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Garden Wonders (Olimar X Reader)
  The sun was being quite expressive today. It laid on the blue sky as clear as day and brighter than any star in the Milky Way, although its rays were gentle on the life below. The heat was bearable and a breeze occasionally accompanied it.
 For ___, it was the perfect time to do what they did best: gardening. They wore thick clothing and gloves and had all of their materials they needed. They opened the door to the house and took a deep breath of all the flowers that thrived in their soil. The flowers gently swayed to the breeze as each species was assorted in rows. All flushed and full of color.
  ____ couldn't think of where to start. So much to choose from, yet with so little time since they had to work in the Smash Cafe in Smashville. They decided it was simple to just trim some of the roses and lilies in the front. Those plants seem to be growing at an outrageous rate to the point they might compete with each other for sunlight, causing disproportions in size. Tha
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The Future (F Robin X Shulk)
  On one starry night, the smashers were assembling their blankets and food on top of a hill not too far away from the mansion. There was a meteor shower coming for them in just thirty minutes. A small portion just sat on top of the grass.
  Robin was late for the frenzy for she was awakened by all the commotions for the preparations. She wanted to sneak in a few extra z's, but the others kept knocking on her door, and so she had no choice but to come.
  When she got up there, the first thing in mind was who to sit with. Most of the fire emblem characters she grew to bond with were sitting on the ground. She couldn't afford to get her cloak dirty, and she's always sat with them and barely interacted with the other smashers.
  She turned side to side to spot Shulk sitting by his lonesome on a blanket. He was another sword user and she didn't know much about him, so why not. It would be interesting to learn about him.
 She went over to him and waved. "Hey Shulk,
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Something In Common (Lucina X M Reader)
  In the middle of the forest not too far away from the mansion, there lay a warrior sleeping amongst the tree stumps. He had his head an back against the mossy bark. Yet, he didn't rest alone.
  He had his trusty sidekick right in front of him, his dragon. The dragon was quite lengthy and had a slim, noodle-like body. It was curled up in a loop, resting its head on its tail. It's white scales reflected the sun's ray, causing them to gleam like a rainbow. It had a dark green fur aligning its head all the way down to the edge of its tail.
  All was well and nothing didn't disturb their peace until suddenly, an envelope was summoned out of thin air. It swayed back and forth as it slowly descended like a leaf. It soon found itself plummeting into the warrior's mouth as he snored.
  He started choking on the paper, woke up, and spat it out. "Ah! Someone was strangling me-" He spotted the now wet envelope on the ground. "Oh, so that's what it was." He picked it up and wi
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Impressing Her (Dr. Mario X F Wii Fit Trainer)
   On a normal day, Dr. Mario was dealing with his patients, mostly the smashers. He assisted them with any problem, especially things like viral infections. But the most common ailments were the most avoidable ones. 
   "Aye doc, can you fix my teeth up for me?" Bowser asked in his office.
   "Why sure! What's troubling you old fri-"
   Bowser opened up his mouth and showed his plaque covered and cavity filled teeth, his blackened gums, whatever horrors that were in this fire-breathing turtle's colossus mouth. The doctor swore he saw a giant bug emerge from the murky depths of his throat.
   Just the sight alone made Dr. Mario nauseous. "M-mamma mia." 
   "Yeah, it's really bad. But can you help me with this problem? It's been killing me! I've been aching all over the place." 
   Dr. Mario sighed in defeat. "Yes." He led Bowser to his dentist office and endured the hellish nightmar
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Grounded Angel (Dark Pit X Reader)
   Once upon a midnight dreary, ___'s hand were weak an weary as she wrote a story on a laptop. The device's bright screen was her room's only light source as her eyes laid fixated on it. Her fingers glided along each and every key along the keyboard as she rapidly typed whatever words that came to mind in her apartment.
   She felt like there were weights on her eyelids. The more she was mesmerized by the screen, the more she wanted to close them shut. She could just doze off into her bed right by her desk where she worked, but she promised her boss that she would finish this story for them for the next newspaper issue. And so she had to do it by the end of the night. If not, she'll be doomed to be fired. She needed all the money she could get to pay off her bills and expenses.
   She looked out the window and saw the moon was just hanging in the sky along with rain hitting against the glass. It looked like it was setting no time
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Not So Manly Now, Huh? (Pit X Lucina X Dark Pit)
This story features profanity and use of alcohol. Viewer discretion is advised.
   Deep within there was a legendary underground place that no one has ever seen before! Well, unfortunately, it's just an overexaggerated man cave where the males could hang out. But it was their safe haven for them to spend their time in with, of course, a childish rule of "no girls". The man cave consisted of a bar with its own bartender, an arcade section, a workout station, and don't forget, your signature tv and couch. But my goodness, it was the largest flat tv in the mansion along with the soothest couch. 
   Although, most of the time, they're not entirely focused on the TV. Why, today, most of the "big boys" were there, including Snake and Ike. They were sitting in a spinning chair by the wooden table as they sipped whiskey and had light chat. Dark Pit was playing at the arcade, his eyes glued on the screen.
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The Date (Pit X Palutena X Dark Pit)
 It was that gorgeous time of day: the evening. The perfect time for the sky to show off its array of colors. Pink, purple, blue and a subtle appearance of stars created the perfect natural canvas for the young goddess to enjoy as she watered the plants in her dorm’s living room.
 Palutena delightfully grinned to her flowers and herbs, gently giving them each their own proportion of water in their pots. “My, my, they’re getting prettier by the minute.” Yet, the goddess jumped back once a set of teeth tried to prick her. She giggled as she looked at the piranha plant Peach had given her. “Almost got me! But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you, my special dear!”
 With gloves on each hand, she got out a slab of meat from a plastic bag and tossed it into the air. The piranha plant caught it in its mouth and swallowed it, not even bothering to chew. It smiled, satisfied with its meal. She patted it on its head and hummed a de
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Stick To My Guns (McMercy)
  Jesse couldn't help but twitch his leg underneath the table. He has never really been fond of the idea of dating. Such a thing was foreign to him, especially for a cowboy gunslinger whose sole purpose is to shoot, smoke cigars, and lollygag, and toyingly have a snake in their boot.
  Yet, this date comes with the biggest prize he ever desired: love. Angela has been in his view for more than five years now. The amount of care she has for her teammates and her funny motherly demeanor towards them got him hooked for her from the start. She was something he had to have in her life, and he felt like this is the only chance he'll ever get it.
  Hell, it's really the only chance. The poor medic was always dealing with work, filling up her schedule with agonizing-to-fulfill tasks and forever piling up stress.
  Thankfully Morrison gave her a break and McCree was able to hook up with to a date at a small Italian diner. Although, she called him and said she would be late be
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Best 4th of July (America X F Reader)
  Alfred could always tell what he got on his birthday. Cake, barbeques, fireworks. More cake and fireworks. Every fourth of July, it's always been the same routine. No matter how unique it gets, it never felt original.
  He literally had seen every single firework known to man. Ground spinners, poppers, fountains, snapes, snakes, strobes, willows. Describe a firework and he can name it right off the bat.
  They didn't amaze him like they did when he first saw them in 1777, during the first celebration of Independence Day. But now fireworks are old school. Very old school. It's 2018 and people should be finding new ways to celebrate this iconic holiday.
  He sighed uninspiredly as he played with the unlit wax candles on his birthday cake while everyone was partying their asses off on the dance floor. He had a cone-shaped party hat on his head. God, everything felt dull and boring, especially the guitar music, which he has already listened to a thousand times.
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Mc76 Drabbles
"My Croissant"
  Jack Morrison sat on the stairs of his house, a smile wide on the blonde's face. Footsteps could be heard down below, clanking of cowboy boots and the loud stomping. Clearly evident that Jack's prey is coming.
  Jesse McCree went up the stairs with a plate of a croissant sandwich in one hand while the other had a phone and a bag of chips. His head tilted down to the ground as he scrolled through his phone and his hat over his head further hindered his sight of Jack. Yet, it was too late before he could see him.
  Jack jumped infront of him and yelled at the top of his lungs. "AH!"
  Jesse shrieked and dropped his phone and bag of chips, but almost his croissant sandwich. "Stop! I could have dropped my croissant!" He whined in his thick western accent as he picked up his chips and phone.
  His boyfriend only laughed in response, wheezing and slapping his knees.
"Gym Roof"
  "Are you sure about this, babe?"
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Chasing Red-Violet (Prussia X Reader)[Soulmate AU]
  In his dark room lit by a dim lamp, a frustrated Prussia furiously wrote onto his journal. His handwriting got messier and messier by the minute. As he sat at his desk, he spewed out any words that scrambled in his mind onto each page:
Dear diary,
  These past few days have been horrible! I can’t explain how much agonizing pain I’ve been through! Oh, where to start?
  Oh yes! My little brother, West! He’s been the main pest of this whole “soulmates with the same colored eyes” epidemic! I mean, I love my little brother, but he’s been out of it lately. He’s been humming obnoxiously cheerful tunes, smiling every time I greet him. All of that sternness and seriousness was whipped out of him! His new girlfriend with the same blue eyes he has really made him happy and all, but I feel like she had hypnotized him to be this way. He’s a whole new person altogether! It’s not the same Germany I used to
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Push-Ups (Reaper X F Reader)
Requested by VQC-0118 on Wattpad
   ___ didn't know what to do entirely. There was nothing to do to keep the medic busy, except for organizing her papers and occasionally yawning. She never thought her schedule would be so empty.
   Blackwatch should be teaming with missions, but it seems to be going at a standstill. Commander Morrison stated that Talon has been loose on their radar, and so they're hoping to discover any activity of them before they take any more action. The last mission was an attack on a Talon base in England. They were successful, yet it came with a price. Moira was horribly injured, leaving her to be sent to the hospital for a while to recover. 
    ___ had to fill in for her position but at such a horrific timing. Right after Blackwatch missions were delayed.
   The medic pushed back her hair from her face and looked at the clock. It was 7 o'
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Mature content
This Is Our Gym, Son: Chapter 1 :iconfurrygirlsylvy45:FurryGirlSylvy45 2 0
What A Costume (Reaper X F Reader)
  ___ knocked on the door, the pounding sound echoing in Reaper's dorm and throughout the hallway of the Talon building. "Hey, are you ready in there, Reap?"
  "Just hold on for a minute. God, you're impatient." His growling could be heard from the other side.
  "Well, hurry up." She huffed. "We don't have all day. The mission is supposed to start in five minutes. If we don't get to the ship in time, Doomfist is going to give more than a stern scold!"
  A spy noted that the Overwatch team had made plans to visit some My Little Pony convention soon. They're letting their guard down, especially since they're most likely not going to bring their weaponry at such an event. In this very vulnerable state, Talon devised a plan to sabotage their fun. But what's a perfect ambush without blending with your surroundings?
  ___ knocked on the door a few last time before it was swiftly opened.
  "That knocking of yours is more annoying than Sombra!"
  She didn't m
:iconfurrygirlsylvy45:FurryGirlSylvy45 8 0
Target Practice (Samus X M Reader)
 "Are you sure about this Samus?" ___ said as he leaned against the tree. He had an apple on his head, ripe and red as a sunset.
 "Of course I'm sure, " Samus said as she readied up her blaster. She made sure it was fully charged.
 "What's in it for me? I don't want it to be my head being disintegrated!"
 "A special little gift." A smirk appeared on the blonde's face.
 "Hope this gift is better than a lifetime." Sweat dripped down ___'s forehead, his nervousness making his whole body shake uncontrollably.  
 "Trust me, I know you like the back of my hand." She aimed her gun at him, the barrel of the blaster directly facing his forehead. "Now, stay still."
 ___ closed his eyes. He dug his fingers into the tree bark and hoped for the best.
 With one pull of the trigger, Samus's blaster fired.
 ___ closed his eyes even tighter as his heart raced in his chest. But he didn't really feel any pain. He opened one of his eyes and looked down aro
:iconfurrygirlsylvy45:FurryGirlSylvy45 9 0
(Villager x F Reader) The Biggest Catch by FurryGirlSylvy45 (Villager x F Reader) The Biggest Catch :iconfurrygirlsylvy45:FurryGirlSylvy45 1 0
Wing (left) by King-Lulu-Deer Howdy there! Wing (right) by King-Lulu-Deer

Thanks so much for stumbling onto my page! I'm a cheerful, bubbly person who just loves fanfiction! I write it every time I get the chance to. It's been my passion for quite a well now and I enjoy sharing my fanfiction for everyone to see.

Fanfiction genres I love to write are romantic reader inserts (x readers). I also have my fair share of the joy of writing adventure, comedy, and slice of life.

You'll rarely see me touch anything like horror, angst, and dark stuff like that. That's because I want to want to write something cheerful to lift up the mood and create something to escape the hardships of life. But if I do have an idea that I love, I will venture into the area.

I'm accepting requests now! ^-^

Emoticons by King-Lulu-Deer



Howdy guys! I apologize again for not being active. It's my junior year, that's when schoolwork & homework is the worst. That's why they call it your worst year.

Also, I have put my free time on other fanfiction websites (like Wattpad) that I take priority in. I'm almost done with some requests, and so expect to see them soon...Most likely tomorrow. They're going to come flying in!
22 deviations
50 deviations
  The sun was being quite expressive today. It laid on the blue sky as clear as day and brighter than any star in the Milky Way, although its rays were gentle on the life below. The heat was bearable and a breeze occasionally accompanied it.

 For ___, it was the perfect time to do what they did best: gardening. They wore thick clothing and gloves and had all of their materials they needed. They opened the door to the house and took a deep breath of all the flowers that thrived in their soil. The flowers gently swayed to the breeze as each species was assorted in rows. All flushed and full of color.

  ____ couldn't think of where to start. So much to choose from, yet with so little time since they had to work in the Smash Cafe in Smashville. They decided it was simple to just trim some of the roses and lilies in the front. Those plants seem to be growing at an outrageous rate to the point they might compete with each other for sunlight, causing disproportions in size. That has no business in ___'s garden.

  So they got out special scissors and knelled carefully next to the batch of lilies and roses carefully enough to not do any harm to not cause any unneeded damage.

  Her first target was a lily that was the largest of them all and began trimming away petals, tiny branches, and buds. She did it to every lily that needed a trim. After she reached the last one, she noticed right next to it was a lily that never even bloomed.

  "This one should have bloomed already," ___ said. All the lilies were planted at the same time, and so she didn't know why wasn't fully grown. "Could be a late bloomer." Perhaps a possible explanation, but not for sure.

  They closely examined it. It doesn't look harmed or scribbled, and so bugs weren't the problem slowing down its process. Nether-less, it was a special lily. It looked so fresher and livelier than the rest of the lilies. "It definitely is a beauty." ___ couldn't help but stroke its underdeveloped petals.

  As soon as they touched it, a small shriek came from underground, muffled by the soil. ____ pulled away as they watched the plant sink into the ground, leaving a pit behind. But once they look down the pit, nothing was down there. "The hell was that?"

  It could of have been some sort of animals like a mole or ground squirrel, but no ground animal was that strong enough to pull down a whole plant underground in just the matter o seconds. What kind of creature could have done this? Was there creatures native to Smashville that ___ had no knowledge of? All these questions swirled in their head to make sense of what happened.

  Suddenly, more and more plants started disappearing. ___ could feel the very Earth morphing under their feet like some monster was crawling through the depths of their garden. Without saying a single word, they dashed into their home, leaving the "beast" to do whatever bidding it was doing.

  They slammed the door shut and ran up the stairs to their room. They locked the door and crashed onto their bed where they could at least find some source of comfort, not even caring it the dirt rubs off of them and onto their sheets. They clutched their heart, feeling it popping in and out of their very palms. They couldn't even mutter any words, just sat there like a deer in headlights.

 'What the hell is going on? What is happening?,' they thought repeatedly in their head. After a minute of questioning their existence, ___ pulled back the blinds to their room and looked down at their garden. The dirt wasn't moving, yet the flowers remained missing. That doesn't mean that they thought it was near approachable.

  They couldn't steer their eyes off of the sight until their phone rang. They jumped at first but realized it was just their alarm. They rolled their eyes at their own silliness, pulled out the phone, and disabled the alarm. That was the queue to get ready for work. They sighed, knowing that they couldn't skip a day of work. They couldn't use their garden mishap as their excuse. What boss would believe that the reason you couldn't go to work was that of a "garden monster". It could perhaps be an illusion, and so ___ sucked it up and got ready for work.

  "I-I'm just going through the back door," ____ said pitifully.

___ spent hours upon hours of filling out super specific coffee. They were dashing from every corner of the store to get the ingredients they needed for just one order. Yet, that was usual for them. They had to work hard to get that "paper" she needed for her house and other essentials.

 Eventually, the torture was over and the evening was settling in. Although, they still had to walk home, which took about ten minutes, but still tiring, especially from sore legs. They slumped as they walked, making them look like some coffee shop employee zombie. "I wish I had a car." They groaned.

  Thankfully, they reached home and they immediately plopped onto the bed. They smelled like cocoa beans but the dirt from early gave it an earthy ting to it. 'Just like my garden,' they thought as they closed their eyes and smiled. Then their eyes shot open. "That's right, the garden!"

  ____ peered out their window once more. Like earlier, the ground wasn't morphing and the missing flowers were still missing, but that wasn't what they were staring at. Tiny creatures smaller than ___'s arms were scurrying around the garden. Some playing chase, others sat on the ground and ate the dirt, or sang in shrill voices.

  "Lord, just kill me. Kill me now. I just want this to be a normal day!" ___ began banging their head with their fists. Something has to be done!

  They went to their closet and got out a broom. "Yes, this will do nicely." A wild grin appeared on their face. "They will think twice about destroying my beloved garden! B-besides, this all a dream! No harm in doing so! Haha!"

  ____ barged out the door, the door slamming against the wall. The slam caused the plant creatures to stop all activities to focus their attention on them. "Come 'ere pretties! Want the taste of my broom?"

  They all shrieked and scrambled along the garden. It was dark out and their nimble bodies were identical to the flowers, but ___ swung the broom anyway, not even knowing if they hit their target.

  "I'll get every single one of you!" They screamed, causing a few neighbors to look out their windows to see what the commotion was all about.

  After each swing, petals, dirt, and all sorts of greenery were tossed into the air as ___ pursued the creatures. They completely lost their mind at this point.

  "No! Please, stop!" ___ heard a masculine voice pleading them to stop. They turned around to see a little man in a space suit.

  "Olimar?" ___ said with disbelief and lowered their broom. That explained it all! The oddly colored plants were his minions, the Pikmin.

  Olimar stopped right infront of them and was panting like a madman. "S-sorry for the mishap!" When they spotted their leader, the Pikmin ran towards him and formed a line behind him.

  "N-no, I should be sorry. I almost hurt them. They were in my garden and I just freaked out when I saw them."

  "It's fine, this usually happens."

  "It does?!"

  Olimar rubbed the back of his helmet and chuckled dryly. "Er, yeah. You see, I plant them in the garden of the smash mansion as seedlings. Although, they left as soon as they grew arms and legs."

  "And so they go into other people's gardens?"

  "Precisely! I don't know why this is, but I have a theory is that they prefer certain conditions that other gardens have that our garden lacks." Olimar smiled. "As I approached, I saw them enjoying your lovely garden."

 ___ took a glance at their garden and only saw flowers that were torn to shreds and pieces of dirt lying on top of them, crumbling them under their weight. Even the ones that weren't assaulted by the broom started to wilt from the Pikmin's activities that caused much stress for them.

  He saw the pain in their face from the horror you just witnessed and winced. "Well, ugh, once lovely. I'm sure we can fix it."

  ____ sighed, knowing that will be the only solution to make this garden great again. "Yeah, I suppose."

  "H-How about I help you? You can teach me how to garden and I'll incorporate those teachings into the mansion's garden."

  Hell, what else do they have to lose? Mind as well since extra hands will increase the process. Besides, learning more about the lovable smasher would be fun. "Why not?" They shrugged. "Meet me in the morning."

  "Excellent! I shall bring the Pikmin as well. Don't fret, I'll keep them in check." Olimar waved goodbye and went off with the Pikmin as he whistled. ___ watched as the Pikmin ran in circles around him as they sang along with his whistling.

 ___ couldn't lie, they were really adorable and so was Olimar. They chuckled and looked at the destruction of the garden once more, knowing the amount of work that was about to come. "Tomorrow's gonna be one hell of a day." Yet, that only made them chuckle even harder and they went inside for a long night's rest.

:heart: Howdy There :heart:  

   FurryGirlSylvy here! And I'm back with requests for this summer break! I'm really itching to write something and I want to see the ideas you all come up with! ^-^


Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Canon characters only, meaning no OCs. I will change this later on if I feel more comfortable.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! No sexual content or fetishes. I don't feel comfortable writing that yet. But gore, extreme violence, and other 18+ content are ok with me.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Character X character and character x reader are allowed, but you don't have to include either. You can have a shipless fanfic.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Alternate Universes and Crossovers are allowed.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Please be patient. I can write 24/7, yet school and family might be in the way or some people are ahead of you, and so it'll take me some time in getting your request done.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! (OPTIONAL) Suggest a prompt if you like so I can get a better picture of what you desire. The larger the word count the larger the prompt can be. But smaller word counts need a simpler prompt.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Choose the length of your desire.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! I am able to deny a request if I don't like it or it might be out of my reach.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Only seven people can be qued at once. Once these people are qued, requests are going to be closed.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! If the requests are "(Closed)", no further requests can be made until I reopen them. Although, requests that are qued before the journal is closed are to be finished.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! I upload my DeviantArt literature by "Enter Text", but if you want your request to be uploaded by PDF, feel free to contact me.

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! If you had read all of these rules, tell me your favorite color. It's the password.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions! I know this is a lot to take in, and so I am always welcome to lend a hand! ^^

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