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I am very happy to announce that Furryhart Studio, my old web site is back up. The domain name has changed to Do not use my old domain name, as It has been taken over by the Domain name pirates and I am no longer affiliated with it. My site is outdated and I am in the process of updating it, but it still contains much of my old art. I will be updating it shortly, so keep watching.
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This is a list of other sites you can find me on.

My Art Sites: (My personal Web Site hosted by Gushi)… (My site hosted on FurNation)

My Art Galleries:… (My FurNation page) (My Deviant Art page)… (My FurAffinity page)… (My Side 7 page)

Other Sites: (My MySpace page)… (My Earth Eternal Profile)
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I know that in the past a lot of people have seen my site Furryhart and did not like it. I am here today to ask you nicely to return to Furryhart and see the many changes I have been working on.

My site is now completely rewritten by me in HTML with a CSS style sheet, to improve download time. I have tested it using IE, Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. I have been working hard to improve Furryhart, but I need your help. Please come and see the new furryhart and let me know what you think.

I thank you for your time, comments (good or bad) and support.Furryhart
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An apology

Due to the fact that I must eat, have a roof over my head and keep the electric and telephone on, I have to concentrate my efforts in finding a job in this god forsaken area I live in. Because of this fact, I must suspend creating any more new art for now. I am just not making enough money as an artist and with the economy the way it is I can't expect to.

I apologize to the fans I have for this and when things get better I will start back up. Drawing is very time consuming and it is just not creating enough income. I will be available for commissions by email only: . I will still be answering your Comments, Favs and Watches when I have the time.

My site will still be up for now as long as Gushi don't shut it down. Gushi system hosting has been very understanding for 4 years, keeping Furryhart up and running.

Hopefully the new year will be much better then the last 4 years. But for now this is so long and thanks for your support.

Your artist,
Lonnie L. Evans (Frost)(Furryhart)
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I have made some more changes to my site Furryhart, including removal of all midi music, that's right Furryhart is now silent. I have changed the links page to make it more compact. You can view my artwork in large view by clicking on the images. The main page has been cleaned up and has new better looking buttons. All other pages have been revised.

   Also I have joined Cafe Press to sell my artwork on t-shirts and other items, so I have also added a Cafe Press Page to take you directly to my stores.

   I don't know HTML code so this site is created by using Webeasy Professional 6 from VCOM. It uses a drag and drop interface to build the site pages and then turns it into HTML code. I was using Webeasy 5 but I upgraded to 6, so let me know if the HTML code looks better.

   Please visit my site and let me know what you think about the improvements. I thank all who responded to my last post for your comments, good or bad. I am trying to improve my site so any suggestions are welcome. And please be nice, I am doing the best I can with very little money.

My website is . Thanks again for you time and comments.
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Like my artwork? Wish you could get it on a t-shirt ot a tote bag? Well now you can. I just joined CafePress and now have my art on various t-shirts and tote bags for sale. Just got to CafePress at , and type in Furryhart in the search box. I hope to start adding more stuff as I go along so keep watching. Thank you all.

List of what designs are avaliable and their webpage:
Animals-The Ride-
Zeek and Teta-
Brandy-Adult Link-
Lena-Adult Link-
Honeysuckle-Adult Link- Http://
Dixie Wolf-Adult Link-  Http://
Some of you may be wondering if Furryhart does commissions. The answer is yes, but I may not do it like others do. If you are wanting to commission me here is how to do it.

First off I don't do porno, you can view my gallery to see the kind of things I draw. I do Furry, Fantasy, and Cartoonish, general audience to adult cheesecake nothing more. I also love to create new creatures like the Hummingdragon, the Mercats and the Dorians, listed in my gallery. Give me an idea and I will try to put it on paper.

Now here is how to commission me. Send me an email with your idea. If I am working on another project I will let you know and will store the idea until the previous project is complete. I will contact you when I have drawn the basic sample drawing and send it to you via email for approval.

At this point you let me know of any changes you want. This exchange will go on until you approve it. Once approved I will ink it in and send the sample to you via email again.

Now we will start talking colors, that is if you wish it to be colored. I will match the colors you want as close as I can, and send you the color sample for approval. Again the exchange goes on until you approve it.

Once approved we will discuss what you are willing to pay me for it. At the moment I am accepting postal money orders only. I am trying to get paypal and hope to have it soon.

Once complete, the drawing is placed in a plastic protector with cardstock, for protection, and put in storage. Once payment has arrived I will then place it in a cardboard mailer with receipt and a thank you note. I will then send it priority mail and you should receive it in 2 to 3 days. Upon receipt of package please email me and let me know.

(NOTE 1: All samples will be watermarked as to not interfere with the details of the drawing.)
(NOTE 2: At the moment all work is done on 8.5" x 11" multi purpose printer paper, like all my artwork. Hey, it has worked for me a long time and is good paper to work with. I hope to be able to work with cardstock soon.)
(NOTE 3: I love modern communication, so please keep in touch and respond to my email and I will do the same. My email is )

Thank you for taking the time to read my commision information.
Come one and all to see the new Furryhart. Furryhart has an all new look and a new feature. A new viewer script allows you to see Furryhart's art like never before.

All new auction page, new clean art pages and new adult art pages. And for those who hate my old adult warning it is gone, replaced by a more pleasing warning page, but I still have one. All images have been compressed to download quicker, without loss of detail.

So come and see the new FURRYHART. After visiting, please let me know what you think by responding this post or by email. I hope to here from you soon.

The link for Furryhart is
My email is

Thank you for your time.
I was browsing on Google checking what is listed under Furryhart when something caught my eye. There is a guy on BlogTV who is using my name Furryhart. I wish it to be known that this person is in no way affiliated with me in any way. Nor is this person me, I am 49 years of age and I live in Chauncey Georgia.

I contacted BlogTV, but they tell me there is nothing they can do. It's just a screen name, they say. But it shows up when someone searches for Furryhart.

This is more than a screen name to me. When I picked Furryhart for my website in 2004, I searched the web to see if the name existed. I got no response on google but "Did you mean Furry Art". I thought to myself Furryhart is Furry Art. and that's why I chose this name.

There I'm done with my rant.
I have a general rated art piece call the Humming Dragon. This is a color original and it is up for auction on Furbid. Here is the link.…

Humming Dragons - Draconis Humminous
General information:
Humming dragons are rare and little known creatures of the dragon family. They are found only in deep jungles and woodlands, that are filled with wild flowers. Their colors range from various hues of blue, green, yellow and red.
Their hoard consists of various flowers they have collected, frozen in time and preserved by their breath. These flowers can then be unfrozen at a later time to be used as food during the cold seasons. Their breath can also be used to make some very life-like statues out of anyone they consider a danger. Where do you think all those very life-like mannequins come from?
The male humming dragon is known far and wide as the foremost authority in flower arranging. During mating season these skilled craftdragons arrange their most prized selections out of their hoard around the entrance to their lair to attract a female. They also decorate their nest with the softest and most pleasant smelling flowers from around their territory.
The humming dragon makes a very peculiar but pleasant humming sound. This sound is produced by the high speed flapping of their wings, and not because they have forgotten the lyrics to their favorite song, although this can sometimes happen.