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#??? Thrutcher by Smiley-Fakemon #??? Thrutcher :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 258 61 548 Murlil by CrimsonMewtwo 548 Murlil :iconcrimsonmewtwo:CrimsonMewtwo 2 3 Delsol by Phatmon Delsol :iconphatmon:Phatmon 44 8 Treeckodile by Mosokona Treeckodile :iconmosokona:Mosokona 101 11 Rayquaza Groudon Fusion by AtomicTech Rayquaza Groudon Fusion :iconatomictech:AtomicTech 27 19 Experiment 1 by SmashBrosDude Experiment 1 :iconsmashbrosdude:SmashBrosDude 18 31 Unleashed Power by NiaWolf Unleashed Power :iconniawolf:NiaWolf 19 7 Giroudon by Steelia Giroudon :iconsteelia:Steelia 52 28
Been running low on inspiration, so I decided to do another one of these. Please enjoy.
1. Go to
2. Select "Integer Generator," which is under "Numbers."
3. Enter 2 in the first box, 1 in the second box, and 13 in the third box.
4. The numbers that you get will determine the components of your fusion:
1. Bisharp
2. Escavalier
3. Mega Abomasnow
4. Zygarde (10% Forme)
5. Skarmory
6. Mega Gyarados
7. Unown
8. Typhlosion
9. Magnezone
10. Kabutops
11. Mega Houndoom
12. Mewtwo
13. Type: Null
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Opening Letter and Request Service

Opening Letter from Dr. E

As the CEO of FUSE Corporation,I welcome you,our newest member,into our big family.
We want you to feel as confortable as possible,while we work together in search for top quality products.
Please bear in mind that we ALWAYS aim for excellence,while listening to our clients requests.
As you may know by now,we are a secret organization,and only the wealthy and powerful have access to our finest products,so we expect nothing less than perfection in the final product.
FUSE Corp hopes to get the best from your hard work and creativity,which will be well rewarded.

Any doubts regarding your functions,please dont hesitate to consult our FAQ:…

Once again,welcome to FUSE Corp.


Request Service

An exciting new feature of FUSE Corp, the Request Service makes it easier than ever for customers to submit requests to people who are willing to be up for a challenge! Just send the following people a note and please wait for your response. Anyone who is part of the Request Service and has a corresponding journal entry will be specified.

Points Commissions (With Journal Entries)


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Free Requests


If anyone has any questions about the Request Service or wants to join the list of people who are willing to take commissions and requests, then please send a note to :iconandrewoverload519:. Thank you.


A list of our fellow groups.
Pay them a well deserved visit!.You wont regret it =)


The CEO and founder of FUSE Corp,and its personal crew.







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