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:iconfurrywolffan2648:FurryWolfFan2648 posted a status
I will be doing a brand new literature series about my character, who is buck naked for the whole series, and his anthropomorphic animal brothers, who are also buck naked for the whole series, who helped to raise him with his anthropomorphic animal parents [his human parents wanted nothing to do with him from day one] going on adventures after they leave their parents house to live on their own, but the problem is that I am stuck on the title, and I thought that my watchers could help me out! What is your idea for my next big project? I will choose the one that I think fits best and I will include the name of the Deviant who thought up the title in the first episode’s descriptio! Good Luck! The rules are that the title must be original and not in use already and the word “Naked” must be used in the title!

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