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This is a Philippine anthropomorphic artist community where furry Filipino artists diverge around the world. Although this is a Filipino group, others can also join!
Founded 9 Years ago
Dec 29, 2009

Southeast Asia

Group Focus
Social and Art Collection

380 Members
355 Watchers
30,197 Pageviews
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Furrypinos' More Fun Stuff!

-The Box of Miscellaneous Stuff!-

This is where we'll put more things about Furrypinos! This box also serves to promote other Pinoy Furry users from within and outside deviantART!

:bulletgreen: [YouTube]

Halduin's YouTube Channel

NOTE: If you like to be added in this box, please don't hesitate to ask. Just do remember that only Anthropomorphic Animal-related stuff is allowed.

Gallery Folders

ADM: Osechi Ryori by Sunnynoga
My 2018 Art Summary by BrownbearEdurardo
Lukie The Dragon by DarenVal
Fursuit Photoshoot by Carwailea
Fursuit Photoshoot by Carwailea
Zyrie Fox minimalist lineless headshot by zyriefox
Insight by humphreylevine2014
Scribblenauts - My Second Custom Characters by Skyblue2005
Scribblenauts - Worse Than Cheating by Skyblue2005
Waiting For Something Better to Happen by SammfeatBlueheart
Appius (Animated) by suppafurry
Jay - Fight Scene (ANIMATED) by SammfeatBlueheart
Animation Test - Around the Track by Skyblue2005

Mature Content

Fight between monsters by RiumajiInu
An accurate shot. by RiumajiInu
The Lucky Seven by RiumajiInu
Misterious white lion by RiumajiInu
Dream Bun by SammfeatBlueheart
I Called It Girl Power! by BrownbearEdurardo
Daniel X Micah (Finished Art) by BrownbearEdurardo
Rigel X Zephyr (Finished Art) by BrownbearEdurardo
The Protagonist (Ver. 2) by Jo-Vee-Al
Location Unknown - Part 1 by Skyblue2005
Location Unknown - Part 2 by Skyblue2005
SUMMER FOX '88 by megawolf77
Fan Art
Nick and Judy: The Opposite Sides by BrownbearEdurardo
Spyro and Sparx by Jo-Vee-Al
Sylveon in Life Guard Swimsuit! by teamlpsandacnl
Espeon by teamlpsandacnl
Dat Face by synersignart
Happy Christmas by synersignart
Game of Drones by synersignart
PX40 at PIHABF greets people by synersignart

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-Group's Favorites-
These are artworks from other artists that we find both amusing and amazing! Don't miss these out!
Greetings, everybody!

This is megawolf77 :iconmegawolf77:
And, boy, do I have a special announcement!

Our fellow furrypinoys are going to have a cool event next year, and it's another Philippine Furry Convention!
Here's a message from Keral, one of our furrypinoy peeps:

"Stock up your tokens for the next Philippine furry convention!"
Like and follow for updates!

May 19-20, 2018
SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines

Please follow this link to learn more about the event!

Better be there, you magnificent beasts, you!
Be sure to check out the link!
Greetings, everybody!

This is megawolf77 :iconmegawolf77:

Looks like everything goes well with the new group folders, it seems! And so far, the majority of the Furrypino users are enjoying the new features as well! But, wait, alas! Looks like some of our users are not yet accustomed to this new fangled thing! (Damn you, technology!) And as much as how I want to fix their submissions by moving them to the correct folders it's too much of a hassle for me already. So how about I show you guys about submitting works in the correct folders? Not only that, I'll also cover about the content and the theme involved in your submission, that way you can have the general idea on what folder you'll submit it to!

Everybody ready? Let's begin!

⁂ Submitting to a group! ⁂

There are two ways of submitting an art to a group: In the Submit/Upload page, or in the submission itself!

※ In the Submit/Upload page
When you're uploading a work, many more options will appear below. You can pick the category, type in your info, or whatever you want. The most important thing you should know for this topic is the Submit to Groups area inside the Options. If your Gallery and Group options is closed, click it to open its folder, there you will see the Submit to Groups option, and below are the list of groups you want to submit to. Now, some groups don't have any folders, but the Furrypinos group does! So toggle it on by ticking the box, then you can--

--HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, BUSTER. Don't hit the submit button just yet! Do observe that when you select a group in the list, a dropdown box will appear! That option is where you can choose a group's gallery folder to submit to. Clicking it will drop a list of folders, and from there you can select a folder that is appropriate for the theme of your work. (I'll explain that later.)

Then you can submit your work to your gallery, and it's my job to approve your work to be included in this group's gallery! Hooray!

※ In the Submission
So let's say in a bit of haste you forget to set your work to this group and just clicked the submit button. Now your work is posted and it's not submitted to this group! Oh-no!

Don't fret, my furry friend! You can still submit your posted work to this group, even your existing ones! When viewing your art, literature, photo, or anything from your gallery, scrolling down to your submission's page you will come across an [+ Add to a Group] button on the right panel. Clicking it will open a new window, and from there you can select a group you want your work to be included. And it's also important that you select the appropriate folder by selecting it in the "Submitting to" list! Then hit submit, and I'll do the rest!

Or you can just simply edit your submission, there you can see that Gallery and Groups options again. No sweat.

⁂ The Content and Theme of your Work! ⁂

Now that we've covered the basics on submitting works to a gallery, let's talk about the fundamentals of your work's theme and content!

So you're going to submit a work to this group's gallery folder, but you don't know which one is more appropriate for your work, right? Honestly it's kinda debatable, but I'll try my best to clear things up for you Furrypino users!

※ Photos
It's pretty obvious. You submit your photograph works in this folder. The content, however, depends. If it's a scenery, a selfie, or a group shot, this is the correct folder for them. Now if it's a traditional artwork shot with a camera, it goes to Traditional. Same thing with crafts, it goes to Crafts folder.

※ Animations (formerly Flash Animations)
If your submission is animated, either in Flash, movie, or GIF, this is the right folder for it. If it's a fan animation of a successful franchise or a series, it's acceptable too. (Will talk about fan-art shortly.)

※ Comics
If your submission contains any form of sequential art regardless of the medium used, this is the folder just for you, buddy-O! Comics taken by a digital camera is also acceptable. With the exception of fan-art, though. If the comic involves characters from a successful franchise or series, it goes to Fan-Art.

※ Traditional
Artworks drawn with graphites, inks, oils, paints, colored pencils, and even crayons, this is the folder for that kind of work! Such work taken by a camera also works! Again, no fan-art.

※ Digital
Works that are made with digital medium such as any digital painting programs, this is the right folder for it! No fan-art, please.

※ Crafts
If you have a furry sculpture made from recycled candle wax, a furry costume you made, a wood carving carved with your sharp fingernails, or something that you pieced together using various materials you found underneath your sofa for 3 years, this is the correct folder for you! Sculptures of licensed characters are fine.

※ Miscellaneous
If you really don't know where your work belongs in this gallery, you can submit it to this folder!

※ Fan Art
Now this right here is the most sensitive one I need to stress about. If your work contains characters from various successful franchise, series, or existing works of others, even if it's partial, parody, or just a fan-character, this is the folder for it regardless of the medium used or if it's a comic (except for Animation and Sculpture, which is okay in their respective folder.) I want to give Furrypino users a chance, a chance of exposing the originality of their works and ideas in the group's gallery folders, so this folder is for fan-arts only, and nothing else. Please follow this rule.

⁂ What about Explicit Content? ⁂

Face it, folks. Stick to the rules of deviantART. Swearing is fine in the works as long as it has mature filter. It's okay to do nude if it's for the sake of artistic taste (although that in itself is subjective,) but really, if you guys submit an art that contains suggestive themes of nudity with sexual content then it's basically a red flag to me. Same with other forms of kink that comes with nudity is a huge no-no. Then again, it all comes down to me when accepting works.

Please respect my decision if I ever reject your work that I deem unfit for this group.

And now that we got everything covered, I guess that is it for today! And remember: Pick a gallery folder first before hitting that submit button!
Thanks for reading, Furrypino users! Have a creative day!

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-Furrypinos Admin-

We are here to share the love of art and fandom from us Filipino Furry community!

Our mission is to find fellow Filipino Furry artists all throughout dA and create a wonderful group which is where you are now.

We don't strictly state that only Filipino Furries can join. Everyone can still join! For the sake of sharing artworks.











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