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Hey all!

More updates more often, I'm getting there! hehe :)

A couple more commissions since the last update, a pencil drawing of Fission Reacta, Fusi's evil counterpart. (Actually more like the negatively charged emotions that split off from the woman that became both Fissi and Fusi.. I've had requests for a proper bio of both so once I set that in stone I'll try and work out how to upload text.. :P)

The original pencils by :iconjaebird88: inks and colours by yours truly :D :iconfusi-reacta:

2 commissions by the very talented :icondaggerpoint: a full colour image of Fusi in an alternative costume.. *shrug* I originally called it her dress uniform, the very Mary Marvel-esque look is unintentional!

The second image from dagger is a bust of Faithslayer, my Draenei paladin from World of Warcraft.

As for my eyes... Everything I've done uptil now has been using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) it's freeware and Fantastic and I did not know any better, now I have borrowed a copy of Photoshop CS4 on trial for 30 days... after about half an hour of using it I could tell it's a much more powerful application, now I'm trying to work out how to get a copy.. lol, may take me a while! :-S

GIMP you are free and wonderful but i've fallen in love with another leather clad mistress! :x
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Yeah.. when I wrote the last entry I was thinking I would update these more often than once every 5 months >_<

***Commissions of Fusi***
Lots has happened since the last entry, 2 commissioned pieces from :iconbokuman: and :iconjamiefayx: both excellent pieces that I'm really happy to own. :D I've got another one of Fusi's evil counterpart, Fission Reacta to come from windriderx23 and new one of Fusi in a different costume by :icondaggerpoint:

***My Art***
Eeek! about half a day after I uploaded my own finished piece of Fusi, windriderx23 posted the colours done by :icontoolkitten: and stole / crushed / muted my thunder! lol, ah well. :)

I keep floating from piece to piece now, I still need to finish off that Raven image I started :S I also need to do some more fanboi comic females to get my page views up ;)

Any suggestions? :D
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My first journal entry! :o

Trying to wake up the long sleeping artist can be hard work when you work with computers all day and play games most of the night!

I've been learning GIMP off the cuff too, I've had 2 images on the go for ages now, one is a Photograph I'm trying to ink / colour and make it look comic-esque. 2nd is a pencil drawing by the lovely :iconsorah-suhng: which I am also Inking / colouring - nearly finished that one.

.. I must be doing a few mins a day on them, maybe an hour here and there, totally lost how long it's taken me :O_o:
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