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Marceline The Vampire Queen by furstman Marceline The Vampire Queen :iconfurstman:furstman 6 3
Fionna The Giantess Human
Fionna The Human as a Giantess hero of Ooo.
Fionna The Human is a Genderbended version of Finn The Human (Finn Mertens) who was made by Ice King as the things Finn should be better as a Princess. But in this version, she's a chubby cute Size-shifting tough girl of Ooo. She was Size-shifting powers with Cake's Shapeshifting abilities.
She's also very clumsy and nervous as a giantess due to her being a shy timid teen who's like a freak in Ooo. Also, Fionna and Cake are also a duo who go fighting monsters and Ice Queen. Also, Friends with Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee.
Her giant height is 60ft - 100ft and her tiny height is 3in - 6in. Her Weight is chubby and heavier than Finn's. Her voice and girly and cutely squeaky and higher. Also, Her cute clothes can also grow/shrink with her too.
She's also trying her best to control his size powers. and Cake is there to help her along with BMO. ^^ Also, Her Bunny Hat grows with her too.
Fionna's is also a cute and shy one too.
:iconfurstman:furstman 2 5
The Crazy Story Behind The Land of Gorch
Once upon a time, there was a man with puppets (Or Muppets) and that man was non-other than Jim Henson. Jim was a Man who was looking for a late night puppet program for television. The Puppets where called Muppets. As Jim look far and wide to make his very own creative program, he then was asked by Saturday Night Live guy named Lorien Micheals who was asked to create wired adult Muppet sketches for his new program of the same name that would air on Saturday nights which has to begin airing in 1975. Jim and his team from the Muppet workshop have begun creating characters for his series of Sketches called The Land of Gorch. Witch Um, let's just say they were not the Muppets we know and loved yet.
These characters since they were on SNL for a Late Night Adult audience would tackle Adult topics of the day like, Violence, Drugs, Sex, and Politics.
The characters names were King Ploobis, A King who rules a land that's a red planet, who's a King who sucks at ruling the land and his economy i
:iconfurstman:furstman 2 1
Teeny Tiny Mute Pines Twins as Mimes GF AU fanfics
Mute Pines AU
Dipper and Mabel Are reading a spell from a book they found at Gravity Falls and cause the Pine twins to lose their voices as well as being shrunk to 3 inches tall and can only communicate through squeaks as well as ASL and Signs. They also have to find a Way back to their normal heights as well as being tiny Cute Mimes at The Mystery Shack. Sorry I still Miss Gravity Falls. ^^
:iconfurstman:furstman 2 0
Attack of the 60ft Dr. Flug Pt. 3
Attack of The 60ft Dr. Flug Pt. 3
Flug was still stuck as a giant Until he saw a lot of kids need protecting even tho he was order by Black hat to scare them but he don't want those kids getting hurt. So, he carries them with his big yellow gloved hands gentle to their homes as well as giving them cuddles.
Black Hat was angry over this and is going to tech him how to destroy a city or village. Flug is also thinking of how to shrink back to normal sizes and is also very shy giant king Scientist. ^^ He's Super Cute!
Black hat has Big plans for him to be a monster than a hero. ^^
:iconfurstman:furstman 4 5
Attack of the 60ft Dr. Flug Pt. 2
Attack of the 60ft Dr. Flug Pt. 2
Dr. Flug is still outgrown the lab and is stuck being 60ft tall due to his serum making him gigantic. Black Hat is still using him as a giant test subject to see if he can terrify the people of the city but one problem that he can quite get is Dr. Flug don't want to and wants to use his size for good but is also not wanting him the let the Black Hat down.  
While trying to do his job for him, flug still would like to use his giant height to help people even tho he likes to look menacing dispite being a big sofite and a smart scientist who is figuring out how to change him back to normal.
He is worried that his friends would make fun of his big growth spurt. and the fact that he's never been a giant scares him quite a lot. He is also a big baby and a coward and cries a lot too.
He's also scared of fighting giant monsters. ^^
:iconfurstman:furstman 4 15
Attack of the 60ft Dr. Flug
Attack of the 60ft tall Dr. Flug.
Dr. Flug was working on his experiment when suddenly he accidentally took the Serum that makes Dr. Flug grow Incredibly huge and super clumsy at around 60ft or more at height with his clothes Intact. It causes Black Hat to be mad at him until he thinks of an Idea to use his big size for world domination since he's a villain. He was nervous about being a giant but has no choice to follow his plans but he learns that he likes being a more helpful giant but does not want to let Black Hat down.
He's also scared of Heights and also wishes he was normal height again. ^^ Let's hope that the baggy headed Scientist will solve his big problem as a cute giant weakling of Villainous. Mr. Flug as a giant would make people scared of him but it does not bother Black Hat as he uses the giant Flug like a Big Rat Experiment on him to see if he scares people as well as using a giant Flug to take over the world.
But he just does not see it that was as if he wants to use h
:iconfurstman:furstman 4 24
My Self Portrait by furstman My Self Portrait :iconfurstman:furstman 5 3 The Mole Box - The Residents by furstman The Mole Box - The Residents :iconfurstman:furstman 6 8 Le Cutie Tavels to Paris #Drawing 1 by furstman Le Cutie Tavels to Paris #Drawing 1 :iconfurstman:furstman 7 0 Le Cutie's Cute Shoes Drawing #2 by furstman Le Cutie's Cute Shoes Drawing #2 :iconfurstman:furstman 7 2
Shrinking Sam and Luna Fanfic Idea.
Sam and Luna's Little Adventure.
The two Rocker girls who are In love have been shrunken to tiny size due to Lisa's experiments and have to face themselves as teeny tiny for a while both Sam and Luna have feelings for one another while finding their way of shrinking back to normal height. Their clothes are tiny too and also they are the main characters in the story. Luna and Sam are in shock as well as excited to try out being small for once but also worried of being stepped on, chased by pets, go to the big gardens, see big Insects, and also try to get the other Loud siblings attention.
Also, they are also cuties who later enjoy being small and also can play with dolls up close. They also have cute squeaky voices too and are also glad that Sam and Luna have each other. Also, they'll be able to shrink back to Normal size too. They are also Friends and Lovers too.
The Loud siblings are also Looking for the two tiny rockers Including Lisa who has to shrink them by accident and has to fin
:iconfurstman:furstman 4 0
Le Cutie The Giant Speaking Mime by furstman Le Cutie The Giant Speaking Mime :iconfurstman:furstman 11 10
Le Cutie The Giant Talkative Mime Kid. BIO G/T OC.
Name: Le Cutie
Species: Humanoid Mime / Giant
Voice: Very Squeaky, Childlike, High Pitch without being Annoying and just plain cute.
Height: 50ft or More (He can also size-shift mostly) He's very tall
Weight: Mostly Skinny and lean and very healthy.
Age: 7 years old
Personality: He's Smart, but can be naive and innocent and sweet at times and can get into trouble due to his giant size.
Clothes: Usually a Mime outfit with cute black shoes, Black pants, Striped T-shirt, Vest, and a Black french hat. He also has cute Mickey Mouse-like White Gloves and has cute striped socks. He also has cute B&W undies too. His clothes are Unisex.
Skin: Mostly white and pale with some back makeup on his skin to make him look like a cute circus Mime
Eye color: Blue/Green
Gender: He's Non-Binary and his voice is like a Mix between a Girl and a Boy voice that's like cute and high pitch. He acts mostly girly but can be boyish at times too. Mostly female and some male idk. It can be called he or She.
BOP: Pari
:iconfurstman:furstman 5 12
Lincoln Loud Size changing Brother G/T AU LH
Lincoln Loud
Age 12
Species: Human
Sizes: Normal human height but can grow to 50ft or 100ft tall.
Powers: Size Manipulation (Shrinking and Growing)
Siblings: His Sisters
Bio: Lincoln was not born with those powers but gain them from one of Lisa's experiments witch changes him from a Normal kid to a size changing behemoth. He is enjoying the use of the Size powers for playing around their sisters as well as being friendly and adorkable.
Also, he can shrink very small as well as be Normal Height as well.  
Status: Same character from The Loud House but is a size-shifter or mostly a Giant boy with a lot of cuteness inside of him.
The Loud House is Own by Nickelodeon.
:iconfurstman:furstman 6 1
Cuphead for Switch by furstman Cuphead for Switch :iconfurstman:furstman 2 1


Sakura in Wonderland 4 by silverprovidence Sakura in Wonderland 4 :iconsilverprovidence:silverprovidence 50 6 Jenny, I BLEW UP My Sister! (Alternate V.1 P. 42) by Smoke130 Jenny, I BLEW UP My Sister! (Alternate V.1 P. 42) :iconsmoke130:Smoke130 11 5 At Full Size by Mytho-knight At Full Size :iconmytho-knight:Mytho-knight 13 193 Movie Night by Mytho-knight Movie Night :iconmytho-knight:Mytho-knight 6 21 Always A Bigger Fish by Mytho-knight Always A Bigger Fish :iconmytho-knight:Mytho-knight 4 9 [Comm] Calamity Link by Nommybones [Comm] Calamity Link :iconnommybones:Nommybones 9 4
Super Choppy 169
In the park. Choppy read funny mangas.
Choppy: (reads a manga and laughs) that guy is funny.
Boy: hello. Can you help me find my bike.
Choppy: sure.
He looks around, find the bike and brings it to the boy.
Choppy: here you go.
Boy: yay. Thank you.
Choppy: (smiles) you're welcome.
He walks in the Streets. When suddenly.
????: help!! Help!
Choppy: holy kittens. This looks like the job for Super Choppy.
He run to the Phone booth and becomes Super Choppy.
Super Choppy: Super Choppy to the rescue.
He sees Jackie Lynn chased by Rochelle.
Rochelle: hey. I wanna talk with you.
Jackie: help!!!
Super Choppy appears.
Super Choppy: not so fast Rochelle. Super Choppy is here to stop you.
Jackie: a hero kid. Sweet.
Rochelle: oh crud.
Super Choppy: hey Rochelle. Your mom's a ugly hag.
Rochelle: hey!
Super Choppy: and you smell worse.
Rochelle: you'll pay for this.
Super Choppy: nope.
He grabs a baseball bat and slams Rochelle to space.
Super Choppy: home run.
Rochelle is in orbit.
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 6 117
Funny Moments in Vale.
Zwei the hero. In Beacon. In Team Rwby's dorm room. Zwei reads a dog comic.
Ruby: lalalala. (sees Zwei reading) man i wish i were a dog. You got the easy life Zwei.
The scene shows Vella cornered by 2 Weeping Angels. Zwei appears, growls and press a button which causes Paradox Blasters to appear and destroys the Angels.
Vella: yay. I'm saved. Thanks Zwei. (Zwei barks and smiles)
The scene shows Louis tries to choose one of the presents.
Louis: hmm the first one or the second one. I hope there's pills inside. Which is it?
Zwei appears, opens the first present, revealing 3 pills.
Louis: hell yeah. Pills here. (eats pills) i'm saved. (Zwei barks)
Francis: i wonder what's inside this one. (opens the second present, revealing a lion cub) huh a lion cub.
He sees a female lion growling at him.
Francis: ah shit.
The lion attacks him. Louis and Zwei laughs.
Louis: (laughs) that's hilarious.
Francis: (screams) i hate lions!!!
The scene shows Vampire Thea looking for her Vampire Necklace.
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 6 171
Something in common by WaRrior9100 Something in common :iconwarrior9100:WaRrior9100 49 151 Chubby Marceline by mooo12 Chubby Marceline :iconmooo12:mooo12 15 3
DC Superhero Girls Ben 10 2
Episode 2: #ShockingDay
In Metropolis High, the girls are discussing about a mysterious event.
ZEE: I don't know, fellas. This is so weird.
KAREN: I know. When I saw that fire breathing monster, I was terrified.
DIANA: This Heat Blast character has something unique on him.
BABS: What's that?
DIANA: I don't know.
JESSICA: I haven't seen that symbol from the alien's chest.
BABS: Is it coincidental?
KAREN: Yeah. Where did I see it?
DIANA: We will find out about the secret identity when the time is right.
KARA: She is right. Let's continue our class.
Meanwhile, in the Mall, the girls are heading to Sweet justice when suddenly a lightning hits on Metropolis tower.
KAREN: What was that?
DIANA: Alright, ladies. We will fight this fiend before heading to Sweet Justice.
BABS: Let's suit up.
And not hour after, Ben is heading to the smoothie store when suddenly Wonder Woman falls on the floor unconscious.
BEN: Oh, no! I better save the day. It's Hero time!
Ben uses the Omnitrix and he transforms
:iconmentalhunter:mentalhunter 7 50
Wheel of Morality 139
In the park. The heroes run and stops.
Jonathan: it's that time again.
Bill: to make funny jokes?
Cassandra: to be cool kids?
Electra: to power buildings?
Jonathan: no. It's time to learn the today's lesson. And we'll find out what it is, we turn to: "The wheel of morality" (the wheel appears and Jonathan turns the wheel) Wheel of morality turn, turn, turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn. (and it stops to...) moral number 242. And the moral of the story is... (he picks up the card and reads) Never judge people by their background.
Cassandra: it's true. We never judges others by their backgrounds.
Bill: yeah. It's the inside that is important.
Electra: and we treat others with respect.
Jonathan: that's right.
When suddenly.
????: hey!!
Jonathan: oh no my ex-fiancee.
Bill: ok. What did you do boss.
Jonathan: i confiscated this. (pulls from his back, Shahra's ring)
Cassandra: oooh a ring.
Electra: it's shiny.
Bill: yeah. What do we do now?
Jonathan: take a wild guess.
Jonathan, B
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 91
Lois vs Ashe
In Quahog.
Lois: what a good day. (sees a billboard of Deadlock Gang) what the hell. Those guys are a bunch of dumb criminals.
She sees bombs and gets an idea.
Lois: i got a good idea.
She throws them to the billboard. They explode, destroying it.
B.O.B.: lalalala. (sees the billboard destroyed and screams) the gang's billboard. Oh god why!
Lois: (laughs) they deserve it.
????: hey!
Ashe appears.
Ashe: are you the one who blow up the billboard.
Lois: and who are you cowgirl wannabe.
Ashe: i'm Ashe. Leader of the Deadlock Gang.
Lois: pff who cares about you.
Ashe: hey! Not cool!
Lois: you're a delusional crime mastermind wannabe to me.
Ashe: you'll pay for this.
Lois: bring it on, wimp.
Lois and Ashe glare and beat each other up. The fight takes place in a street, a building, a mall, a street, a garage, a house, a backyard and in a park.
Mort: oh yes. With my new solar robot dog, i can be rich and help people.
The fight destroys the robot dog.
Mort: (screams) my robot dog. Oh Jesus why.
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 93
Ultragirl Michelle.
In Tokyo.
Choppy: lalalalala. What a good day.
Ultragirl Michelle appears.
Choppy: wow.
Ultragirl Michelle: wow this city is nice.
Choppy: hello. I'm Choppy Tink. Welcome to Tokyo.
Ultragirl Michelle: hi. I'm Ultragirl Michelle Chang.
Choppy: cool. You're a cool fighter.
Ultragirl Michelle: of course. You're a cute boy.
Choppy: (smiles) thanks, girl.
Ultragirl Michelle: (put Choppy on her shoulder) do you like the view.
Choppy: yeah. I can see the stores and cars from up here.
Ultragirl Michelle: and i can see the little people.
Choppy: sweet.
They see two thieves running.
Thief: haha. We're rich.
Thief 2: and we're awesome.
Choppy: two thieves.
Ultragirl Michelle: don't worry i'll stop them.
Thief: we're awesome.
They are grabbed by Ultragirl Michelle.
Ultragirl Michelle: i have you now.
Choppy: that's right.
Thief 2: can we talk about this.
Ultragirl Michelle: let me think. No. (throws them to jail)
Thieves: ow come on.
Choppy: nice throw Michelle.
Ultragirl Michelle: (smiles) thanks
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 6 194
Dryad Shantae. by nickhalperin Dryad Shantae. :iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 19 162 Star-Anne by Febriananda Star-Anne :iconfebriananda:Febriananda 223 17



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Marceline The Vampire Queen
Here's the first sketch i did in Day Hab of Marceline The Vampire Queen in a Pencil Drawing of her that I learn from Youtube and it's so cool to draw the vampire cutie we know and loved from Adventure Time. I would love to draw her as a giant as well as her being tiny. Next up sometime would be PB (Princess Bubblegum or Bonnie). 

Adventure Time is Owned by Pen Ward and Cartoon Network. 
It's going to Remove the National Pokedex due to the battle system and such, but it also making fans angry due to the fact that you can transfer older pokemon from other games into the new games and it has angered fans and making the tweets like #bringbacknationaldex and it's also causing people to not pre-order the games as GameFreak can't make a Patch for it or even a simple game delay that would make it have all 800+ Pokemon available. it's so Unfair. Don't be mean to the people making the games and also be more open and honest and rise up and tell Gamefreak and Nintendo (even tho they have won E3) That the National Pokedex should be Available as a free patch or free DLC Update because your going to ruin as to what make's Pokemon so successful of a franchise.  This is so sad. 
I mean Making Spongebob 10 years younger is one thing. Making a Spin-Off after the Creator of SpongeBob Stephen Hillenburg dies of ALS Freaking ALS is just shameful and even Paul Tibbit hates it saying it goes against the creator's wishes. I am glad Rebecca Sagur is Alive and Well and So is Craig McCracken and Alex Hirsh At least they have a Say in this. Hillenburg is not because he's gone and Nick felt it was time to ruin His Legacy by making a Spin-Off that'll confuse kids and ruins the command of the Series. I mean SpongeBob is too cute and adorable as he is now and Seeing him as a 10-year-old and tone down a lot of what makes it special is just wrong. I hope Nick needs to change or not falls that same fate as The PowerPuff Girls Reboot. RIP Hillenburg and Hope Spongebob's Legacy will not be in vain. Heck My AU's are better because they don't connect to the main show what so ever. It's so wrong to cash in even after the creator's deaths it's Horrible. ;( 
I wish that Mae Borowski from a Night in the wood as a giantess cute cat Macro because she's adorable and relatable. She's adorable! ^^ 

I have never played the game but I do like this character. :D…

Art By ChocolateGoose on 

I wish She has had to wear her cute big boots tho. ^^ I am so happy for Mae being a giantess. 
It's the Ability to make Pokemon Giant during a Battle. It's so cool yet so cute seeing your fave Pokemon as a giant. The Three new starters already look cuddly when they are bigger and more THICC. I am also very happy that Game Freak and Nintendo are also making new Pokemon Games for the Switch too. 

My Pics for Dynamax are Pikachu, Pichu, And the Three New Starters Including Scorbunny. 

Hope more art focusing on the Giant Starters like Scorbunny will be made. Please Keep it SFW and also Fun as well, guys. I would love a comic on them as giants even tho it's temporary since like after 3 turns you shrink back to normal again after a battle. Still Great potential for more Pokemon G/T fan stuff. 

Also, Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom is Coming to the SWITCH. Awesome! Hope for more E3 content soon. 
It's going to Remove the National Pokedex due to the battle system and such, but it also making fans angry due to the fact that you can transfer older pokemon from other games into the new games and it has angered fans and making the tweets like #bringbacknationaldex and it's also causing people to not pre-order the games as GameFreak can't make a Patch for it or even a simple game delay that would make it have all 800+ Pokemon available. it's so Unfair. Don't be mean to the people making the games and also be more open and honest and rise up and tell Gamefreak and Nintendo (even tho they have won E3) That the National Pokedex should be Available as a free patch or free DLC Update because your going to ruin as to what make's Pokemon so successful of a franchise.  This is so sad. 


Teddy Furstman
United States



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