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Starship Dedication Plaque PSD

Here is how this file works.

In your layers panel you will find a bunch of folders, two of them grouped up above, five others below.

All you have to worry about is the top two.
- The first of the two is called "Deltas" this is where you find all your silver arrow-shapes that are all trek-like.
- the second one is for all the other shapes that add to the arrow-shapes. this is what makes your plaque different era's in my opinion.
All you have to do is select what shapes you want to be visible on your plaque by hiding/unhiding them

Now, just below that (in the Green layer called Shadow) this is where it gets tricky. First you must clear this layer, CTRL+A and DEL. Next you have to CTRL+Click the "deltas" and "backs'' layers that you have visible, then fill that selection on the Shadow Layer with Black. Looks much better doesnt it.

Lastly, is the Color layer (marked in blue) all you have to do is fill this with the color you want your plaque to be shaded. Have fun with this. I reccomend silver, (which you will find in my Metallic Swatch file) or blue, or copper works really well.

All the other layers are pretty straight forward, just edit them with the text tool.

Have Fun

One last thing: Please credit me if you use it for your own plaque.
© 2006 - 2021 FuryofaSeraph
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i love this but is there a UHD version? or just even HD version?

Thanks for creating this.

Thanks much for the plaque template!

I can't edit the text layers in Gimp! What am I doing wrong?

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It's not a Gimp's a Photoshop file.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for this. Here's mine, with credit and link to you:

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I was wondering if you have a link or something where I can get the Aeons in the Deltas and Backs folders? I have the newer one, but it's a different look than the "older" one. Thanks.

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So, I found these templates in my fleet's 'vault' a couple of years ago. I made a few during that time, but recently decided to add some stuff to the .psd. Changed the angle of the pattern, added some more deltas, and created 4 color variations. If you would be interested in a copy of it then hit me up with a email address.

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borrowed this to make a dedication plaque for my STO rp ship. thank you so much for your time and effort you are AWESOME

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I used your template here to make a few of my own so far, using The GiMP. I uploaded them to my Imgur account, here is the link if you want to take a look. :)

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And thank you for uploading it. :)
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I'm new to this, so this is probably a dumb question.  I've downloaded the PSD onto my Tablet, will it work when I transfer it to my laptop, or is there an app I can use?
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I made another one, thanks Seraph!

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I'd like to say that I think this template is Fantastic. Not only is the customisation levle Epic, but the feel is just perfect. It makes creating Dedication Plaques so easy!

One thing I do want to ask about, is there a sharper version of the font you use avalible? I've found that when scalled up for the ships name at least, the font starts getting a little....wavey.

Also, I added in two collums and matched the names to those on the official Defiant Dedication Plaque, as well as scaled the whole thing up. I have it sized to 1488 by 1080, and it still looks stunning :)
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In the part about the shadow, what do you mean by fill that section with black? I'm slightly confused...
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What do you mean edit them with the text tool? I use Gimp and I can't edit the lettering...
I can't afford Photoshop is there a version that doesn't need it?
I'm having some trouble doing the Shadow bit. Doing CTRL+A DEL makes the layer pure white, instead just selecting it and DEL makes it transparent. I can CTRL+Click the "deltas" and "backs" layers I have visible, but it won't let me fill anything because it's more than one layer selected, nor do I know how to apply it to just the Shadow layer. And when loading the file it tries to update the text layers, which moves them to the right abit and makes the text look worse in some places.
Is there a way to do this without PS?
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Paint.Net has a plug-in that allows the use of Photoshop files.
how do I down load your file.  please help
I'm having an issue with the folders being locked. Is it a problem with my version of photoship?
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