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Gunner Hunts
Gunner wiped her brow with the back of her hand, specially designed scoops on the reinforced gloves she wore scraping away the sweat there. The sand and heat had killed her armour’s cooling system months ago, and without more materials than she could afford these days it was a write off. She was thankful that at least the moisture recyc still worked or using the suit at all would be altogether impossible. It wasn't even a particularly hot day for the former city of Mexicali, but she had been camped out on the roof of an old routing station for the best part of two hours and the sun was taking its toll. The wind brought no relief either, burning hot against the hood and veil of her dust shroud. Even with her camo shifted light grey, the armour absorbed more at than it deflected. Going PeaceKeeper fullwhite would be suicide even up on the roof. The slummers didn’t take kindly to the armed mercenaries who acted as the corporations’ private police force at the best of tim
:iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 2 0
Sarah (Goralion - Skulls and Shackles AP) by FuryouMiko Sarah (Goralion - Skulls and Shackles AP) :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 2 0 New DevID by FuryouMiko New DevID :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 1 2 Contest of Astraltower BOG - Fighter Submission by FuryouMiko Contest of Astraltower BOG - Fighter Submission :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 1 Contest of Astraltower BOG: Mage Submission by FuryouMiko
Mature content
Contest of Astraltower BOG: Mage Submission :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 1
Mei Fuyuki - Didnapper Contest by FuryouMiko Mei Fuyuki - Didnapper Contest :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 0 A Million Years without Coffee by FuryouMiko A Million Years without Coffee :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 2
World in Peril - 13th Edition
"Quick! The world is in danger!" The speaker, Kimaan, was a somewhat hyperactive girl with shoulder-length purple hair known colloquially as the sex pest faerie - and for good reason.
"What?" Reika asked, turning to look at her team-mate. The red-haired Samuraiko frowned when she saw the items in Kimaan's hands.
"Quick! Put on these cat ears!" Kimaan insisted, shoving the headband in question at Reika. "And this maid outfit!" She thrust her other hand first.
"Wh-" Reika started.
"Don't ask why, just do it! The world is in peril!" Kimaan insisted, shoving the headband onto her friend's red hair and grabbing her wrist. Before the samurai girl could even start to object, she found herself transported to Kimaan's quarters.
"Which world?!" Reika demanded to know, her fierce war-face somewhat ruined in its usual terrifying effect by the cat ears perched unevenly above it. Even Kimaan wasn't quite immune to the effects of the glower.
"Uh..." She quailed slightly. "Infinity three delta
:iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 2 6
Pokemon Character Profile - Alicia Daniels by FuryouMiko Pokemon Character Profile - Alicia Daniels :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 1 0
A Heavy Tome - Chapter 4
Hazel smiled to herself as she strolled through the twilight of Viridian Forest. It was only four in the afternoon, but the dense, leafy canopy above her head blocked out most of the light, leaving the entire forest floor in cool, pleasant shade. She found that as long as she spared a little attention for her surroundings, her feet fell where they needed to. She’d been walking for three hours, taking it slow, and she hadn't slipped or tripped on a single root. She could sense Mikoto flying above in the canopy. Biribiri was following at her heels, while Bea and Suki rested in pokeballs on her belt.
The caterpie took her completely by surprise. Dislodged from its perch on a branch above, it fell into her hair face-first, squirting its stink all over her before falling down in front of her face and into her hands as she scrabbled to catch it before it could hit the floor.
“Pii~” Biribiri was not a happy pikachu. He had run ten feet back down the path in the time it took
:iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 2
A Heavy Tome - Chapter 3
"Here you go," the waitress - an attractive twenty-something with corn-blonde hair - put Hazel's breakfast down in front of her. They'd arrived at Viridian late, barely making the pokemon centre before it closed doors for the night. The next morning had seen them wandering the town until they'd found this small cafe hidden away near the gym. Despite its poor location, the cafe seemed to be doing well enough, employing three staff even at this hour in the morning.
"Th-thank you." She smiled at the waitress, before starting her food methodically.
"So, you travelling alone?" The waitress asked, sitting opposite her. "Don't worry, it's not like we're busy this time of the morning," she added with a wink at Hazel's confused look. "I have to admit, you don't look the type." Hazel just shook her head.
"I-I'm not a t-t.." She stammered, then bit her lip in frustration, speaking very slowly. "Not. A. Train-nger." She almost managed not to stumble over the words, electing to show the waitress he
:iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 0
A Heavy Tome - Chapter 2
Hazel stared at the book in her dreams for the third night in a row.
"So I have to... catch new types of pokemon, so that you can learn about the modern world? Just... getting the same ones over and over won't do?" She asked, clarifying.
'Yes. Data is the purest form of the energy I need. If you link with six new forms of pokemon every week, I won't have to drain you at all.'
"What happens when I run out of new types to... link with?" She asked, apprehensively.
'That won't happen for years.' Ibex told her dismissively. Somehow, Hazel didn't find the book's words overly reassuring...

The next two weeks went by in a blur. Hazel felt herself growing steadily weaker, despite Oak increasing the frequency of her injections. When the researcher's license finally came through, she could barely make it from her room to the lab. Ibex promised that it would change as soon as she linked her first pokemon, but the frail girl was starting to doubt the ancient tome's words.
Still, she felt a
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A Heavy Tome - Extra 1
"My name is Gary Oak, and let me tell you about the witch that ruined my life." Gary points towards a silk screen, pressing the button on the slide projector control he holds in his right hand.
There's a click, and you can see the sepia image of a girl, maybe five years old standing on the village green looking lost. She has shoulder-length black hair, parted down the middle and held back by an alice band. Her eyes - made brown by the age of the black-and-white photograph - are hidden behind a pair of thick glasses, but appear to be wide with curiosity. Her hands are in front of her on the handle of a little schoolbag, and she has a comparatively large backpack on her back. She's wearing a sleeveless knee-length summer dress that was probably white, but the photograph just makes it look yellow. She's smiling.
"She looks all innocent, doesn't she? Well, let me tell you how that sweet little girl is really evil incarnate, because that is Hazel Jaune, age five, and she's just moved to tow
:iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 5
A Heavy Tome - Chapter 1
"Hey Hay-sell!" The boy's obnoxious twang made the named girl stumble and hunch into herself, but she stopped none the less, twisting to look at the speaker. Gary Oak, her Professor's grandson.  
"What'cha got there, Hay-sell?" He asked, twisting her name into a mockery. She didn't know what she'd ever done to deserve his scorn or hatred, but she'd always known that she had it.
"J-j-just a letter from my, my father." She forced out, as he came in far too close. "I h-haven't op-pened it yet..."
"We~ll?" He asked, rocking back on his heels and folding his arms. "Come on, show me. I bet it's another lame clay dollie for the little girl, right?" He sneered. She hated the way his words caused red heat to rush to her cheeks.
"Th-they're not lame! They're represent-t-tations of t-the earliest forms of wr-writt-ten comglmunicashbl.." Her tongue got tangled over the last word in her rush to try and beat her stammer, making it unintelligible. "Communication"" She tried again. "I-in any case
:iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 3
A Heavy Tome - Prologue
Hazel winced silently as she felt the sting of the injection. She would never get used to it, she thought. Ever since she had been a little girl, Professor Oak had monitored her closely in the place of the father she had never really known. He was important, she knew. An archaeologist working in Johto to the west.
She supposed the injection mightn't hurt so much if it wasn't delivered using the same needle that was always used to take her blood sample first.
"There you go. All done." Professor Oak smiled down at the diminutive sixteen-year-old. "Would you like a sweet?"
"..." Hazel didn't reply at first, looking away. "I'm not a child any more." She mumbled. "Can I just have the oran juice and go?"
"You used to be such a lively child." Oak sighed. "I hope it isn't because of your condition. Congenital anaemia can be troublesome that way." He went to the fridge and poured out a large glass of the restorative fruit juice, passing it to the five-foot teenager sitting in his office. "Just
:iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 0 7
After the introduction by FuryouMiko
Mature content
After the introduction :iconfuryoumiko:FuryouMiko 2 0


Mature content
Sleight of hand :iconlilian-tanver:Lilian-Tanver 5 3
Wait here by MLeth Wait here :iconmleth:MLeth 5,929 668
ARTBLOCK - please share your story!
hey guys! i wanted to ask anyone out there who has experienced art block to share their story (either here or, if you prefer, privately through notes). i've gotten so many questions about it and i'm considering creating some kind of resource (either written or video) with information and tips on how to handle it. for anyone who's been through art block, i'd love to know:
what do you think was the underlying reason? lack of ideas, perfectionism or fear of failure, etc?are you a perfectionist or hard on yourself?do your friends/family support your creative endeavors?were you just starting out or were you in college / working as an artist?if you got past it, was there anything that helped it go away or did it happen on its own?
anything you guys could share would be great :] thanks so much for reading!!
:iconloish:loish 172 473
Nohni Vhaze: Detail by kitsu-udon Nohni Vhaze: Detail :iconkitsu-udon:kitsu-udon 8 2 Pipa by GUWEIZ Pipa :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 4,512 69 Okami by Pixiescout Okami :iconpixiescout:Pixiescout 753 79 Abbi Davies by KageDavies Abbi Davies :iconkagedavies:KageDavies 1 0 The night knows me by name by Chiakiro The night knows me by name :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 1,359 61 A True Hero by Chiakiro A True Hero :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 967 68 lisbeth- the unseen leash by shiniez
Mature content
lisbeth- the unseen leash :iconshiniez:shiniez 1,818 142
Sea by wlop Sea :iconwlop:wlop 15,856 283 Aeolian Shooting by wlop Aeolian Shooting :iconwlop:wlop 36,805 780 Sybil Reisz Warmup by Koyorin Sybil Reisz Warmup :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 199 7
Now this is a story, all about how... I got a...
Ahem <3
So, yeah, I tried to do a fresh prince reference (please don't say I'm so much older than you gais that you don't even know what that is...) with the title, but I failed magnificently.
It may sound strange, but ever since realizing my gender... I've been so much more free... and even more so, I have become even MORE confident than before. Yes, that's right ladies and gentleman, my ego is now so big it inflates my face, makes me all fat and I'm stuck inside the house... awh :c.
Nah, just kidding.
Anyway, back to story. I was 'shopping' today, wanting some proper nightclothes and saw this miniskirt... and I wanted it. However, I've grown up as a guy, how the hell am I meant to know the right sizes and stuffs? So, what do I do... uhh... I decide to be drastic because it's just so damn cute...
I try and get into the women's changing rooms.
Now, this isn't a story about how Jay now has eight restraining orders and a nice ole' court case to boot, in fact, it's a story a
:iconfabusol:Fabusol 1 28
Plague by Kuvshinov-Ilya Plague :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 3,585 86 The Girl in the Latex Mask by ENicholasConway
Mature content
The Girl in the Latex Mask :iconenicholasconway:ENicholasConway 305 37



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