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Central Challenge Bulletin

Challenge #4: It's now September and a lot of people are starting back with school. Do you love it or loathe it? Show your answer through your work!

[All people who participate will have their submission put in the Challenges Folder.]

{Challenge is not a contest, you will not be judged for how good or how much effort you put into your piece. There are also no guidelines that your piece has to go by, hence the 'Challenge' part.}

Central's Artists For Hire

Artists around the Underground Central for hire. Please follow all guidelines provided by Artists. This is only to provide a list of Artists, consult with Artist to get a more detailed list of information if desired.

Note Zsenith003 If you would like to be added to this list, include a note of what kind of artist you primarily do. If you are running a promotion remember to include it to boost your sales!

Zsenith003 [Specializes in Sketch/Linework]
First-time Commissions are half price! Note for details.
Hello everyone; it's been a long while since I posted last and I apologize for that. I just wanted to take a few moments and post some information about the group as a whole; if you read these anyway. Edited

First off, submissions that are made will continue to go into their respective folders. Please take a brief period to make sure you post to the correct folder. We don't like having to tell you to resubmit, I'm sure you don't like having to resubmit because of it. Just a moment is all it takes. If you are not sure I will probably make a folder to reflect such; probably just "Unsure" one of us mods should be able to move it to the correct folder if we don't have an idea of where you should submit it too.

This has to do with previously declined, or expired, submissions. If your submission was no submitted it was likely it expired, we will post a reason if it gets declined. Simply put, please resubmit your post if you feel it was declined without reason.

The Featured Folder
For too long has this folder remained empty. I will be opening this folder to the group finally. The only request I have for the submissions to this folder is that you post your BEST stuff here. I'll be setting the permissions so we can all only post once a week(maybe a month).

Extra Little things:If you like/love this group please note me or the other administration about helping out. Actively I would like to add at least two more moderators to the group to help with the submission queue. Moderators will also have the ability to submit journals promoting activities they'd like to make for the group to spur activity. Existing mods: If you have people you know that would like to help out, feel free to send them an invite to the UNDG-Assist.
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