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HOW TO make a noose

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People... this is a joke, don't kill yourself. Even if it doesn't look like it, people around you do care and love you. If you are thinking about it, send me an instant message, I'll help you out. If you want I'll even give you my phone number. That said, I'll treat anything posted here as a joke. Stuff like that in a public forum is just trolling for attention. You've been warned and I accept no liability for your decisions.

Oh another disclaimer; its illegal to have a 13+ strand (the number of times your loop the rope around main loop in step 3) noose in your car.
Use this knot with caution.

k.... i kinda feel bad here, i just realized today (sept. 8th, 2005) that this week is national suicide prevention week... wow thats weird

-----UPDATE - 11-27-05------
I decided to take this deviation down, due to the popularity that it has attracted. I found out recently that it was the first result on google when you googled "how to make a noose"; and I started getting lots of non-DA peeps emailing me about it.

Deviation is back up due to popular request and due to it being only the 7th result now on google. I'm still keeping this deviation actively monitored though, and keeping it privately stored and released only on occaision.
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Hard to see, because of the white font used, pictures are original, technique use to create the instructions are creative and have a large impact to understand how to create the noose itself. Also it was good that you added that it was a joke, but you must also add that it must have age restrictions. Great picture art you used there and it had a lot of creativity in the instructions. I would change the font color that's all. Also color the pictures it will add more creativity to the picture itself. Oh and add more color to the background too to make it more appealing.
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OfficialhammycakeHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wait I did not read the whole thing so don't mind my other comment
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OfficialhammycakeHobbyist Digital Artist
What is wrong with you!! Are you trying to get people to kill their self?
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Thank you very much im going to kill myself next time i get money
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As a kid, I always wanted to know how to tie make one for some reason...
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snowflake-YTHobbyist Artist
i looked up how to tie a noose for my scalemate and the number for national suicide prevention popped up 
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fnafsfoxythefoxHobbyist General Artist
I'm gonna use this for my scalemate if I ever make one 
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Why is suicide like the Postal Service?  No noose is good noose.
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Senator-MeowmixHobbyist General Artist
....... INEEDTHISFORREASONSBYE(just for my scalemate tho)
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Thanks, I needed a way to die. I owe you one
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well this became handy when it comes to decorating a Halloween party, heehee! Thanks c:
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funny, someone made a noose at school as a joke in woodshop a few years ago. the teacher didn't even care and everyone was like "how in the hell do you even know how to make that" and "why did you need to learn that" and he's just like "I know a guy".




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teckmonkyHobbyist Digital Artist
:stare: i tried but it wont work (not the noose the part of killing my self)
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"Live forever or die in the attempt."  (Joseph Heller in Catch22 - (He's dead now, of course.")) 
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Then don't, dumbass. Maybe that's your sign to stop trying. Just fucking live your life and don't kill yourself.
There's your answer. Damn.
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EmmodiiStudent Filmographer
God dammit, I don't have a rope. Nice though. This'll come in handy one day.
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CitizenKadeStudent General Artist
I actually needed this for a suicide prevention awareness project, so THANK YOU.
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theashleybakaHobbyist General Artist
glad to see i'm not the only one that came here cause scalemates and stuffed animals
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Cuteh-Kitteh-LovehHobbyist General Artist
I'm adding this to my favourites because I'm making a Scalemate from this webcomic called Homestuck and need a noose for it at a later date. I in no way want to die.
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If this is a "joke", what's the punchline? Seriously, I don't get it.

Well, whatever. I came here via a google search for how to make a noose, so thanks for leaving this up.

I'd leave feedback on how effective these instructions are, but, well, that won't be possible when I'm done "hanging around" :P
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Everytime I try to make one using this tutorial they come out all messy and non noose like. It works but it's messy.
Any tips?
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Wtf. Are you serious?
Kaila, I'm fucking crying right now.
Why do I even try to help you.
I fucking suck.
Omg whatever lol I dON';T EVEN FUKING CARE ANYMORE fyuk
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Dude calm down I'm jsut wondering
It's not you it's me obviously, your not the only one trying to help me I just refuse it I guess I don't know

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moucoyHobbyist Digital Artist
What just happened here.
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