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Autumn YCH


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Don't play with fire part 21

Bakugan Comics

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Spread Your Wings Chapter 27

Tears of Redemption Normal POV Sora crossed her arms and turned her back to the battle that was going on. But despite this, she couldn't help but peek out from the corner of her eye. Ren and Fabia had already summoned their Bakugan to the field. As much as she didn't want to, she couldn't help but worry about the outcome of the battle. On the one hand, Ren would get what he deserved and be shut out, but on the other hand, she could very well never see him again. And that was something that she wasn't sure if she really wanted. "The other seem so convinced that you're worth saving. So tell me, were they right Ren?" asked Fabia. "Because I'm

Bakugan Fanfictions

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predator berserker

Awesome Yautja Art + Oc's

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Church Animatic Artworks

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Tempest Ref [Rostronair]

Rostronair Species

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I don't like this

World of Reos - Awesome Vayron Art

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[C] Polar Opposites

World of Reos - Rouge

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[C] Polar Opposites

World of Reos - Blizzard

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Rouge 10903

World of Reos - My Vayrons

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Fahdili 7301

World of Reos - Related to my Vayrons

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Awesome Creature Designs

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ABOUT XMAS WISHLISTS !!! (sum free art??)

Hey there!! Sorry I have been gone for so long, but I'm back now! So I realized I kinda missed the holiday season. Several people put me on their wishlists, and although most holidays have passed, I still intend to do art for everyone who put me on theirs !! It might be a full body, bust, half, kinda whatever I am feeling basically, but you will get something. People I know that added me: NocneLicho (https://www.deviantart.com/nocnelicho) Aviien (https://www.deviantart.com/aviien) Lateci-A-rtist (https://www.deviantart.com/lateci-a-rtist) MarcooftheMoon (https://www.deviantart.com/marcoofthemoon) LittleLeopard05 (https://www.deviantart.com/littleleopard05) AUTUMNKNIVES (https://www.deviantart.com/autumnknives) Butter--Dragon (https://www.deviantart.com/butter--dragon) If you added me and i missed you, please let me know! If you still have a wishlist and would like to add me now, just comment, but I would reall

Wishlist - allowed, don't mind being added

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Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer - Webtoon Art

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[Com] Annika

Awesome Art of Wendigo beasts and based Characters

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Bakugan and Digimon

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Rojni Guardians Chapter 24

Kizuato the Darkus Dharaknoid belongs to ~Fusion-Drago020 (https://www.deviantart.com/fusion-drago020) Black Heart the Darkus Blitz Dragonoid belongs to :iconfusion-drago020: Ryuki Phantom the Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid - Human belongs to :icondragonoidcolossus747: Tournament Stage 2 - Duels Skylio (1) v. Karoline (2) Karoline: Why me first? Skylio: Same problem, but... I hope to win so sorry please! Karoline: for what? Referee: start please! Skylio: Darkus Slayer! Karoline: Pyrus Spin! Skylio and Karoline started their fight though their minds, minds of both of them - were misty and od, they couldn't think properly. But Skylio's G was higher so he won this small touch. Kar

Bakugan Short Stories and Fanfictions

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Brawlers: Main Team

Bakugan Fanart NG Next Generation

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Commission Price Sheet 2019

Commission, Requests, Raffles, Giveaways and more

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Demons, Dragons, Monsters and unnatural creatures

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Drago expressions

Bakugan Heroes Destiny

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L-drago / Art Trade


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Wolf Demons, Daiyamondo Okami

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White Spider

Marvel Sketches, Digital Drawings

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Shijian Stamp


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Dragon hunter 235

Digimon Comic: Dragon Hunter by LadyBeelze

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N O I R pg 11

Digimon Comic: NOIR by Riza23

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Outjoking the joker pg48

Digimon Comic: Outjoking the joker by Riza23

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Things I want to buy - have bought

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Ice storm

Delta Species by IkeBlackheart666

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Autumn YCH

My Oc's - Commissions, Gift, etc.

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Moving off Youtube.

Partly. Here's the deal: I got another copyright strike from Youtube. It's my first in a while, but it still means that the video (which was a commissioned speedpaint for someone that I now can't get the video for) was taken down, and if I get another two, my channel will be kaput. The video was old, before I started making an effort to use no copyright music...that's how it's been with a couple of these removals. So I've decided to start uploading speedpaints to Vimeo with the music I actually want to use, and not taking any risks on Youtube when it comes to this stuff. I may just start uploading speedpaints on Youtube with no music to avo

Important News on Deviantart

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Cali Refrence sheet

Monster Hunter

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so you own a gen 1 zceesin!

edit: if you have a myo zceesin that has too many mutations, you may be able to void said zceesin to a one-off and get a new normal myo slot in place of it! just comment your zceesin and i will let you kno 'v')b well get ready for zceesin gen 2: electric boogaloo there were a lot of zceesin made before i shut down the species around 2017/2018! and a lot of those zceesin go against new, canon zceesin lore. maybe one of your zceesin has one or more of the following traits: wings of any kindnon-typical zceesin feet (eg. paws, hooves, etc.)3+ tails5+ mouthsmultiple limbseyesa physical aurapathexcessive magical abilitiestaller than 8 ft (this

Zceesin Species

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No sense to fight


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Akazukin no Bouken - Ch 10 -page 17

Akazukin no Bouken - Inuyasha Story

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Raindrops 08 - Page 73

Raindrops Doujin

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Xevra- shipchild LICHO

Undertale + Alternate Universes

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Snowfall (Part 2) page 32

Undertale Story - Snowfall

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[OMC] Epilogue - 19

Undertale Comic: One more Chance

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Part 01 pg 04-05 HOPETALE COMIC


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UNC CHP 1 - pg 13

UnderNC Comic

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Mewtwo and Mega Mewtwo Y

Legendary Pokemons

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[Comm / Fanart] SINBAD!

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

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Toaka:OFF - Prologue

Taoka:OFF Comic

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Amp - Toaka : OFF

Taoka:OFF Art Pieces

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K-Comm | Comm | Rainbow Rooster

Koltherian - Closed Species

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