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Mallow the Arctic Fox Partial Fursuit FOR SALE 2 by LobitaWorks
Cadaver Fursuit by wingedwolf94
Personal - Hello There? by TwilightSaint
Relax _ FantaExpo2018 by ShakyLeox
Fursuit || YAWN by DawnyBear666
Tempest Shadow and NightmareNight Zecora cosplay by Essorille
Hello traveler by Little-BluBlu
Blazing by Psycho-Snail
Raptor Fursuit - Rawry McRawrFace! by RestrainedRaptor
Tori Barkins by Toriwolfen88
Tori B. by Toriwolfen88
Casual Tokoyami Cosplay by Psycho-Snail
Fursuit Heads
Canine fursuit premade[For sale]! by Vaporclaws
Tharon Husky Head by FuzzButtFursuits
Black , Purple , And white Canine head. by Feng-Kai
art liberty raptor head by freckledoe
Tails, Ears, Paws and pieces
Puffy Paws by Lunar-Foxxie
(FOR SALE) Black Handpaws With Orange Pawpads by TECHNlCOLOUR
Dark Red Nub by Lascivus-Lutra
Retsuko Red Panda Tail and Ears Set by Lascivus-Lutra
Resin and Silicon parts
Updated Feminine Round-nosed Dragon 3D Head Base by FuzzButtFursuits
Gender Neutral Weasel 3D Head Base by FuzzButtFursuits
Feminine Custom-made Gryphon/Eagle 3D Head Base 1 by FuzzButtFursuits
Gender Neutral 3D Follow-me Eye Options by FuzzButtFursuits
Fursuit Props and Accessories
Spotted Tabby Kigurumi by calicomania
Keo Kigurumi by calicomania
White Roses Fursuit Sized Flower Crown by KrazyKari
Props by baneuts
Tempest Shadow cosplay WIP by Essorille
First Attempt at a Fursuit Head: WIPS 3, 4 by QuailSoup
First Attempt at a Fursuit Head: WIPS 1, 2 by QuailSoup
TUTORIAL: Changeable Fursuit Eyelids by LobitaWorks
Fursuit eye tutorial by keskisan
Fursuit budget build: SHOPPING LIST by Sharpe19
Mini tutorial 1: TEETH by Sharpe19
Fursuit Head Commission! --PRICE REDUCED-- by doodlepawss
For Sale by Akaiia
Fursuit outing Photos
Halloween festival  by datfluffbutt




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Hello there! Do you want to make your own fursuit but do not know where to start? Please take a moment to go here first and foremost -…
Here you will find a gold mine of useful tutorials for the fursuit maker, and it is updated daily (on the main page).
Also take a look at our tutorial archive here in the group!

Fursuiter's Checklist
*Plastic Mesh
*Hot Glue Gun
*Hot Glue
*Plastic Bowls
*Razor Blades/ Scissors
Please note this is not a full list of what you will need, but rather a starting point for anyone just starting the hobby.
Hey all!
first off thank you for all the submissions and welcome to all the new members! It makes me very happy to see more fursuits being built.  Hopefully you all have been enjoying the content as well.

I thought I would type out this submission guide so you know better how to submit to the group! Please read it and understand it for the next time you submit something. Most of them are pretty self explanatory :)

If your submission was rejected, don't be sad! You probably just submitted it to the wrong folder. I used to be able to easily move entries to the correct folder, but DA has changed the menus and now it's 5x as many clicks for me to do that, I've had to start rejecting wrong folder submissions. If it's happened to you, read this guide, and resubmit.  

General Rules for all folders: The submission limit is set to 10 a week, I don't want to make it much lower than that. I do ask that if you have multiple photos of the same suit that you arrange them into a photo collage(With the exception being the Featured Folder). To keep spam down I will start rejecting submissions of the same suit if send in too many.  Try your best to practice good photography techniques here as well.  Be aware of your camera's focus, the lighting and your background!  there are tons of "How to Take nice Photos" on YouTube, check them out!…

Featured: This is reserved for the best of the best in photography work of your fursuits. I will be VERY selective about submissions here, if you're not sure what makes a Good photograph, I've curated some example for you to aspire to. In short, make sure your photos are focused and clear, well lit, and nicely composed with a nice background. No photo collages will be accepted here.  

Fullsuits: Pretty self explanatory, any fursuit that completely covers the wearer is welcome here.

Partials: Any fursuit that consists of a head and at least two of the following: Handpaws, footpaws, tail, armsleeves, half bodysuit.  

Fursuit Heads: This folder is for fursuit heads only!

Tails, Ears, Paws and Pieces: Pretty self explanatory, handpaws, footpaws, tail, armsleeves, half bodysuit, full bodysuits (without any other parts) etc go here.

Resin and Silicon parts: examples: silicon pawpads, resin bases, resin claws, resin eye, LED resin eye, silicon tongue etc.

Fursuit Props and Accessories: For any accessory made to go with your fursuit: Collars, backpacks, crowns, props, clothing, wings.

WIPs: For photos of suits that are still in the process of being made.  This includes things like carved foam bases, or resin bases that you've prepared for furring.  Submissions here can be a little more lax on the 'nice photography' rule, please do your best to make sure it's clear and focused enough for everyone to see what is going on.  

Tutorials: For any tutorials you have made, this also includes step-by-step photo collages and patterns

Advertisements: If you're trying to sell anything, fullsuits, partials, parts, pieces etc. please submit it here!

Fursuit outing Photos: I made this folder as a catch all for any photos that aren't necessarily to show off the suit itself. Also group photos that hold both full and partial suits.  Show your fun outing and convention photos!

Any questions/concerns just let me know. In the mean time, stay inspired and go make something awesome!
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djrustye Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thank you for adding my Bubsy cosplay.  That means a lot to me! :3
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Mur Mur Mau ^^
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anyone can make me a fursuit head only?
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Im open! You can send me a note:)
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Excuse me! There is a fursuiter that is in extreme need for money, something complicated and terrible happened and I want to try spreading the word. Mind if I share this here? And are there any other groups I could share this in?…
Hazard-dragon Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
is there any folder that I can put fur for sale?
I have five colors that need to go.
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Is there no way to add photos to the fursuit outing folder? Would like share some convention photos from Califur 
Kazulgfox Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
whoops! permissions were set wrong, it should be fixed now. sorry about that!
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