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There was a hoger. As the name suggests, hogers are the mutation of almost successful cross of the komodo dragon and the dragonfly. Hogers, after being kept into captivity and observation for a decade, were considered mostly harmless and were released in the Javan forests to survive on their own. The mutation occurred in the most bizarre way, in a boat made of the material that reflected sunlight into the eyes of those whose gaze happened to fall on it. The boat was owned by a boy who was the son of a sailor, and he thought that being son of a sailor made him a sailor as well. He got carried away with this misconception and started fighting with his father at home that he was a better sailor. His father had the pride of a dead meerkat who was too proud to step aside on the road and was run over by a car. He just couldn’t fathom the rebellious nature of his son. He constantly argued and fought with him. So, one day, the fight got beyond control and he told his son to go to hell. The son, despite being delusional about his sailing skills, was smart enough to listen to his father’s undertone. He thought if it is the hell I will be going, then why not sail to the hell. He decided to start an expedition on a boat made from soda pop bottles. Now in those times, soda pop bottles didn't exist. But there was a faun named Thaeebuoy. The faun had a disease from ginger growths on his arm. He got this disease from the death of his beloved faun named Thaeegirl, who ditched him before dying. She thought that if they were together for long enough, he would catch her disease called ginger growths on her arm or in short ggoha. But her death grieved him so much that he hugged her cadaver until the termites feasted on that and the ggoha started feeding on his arms. Consequently her death was not worth anything and he caught her disease. Almost after a decade of hugging her cadaver he thought that his sadness had been consoled and he had to cure the disease. To find a cure to this disease, the faun named Thaeebuoy decided to time travel. He traveled through different windows of time to search for the cure of ggoha. Sometimes he would travel in time so ahead that he would find people drinking colored water from sparkling bottles which he later called soda pop bottles. He started stealing them and immediately had a craving for the taste of sweet water in those sparkling bottles. But when he would throw those bottles in the water, they would drown and settle down in the ocean. At the bottom of the ocean there lived a fox, the fox had his tail cut off and had been in exile from his clan for almost a decade and later died of loneliness, but while his soul was leaving his body, he suddenly had an epiphany about levitation and the principles of buoyancy. So suddenly the fox woke up again, bought a breathing mask and settled at the bottom of the ocean. And right there he found so many soda pop bottles that he couldn’t count. He did a yearlong research on those bottles, applying the principles of buoyancy and floating bodies and levitation and discovered that in the gut of the flying fish there is a pumping organ called huart, that when cleaned up with the salt water and put inside the soda-pop bottle with the ratio of 1:5 with air would make the bottle float in the water. He applied his research and cleaned up the bottom of the ocean, the ocean bed was cleaned but the bottles started floating on the surface of water. The researcher fox would have applied his knowledge of levitation on the floating bottles to hover them in the air but while sucking the air out with the gills of a ray fish, he one day angered the ray fish. The ray fish called his friend electric eel and made him shake hands with the researcher fox. This time his soul flew watching his body floating on the surface of water. Well, the faun named thaeeboy never found the cure to ggoha and died of it growing in his respiratory tract. But the boy who thought he was a sailor didn’t give up. He kept on searching for a boat but could only find floating bottles and the dead body of a researcher fox on the shore. One day a komodo dragon came to him and gave him an idea that he could build a boat out of those soda pop bottles, and offered him to provide his sticky saliva to stick those bottles with one another. The boy liked the idea and built a boat out of those soda pop bottles. He named his cruise boat Comawaal – because in komodo dragon lexicon, Comawaal means a beautiful female komodo dragon who is so beautiful that she couldn’t exist. The boy who thought he was a sailor liked the komodo dragon and decided to travel with him. Komodo dragon, who thought of that boy as his only meal, decided to tag along. They traveled for a month without food and water – without water only. Because the komodo dragon had eaten the boy and had fallen in love with a dragonfly. And the rest of the story is not known until the origin of hogers; the mutation of komodo dragons and fireflies. So, there was a hoger who wandered in the javan forests in search of answers to his existence. At this point, the reader may be wondering, if this is the flow of this bizarre tale, then what is the purpose of such a meaningless title? Well, the title being “hepda” is not as meaningless as it seems but the story of hoger searching around for the purpose of his existence can be collectively called “hepda”. No one knows the meaning of hepda. Those who know it are too scared to share it with the others. Probably it’s cursed knowledge that is not meant to be shared. Well, the hogers may not be totally useless, because they are the only species on the face of this lifeless planet who know the true meaning of hepda. Yet they will keep on searching for the reason of their existence until their existence expires.

I am Not in the best of my times. So I wrote a short story - or i tried to write it. It came out as a weird bizarre stupid piece of writing. I have no idea where to go with it. But I will really appreciate your feedback on it...

Good day (:
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...If I say I understood all I would be a liar... :lol: :P ...Here and there I like it, I can "follow" the story but then.... ...Then I "fall" in the darkness of my English, like a "dark hole" where hundreds of words laugh at me... Rabbit-hole by altergromit ....Ok, my English is not at the "top" yet.... :lol: :laughing:
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altergromitHobbyist General Artist
...Just give me time to read it, it is not easy to me.... :faint: :no: :ashamed: ;) ...I'll tell you then... :nod:
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furstripeHobbyist Photographer
Haha I really appreciate it. It is a random funny stupid story! :)
If you understand it, it will be fun. :)
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altergromitHobbyist General Artist
I'll try tomorrow, now it is 10:32pm, a bit of :iconwineplz: and so... ...it could not work! :lol: