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Alexa, Fleur's Posh Publicist

By FusionBolt27
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Now this is a design I very much enjoyed working on; Alexa isn't a character who seems too well-remembered in comparison to her sister Viola, but it seemed fitting to include her in the narrative as a journalist likely suspicious of the Fleur Syndicate.
In-universe, the "Player" only ever sees this classed-up Alexa as a fashionable woman who seems to happily endorse the Syndicate, managing their public relations and press releases while also writing an increasingly-popular beauty and lifestyle column in Lumiose Press, though by talking with Viola, one learns that just a few weeks ago, Alexa had been digging into background information surrounding Diantha and her company's involvement in renovation projects happening in Shalour, Anistar and Cyllage, before scheduling a one-on-one interview with Diantha herself, and coming back as... this woman. Naturally, Viola is heavily suspicious of her sister, but only time will tell what happens next...

As already mentioned, this is a design I reeeeaaaaally enjoyed doing; 50's style is always enjoyable for me, and it's not all that often I get to work with these kinds of suits or hats. The black and reddish-pink is a nice scheme to work with, too; I think the veil and the scarf are a nice new pair of accents to make her look much different.
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