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:iconfurrywolffan2648:FurryWolfFan2648 posted a status
I have three extended universes when it comes to my literature, buck naked with the other two being padded and the wild card, which means the story could take place in any universe it wants to! The padded universe stories are tales where diapers are the main article of clothing and everyone just wears diapers because reasons, the buck naked universe stories are tales where clothing is either forbidden or just has never existed in the first place and the wild card universe stories are tales where the story or setting does not fit with the other two universes, so essentially, a story in the wild card universe could be set in a parallel universe where the wish from the Fairly Odd Parents the Same Game was never unwished or a universe where the Wild West never ended. So, keep in mind what the characters in my stories are or are not wearing, as well as how they act as that is a clue to which one of my extended universes are based in

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