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FoaS Media Actions

Easy way to fake a media form from a photograph. i know its cheating, but i made it when i was bored.

Credit me please.

if you use them, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
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hi, is the link broken?

hola, como hago para usarlo? descargo y despues?

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Thank you very much!
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awesome thanks :D
The download is now missing. Could you re-upload it? :)
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it's really not...
I was able to download it now - many thanks! (Sent me to a file not found page before for some reason.)
how can i download this ?? thanks!!
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thanks for these, sharpie is great.
btw, it's not cheating (well, maybe only a little bit).

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Thank you! I especially loved the Sharpie version
Very nice, thank you
I just tried all 4 actions (on a vintage picture). Not only did they work flawlessly, the results were incredible! Thank you for your time and hard work~!
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10x a lot! I just tried them and liked them.
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Thank you thank you ^__^
I like your actions. Thanks for sharing this with us. ^__^
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your welcome. lol
Find it useful?
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Looks great. Thank you!
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The coloured pencil is my fav. I have just had a play with the parchment action by duplicating my photo, applying the action, setting the blending mode to overlay and reducing the opacity - it creates quite a nice effect, especially when used on buildings! Many thanks for your effort!
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When i get home im gonna try that ^_^.
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