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Lawrence Head Construction

A little more useful, I had more pics. Here's some step by steps how I build his head!
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Oops nevermind I see the foam type in the picture ^^;;;

Eyes are still a question though ~
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The eyes are probably made out of buckram.
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Your welcome C:
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What materials did you use? (What kind of foam?) And how do you make the eyes see through? I really love this example and want to use it as reference to make mine! ♡
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I saw you at a convention I think........... o,o meep...
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Is it for sale ^o^
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very nice and quick step by step.
Gives a good general idea, nice end head by the by.
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that is so cool how the mouth opens!
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How do you make the jaw move? Will you note me if you can to tell me?
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Since they didn't end up answering you, here is a good video :)…

you can see here how this person made the moveable jaw
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Can you send me a note and tell me how to make a moveable jaw and a mouth hole
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Well very very she looks like our Russian)
On past convention showed off.

Turns out perfectly for you! Successes to you in advancement!Love 
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It's lassy X3
When I get older I'm gonna make a fursuit! I love Anthro fursuits!
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Wow love this!
I was wondering where did you get your head model? I'm making my first fursuit partial right now and I can't find a properly sized head model to start anywhere!
Also thanks for the photo 'step by step' I had no idea you could do moving jaws with foam and this makes me really excited to try it.
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Edit: Sorry, was being an idiot, re-read your comment. That styrofoam head pictured can be found at a lot of craft stores. Micheals sells them for around $5. Just take a look around and I'm sure you'll find one.
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If it makes you feel any better I was really busy and never saw your original comment anyway...
Thanks for the advice, I had looked and didn't see any but maybe I'll stop being shy and ask a store worker for help. Lol.
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I just misread your post and then commented like an idiot. Re-read and edited, heh.
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how long did it take you to finish the head? it looks great btw!!
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