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If you are interested in becoming an Admin (to help answer questions or submit tutorials) please send a note. =)

You are welcome to join, but please keep in mind only tutorials may be submitted here (as of right now).

:Rules to Submitting:
Tutorials will be accepted as long as they follow the simple rules below.

:bulletblue: Include a title.
:bulletred: Proper spelling and grammar is required.
:bulletblue: Tutorial must provide clear step by step information.
:bulletblue: If it is an all picture explanation, please have clear visuals in the form of pictures or drawings showing what has gone on (if they are included).
:bulletblue:Make sure you choose the correct folder.

:bulletyellow:Submissions will be looked at before being accepted to make sure rules are followed. If rejected, please go over your deviation to see if a rule was missed.

:bulletred:No Advertising. There are other groups for selling what you make.

:star:Want to join the Admins and help out? Go ahead and join!:star:

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Other also helpful tutorials that could not be directly submitted into the folders.


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I've stumbled across this website that I think would be super helpful for people to utilize.
It goes by the title of

FursuitReview is a website that does as it's name pretty much suggests; it hosts reviews submitted by customers detailing their experience and quality of their fursuit made by their fursuit maker. Super helpful!

The website's list of makers reviewed can be found here: And the list grows with every new review submitted (so they encourage submissions).

They have 3 types of review forms found on their website (you don't need an account to submit a review), they are and I quote:
... the standard 'fursuit review', 'grandfathered', which allows people to copy/paste a review that was posted elsewhere (such as [a journal], Tumblr, Instagram etc.) without completely rewriting it, and 'YR+LTR', which invites customers to review how well fursuits stand the tests of time.

They seem pretty quick to submitting reviews that are sent to them and they accept reviews on pre-mades, parts (hands, tails feet etc.), commissions, and even things like Custom hoodies and Kigurimis!

Cool this about this thing is "It would also help potential customers pick the right maker for them, and give an opportunity for more publicity for the maker." And I think with so many makers out there and difficulty picking who this could help!

So yeah, if you got a fursuit from someone or know a friend who has and wants to support the maker and inform others maybe write a review and send it in.

I recommend bookmarking their Website.
Following them on Twitter
Liking them on Facebook
Follow them on Tumblr
or watch them on FurAffinity

And just share this info with people. The more learn about it, the merrier!
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Here to assist.









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Cloudsteps Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
hey! I just have a quick question about duct tape dummies~ If I were to make one of myself, would it be reusable for multiple fursuits? As long as I don’t grow anymore of course c; or would I have to make a new dummy each time?
HobbyFX Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
not sure if anyone has answered this for you yet but one good dummy should last you a while  :)
use good quality tape, don't skimp on the cheapest brand, buy more than you think and make sure you overlap the edges a lot otherwise when stuffing it, it can come apart easily.
we've made a couple not for furry use, but when making an X-Men mystique costume, it was really useful!
Cloudsteps Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
ah okay! That’s good to hear, thank you!!
FlicqBl0bKink Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017
hey im trying to make some fursuit designs and i want them to be at least known so would you guys mind if i make then knowable here? thanks
CloverPigeonStudios Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi there! I'm considering making a fur suit partial. How much material do I need to order for a:
•short tail
Assuming they're all one color? Also where do you buy the foam from and how much of that do you need? Ty! ^^
TwistedTerrace Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
If it's your first time or even only a couple suits in, always buy more than you need in case of a messed up pattern. Hell I've made a lot of suits and I still buy (usually) and extra yard of everything just in case. That said, for a partial of one colour I'd say maybe 3 yards to be safe. It's overkill unless you've got a huge tail, as I'm about 5'5" and can make pretty much a whole suit out of 3 yards if I don't mess up, or something close to a full suit if I have digigrade legs. For foam it's hard to say because it can totally vary depending on how big you make anything and what your local foam places have in stock (unless you buy it online but honestly I never have). If you can, find a couch-cushion shop or something similar. Near my house there's a place called Creative Foam and Futon that basically is JUST a foam shop that you go to to buy new couch cushions and replacement inserts for seats and stuff. They cut foam for people, and have a ton of left over scraps of foam (big pieces too) for SUPER cheap. I get almost all of my foam from them. Joann's has been way too overly expensive for me lately unless you get them on a sale or coupon day. Again, I can't really say as to the amount you should buy. I can, however, say to buy thicker if you can and cut it down as opposed to layering thinner stuff because that can get messy and annoying, but it's honestly just a design preference. I SOMETIMES build up layers, like on heads sometimes, but in general I try and buy thick blocks and just carve out of that. That's how most other people work too, I believe. Then if you mess anything up you can just get a super thin layer of foam (I always keep some of the really thin stuff around for this) to shore up anything that's amiss.

Hope that helps!
CloverPigeonStudios Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much! 
GigaBowzilla Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
I plan on making a dragon suit, is it a good idea to make the tail really long?
TwistedTerrace Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It depends on the materials and where you plan on taking it. I have a rodent suit with a very long tail (he's a kangaroo rat) that drags on the ground. It's fur, and it's stayed intact so far, I've just needed to wash it a couple times. However, I don't walk around outside with him, because enough use on pavement or other abrasive surfaces could tear the fabric. So yeah, fabric and where you'll be taking it is something to keep in mind about tails dragging on the ground. If worse comes to worse and you REALLY want it to have a long tail but are concerned about it dragging on certain surfaces, just make it pliable enough so that you can carry it in your hand or over your shoulder. I do this with my kangaroo rat whenever I'm concerned about it.
KylieKriss Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
urm can someone help me I foamed my wolf head and the jaw is messed up it is twisted and doesn't meet the top jaw
Should I just glue it to the top, it is already stagnant I messed up the mechanics by glueing it wrong to the balaclava. So what should I do.
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