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I'm trying to improve my profile by getting core. This core could help make advances for my profile. I can give it a much more professional look, make polls for what I should write for you all, and overall increase my participation on DA with you guys!

Since dAhub is no longer continuing its services for a while, I can no longer get donations from them. And so I have to accept donations from the DA community itself. I just want to say thank you so much for donating if you do so! ^-^

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:heart: Howdy There :heart:  

   FurryGirlSylvy here! I'm a fanfic writer at heart and love to write it at every second I can get. I've finally made changes to this journal that were so desperately needed and it looks more polished than ever. May the requesting begin! ^-^

Alert Emote Warning Alert Emote   

In the middle of June, I will be canceling free requests and then starting up commissions in the middle of June. And so try to get your request in before that time if you want one!


✪ Please be patient. I can't write 24/7. I have other tasks to do and other hobbies I enjoy, and so your submission will take some time.

✪ I am able to deny a request if I don't feel comfortable writing it.

✪ First come, first served

✪ Only 6 people can be queued at once. Once this queue is filled, requests are closed.

✪ If your fanfiction includes certain 18+ elements not viable to DeviantArt's policies on mature themes / graphic content, then it would have to be posted on Archive of Our Own. I can't mention it's a commission on AO3, I'll just say "requested by [DA username] on DA"

✪ If you've read all of the rules, you have to say what your favorite color is. It's the password!

✪ (Optional) A prompt of what you want in the story. This can be helpful in what I should write and gives me a better picture of what you want in your fanfic.

✪ (Optional) Tell me what you do and don't want in your story. I have a list of do's and don'ts that can aid you. This can also be helpful in constructing your fanfic.

✪ (Optional) Word Count: 500 - 1000 words or 1000 - 2000 words. Nothing can surpass 2000 words.


DO's / DONT's

★ Will do / ✫ Might do /  ☆ Won't do

★ Humor
★ Slice of Life
★ Romance
★ Adventure
★ Fantasy / Fairytale
★ Oranges (PG-13, kissing and hugging)
★ Furries / Anthros
★ Crossovers / Alternate Universe
★ Non-Canon Elements
★ Canon x Canon
★ Canon x Reader
★ No Ships / Pairings
★ Self-Harm / Suicide [AO3 Only]

 Multi-Chaptered Fanfics (Up to 3 chapters)
✫ Any Other Genre
✫ Gore
✫ Lemons (sex scenes, explicit) [AO3 Only]
✫ Limes (no sex, somewhat sexually explicit)
✫ Rape / Non Consent [AO3 Only] 
✫ Certain Fetishes / Philias
✫ Bestiality (Depends if the character is mostly human-like like Panne from Fire Emblem Awakening)

☆ Underage
☆ OC x Canon
☆ OC x OC



★ Fandoms I love / know well of

✫ Fandoms I like / know some of

☆ Fandoms I like / know little of


★ Super Smash Bros
★ Hetalia
★ Beyblade Metal Series
★ Pokemon (Game, Anime)
★ Lion King / Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
★ Overwatch
★ Undertale
★ Final Fantasy 7
★ Final Fantasy 6
★ Fire Emblem Awakening
★ Re: ZeRo
★ Konosuba
★ Vocaloid
★ Space Dandy
★ My Little Pony
★ Mob Psycho 100

✫ Gravity Falls
✫ Re: ZeRo
✫ Steven Universe (Previous Seasons)
✫ Avengers
✫ Legend of Zelda
✫ One Punch Man
✫ Sonic (Game, Shows)
✫ Castlevania (Game, Anime)
✫ Teen Titans
✫ Beyond The Boundary
✫ Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto
✫ Corpse Party (Game, Anime)
✫ Bungo Stray Dogs
✫ My Hero Academia
✫ Blood Blockade Battlefront (Season 1)
✫ Doki Doki Literature Club
✫ Pixar / Disney Movies
✫ Tim Burton Movies

☆ Blue Exorcist
☆ Attack on Titan
☆ Final Fantasy 15
☆ Other Fire Emblem Games
☆ Other Final Fantasies
☆ Other Nintendo Games
☆ Other Anime

There might be fandoms I missed, and so don't be afraid to ask me on some. I also might add or remove some over time.


Current Changes

One new change is that I finally centered the text here. Oopsies, my mistake. Castlevania has been moved to "I love / know well of" category since I've started to watch it more on Netflix and do more research. "Other Anime" has been added to "I like / know little of". The biggest change is that I've added a new section to the journal called "Status" where you can check on the status of your fanfic.


loading Queued loading

1. JBlaser

2. YangIsCool

3. Boneguy

4. None

5. None

6. None



Not started - pixel pink progress bar - 0 by puucheii
Brainstorming - pixel pink progress bar - 1 by puucheii
Currently Writing - pixel pink progress bar - 2 by puucheii
Editing - pixel pink progress bar - 3 by puucheii
Submitted! - pixel pink progress bar - 4 by puucheii

JBlaser's MLP Fanfic - pixel pink progress bar - 2 by puucheii

YangIsCool's MLP Fanfic - pixel pink progress bar - 1 by puucheii

Boneguy MLP Fanfic - pixel pink progress bar - 0 by puucheii


Requests will also be submitted on Wattpad for further display.


Aye guys, I'm giving a BIG heads up that I'm doing commissions really soon. I'm going to finish up these requests and start up on commissions soon.
Currently redesigning my DeviantArt profile. My profile is gonna look a little messy and wacky as I input these changes.
Thank goodness! I had three days of doing absolutely nothing to recharge for the summer. Now I'm ready to tackle on some fanfics! :D
Yes, I'm finally free! Free from school and helloooo summer! :D


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BlackOrchid1004 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for adding my story to your collection :)
FurryGirlSylvy45 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, you're welcome! I really liked it! One fanfic writer to another! ^-^
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Naw you're welcome <3
DylanCArt Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019  Student General Artist
It a Story that you might like let me know what you think about it my friend.

Transformers and Their Little Pony
FurryGirlSylvy45 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I don't mind the bizarre concept, it just needs some cleaning up and the plot needs more structure and flow.
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