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My last song

Loona, in all her glory, slowly rises above the tree line of the dark silent forest, and reflects in my old tired eyes. The sight of her stirs something deep in my weary soul and I look directly up at her. The sound starts low in my gray furred chest and rises, as Loona herself rises in all her magnificence. My voice is soon joined by the voices of the others of my pack, making our song grow strong and magical. Soon I hear the joyful voices of my ancestors joining in on our song, making it even stronger and more magical then before. Loona herself then looks down upon us and smiles, blessing me and our pack for our song of praise to her and the forest echoes with the sound of our voices.
   Somewhere deep in the dark echoing forest, a she wolf gives birth and my hopes for my packs future is assured. As it raises it tiny white furred head and cries out, I close my tired eyes and fall to the cold unyielding earth, giving up my weary soul. I go to join those who have gone before me, knowing I have done my best for my pack. Under the everlasting light of Loona's grace, I proudly join my ancestors and add my voice to the eternal song of life.
This is a short story that came to me. I hope you like it
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Submitted on
October 27, 2015