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Tram and Castle in Kumamoto

By Furuhashi335
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September 2013. Like April 2016 Earthquake, Kumamoto once caught earthquake disaster in 1889. The castle had broken partially. The castle keep was rebuilt in 1960. The buildings and walls of the castle have been destroyed by the series of earthquake in April 2016.
I just hope the settle of the earthquake and recovery... 
The tram had been operating until the strongest quake in 16th April, and recoverd all-lines operation in 19th April.
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Jul 30, 2016, 11:09:36 AM
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Thank you very much!
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That must be rough having to rebuild in the wake of all those earthquakes, still I gotta admire the persistence and dedication. Definitely the castle looks very interesting in the background, I've always found them to be quite beautiful and stunning on the horizon.
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Thank you. By the end of May, series of earthquakes almost stable. But the recoveries from the disaster just have begun. Actually the castle buildings and walls caught severe damages.
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I'm glad that its at least semi-stable now, I wish there was a way to engineer old monuments to be more resistant to earthquakes. Hopefully they're able to preserve everything.
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Thank you! I think so.
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I hope Kumamoto can begin rebuilding soon.
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Yes, I hope it, too. Like Kobe in1995,I think they can it.
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Very nice picture. I hope too that the earthquakes will stop soon and that the people in the catastrophe area will become rapidly help and shelter...
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Thank you very much! The public transportations to Kumamoto have suspended including airport: just near the epicentre.
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I guess they have to rebuild parts of the castle, looked not so good from above.
Well.. I was planing to visit Kagoshima, so... maybe I will take a little detour.
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I think the castle and cities will rebuild strictly.
Kagoshima has a famous active volcano near the city, Sakurajima. I went there in 2006. 

Sakurajima Kagoshima Japan by Furuhashi  
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Dear Furuhashi-san, your picture is beautiful ... but the news are terrible - yes, I watched it on tv and I am very sad that again some destruction happened in my beloved Nippon ...
Only good point is that there was no tsunami this time. I pray from all my heart for this wonderful country Nippon to stay safe!
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Thank you very much! The seismic disaster occurred suddenly at night of 14 April. The stronguest quake occurred at midnight of past 1 AM in 16, April. The repetitive strong quakes have destroyed buildings gradually... Already, about 40 people perished... These earthquakes are not subduction zone types, then there are little relation with Tsunami. 
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You are always welcome, dear friend!

Unfortunately, it seems there is no end to that disaster ... I feel so helpless ...
Nippon Ganbare! Nippon  Heartbeat 
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Some rumours about the earthquake have spreaded so far. But, seismic activities seem to be gradually decreased. The more exact answer will be shown about one week after.
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