or other forms of mental attack. In addition to superhuman physicality, the cape included in his attire possesses incredible tensile strength, able to deflect bullets with ease.
Most notably, the powers inherited from Regulus include blue flame pyrokinesis- these flames possess inherent magical properties, and thus are unaffected by normal extinguishing procedures & have less volatile reactions to normally flammable materials. The heat of such flames can vary from temporary burning sensations across an individual's skin to leaving third-degree burn marks upon an individual, and may go as far as rapid incineration or potentially vaporization of an object at full power- however, such output goes well above the limits of Ciel's body.
While the scale of strength possible through Regulus's powers is vast, Ciel has to be cautious about his body's limits. Overexerting the borrowed strength may lead to soreness, extreme fatigue, or even as far as torn muscle fibers and broken bones; conversely, overloading his possible pyrokinetic output may leave Ciel himself with severe burns that can take several days to treat; thus, he tends to only use such firebending when absolutely necessary.

Side Notes 
- The first name "Ciel" comes from lu ciel, French for "the sky". His full name is also a play on the word chevalier, French for "knight", given his light-blue color scheme and dignified, chivalrous-looking magical attire.
- In early drafts his outfit took inspiration from Itsuki Aoi of Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Chrom of Fire Emblem: Awakening, but I've attempted to involve more direct influence from 1700's and 1800's French military uniforms as well as aristocratic clothing.
- Given his partner Regulus's ideals focused around chivalry, peacekeeping, and duty to existing law, the attire of Sir Nemean is meant to invoke a glamourized soldier's uniform, alluding to his "War is Glorious" mentality. The cape was added as well to convey a classical notion of Golden-Age heroes like Superman and Captain Marvel.
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holy crap azzy i found you

its me joe

i miss you guys at the palace

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Thank you! I’m really proud of this one; it’s good to be back in the swing of character designing.

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Loving the design of this hero. The colors match well with him and I think I may have noticed some parts resembling a lion hopefully. As for his story, I find the relationship between him and Regulus entertaining, as he hs to teach this spirit what modern day is like and how certain parts of justice and society have changed. Overall, this looks to be very promising. :)

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Thank you! I definitely enjoyed working on the white/blue/gold aesthetic for his attire, and if his clothing resembles a lion at all then that’s definitely good to know too. I’m hoping to draw up Regulus himself in the future, perhaps expand on these two a little more... glad to hear you like it all!

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