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Lamentation :: Kratos Aurion

"Lamentation d'un Ange" is french for (directly translated) "Lament of an Angel" Which doesn't really sound too different. My main motivation was the 'Holy Song' track from the ToS Animation OST.

Kratos is also an angsty character from Tales of Symphonia, especially after he lost Anna and baby!Lloyd. ;_; I felt like drawing him in a special way. Hence the starry, white, cathedral/angel look.

Hope people like it~
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Hey, mind if I use this image for a fanfic cover?  I think it suits the story perfectly.
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Sure! Just please credit back to the art, if you please~
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oh ;_; so sad, well done
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I Love KRATOS!!! but i fill sorry for him but i Still LOVE THIS MAN :D
I love it! So much!!! (: And I love Kratos.. awww .. so very much! ^^ <3
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This is breathtakingly heart breaking. O_o Beautiful work!
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Kratos!! D8> It's such a nice pic but it makes meh suu sad! DX
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Aww, Tank you! :3 :hug:
I is all bettar nao :clap:
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I really love this drawing, the atmosphere is wonderful =)
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I was my first love and loved him for the longest until I got into Sora and Riku yaoi. But it's still so sad to see Kratos sad DDx
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SoraRiku! 8D Hurr hurr~ Yeah, I loved Kratos too~
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Blarg typo! D8
I just might start loving kratos like I did back two years ago -3-
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Love it!

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:love: Love it. This is my favorite character. awesome job.
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Simply beautiful... :dalove:
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wow... this is simply beautiful ^^ simple and clean
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; - ; I think I'm going to cry, too... You definitely captured the beauty of his sorrow...
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Thank you! <3 I'm glad you like it~~
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