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Comics 03
The Tribe of Love Pg. 14 by ameth18
Dragon Squadron: Draconightger Chapter 34Title: Greek TerrologyRusairus was in her castle, still looking over some possible locations that contained any way to decipher her scroll. Turantrax and Tinker Tonker were both watching with suspense. Jaroblin then showed up.Jaroblin: Is she still looking for a place where she can decipher that scroll of hers?Tinker Tonker: You bet she is.Turantrax: And she has been at this for days. It's almost been one week at this point.Rusairus: I've got something! There's a Greek temple just outside of town. It could have some hieroglyphs that we could use.Jaroblin: So we are going to be heading to that temple?Rusairus: Of course! Anything to fulfill my mother's dying wish! But I will suspect that the Draconightgers will come after us if they know what we are doing. So we'll need a distraction. Tinker Tonker, I want you to make a monster to distract the Draconightgers.Tinker Tonker: I know just the sort of monster to create since we're heading to a Greek temple.Tinker Tonker went over to the machine and put in a couple of buffalo horns and some boxing gloves. Then he turned the machine on, the hatch door opened, and out came a wrestling Minotaur monster. Rusairus then saw the monster and she was impressed.Rusairus: I quite like how this monster looks, Tinker Tonker. You are quite a genius. Tinker Tonker: Thank you, my mistress.Rusairus: This monster I shall call Wrestletaur.Jaroblin: He certainly is not the kind I want to be messing with.Tinker Tonker: And neither will the Draconightgers.Rusairus: Alright, Wrestletaur. Do you think you can distract the Draconightgers long enough for us to find the hieroglyphs I need to translate this old scroll? (Shows the scroll) Wrestletaur: It will be a pleasure, my mistress!Over at the base, the Draconightgers were wondering what they were going to do about Rusairus and the scroll she had in her possession.Platia: OK, Draconightgers. Any idea how we are going to get that scroll back?Jase: I think the only way we are going to get it back would be if she came out of her castle and had the scroll with her.Kathleen: She could come out with it eventually. She could still be looking for a way to translate the scroll.Harry: It is likely she will never give up until she has accomplished her goals.Amanda: Then we'll have to be on the lookout for when she does get out there with the scroll.Monty: That could be a long while.Platia: (Her communication scale begins to flash) Hold on. I'm getting a flash. (Gets out her communication scale) Guys, you will not believe this, but Rusairus has come out of her castle and she has the scroll.Others: WHAT?Princeton: That was fast!Platia: But that isn't all. There is also a Minotaur monster that has been sent out. I think Rusairus sent him out to distract us.Monty: Well, the joke is on her! If she has the scroll, then we'll go after her!Harry: Then who is going to fight the Minotaur?Monty: I think we'll need to split up. The girls can go and fight Rusairus while we guys will deal with the Minotaur monster.Amanda: That sounds like a good plan to me.Platia: Well, girls. We're going after Rusairus.Kathleen: But where is she heading?Platia: I think she is heading to some temple that is outside of town.Amanda: What temple?Platia: I do not know.Princeton: The Dragon Village doesn't have any stories about temples, do they?Platia: They do. But I don't know what this temple is supposed to be.Kathleen: I guess we'll just have to follow Rusairus and find out.Jase: But how will you follow her without Rusairus seeing you?Harry: Jase has a point. Platia can fly out of Rusairus's sight, but Kathleen and Amanda are not able to fly.Amanda: We might both be reptiles, Platia. But we're different kinds of reptiles.Kathleen: How different?Amanda: Iguanas do not have wings as dragons do.Kathleen: And I might be a squirrel, but I'm not a flying squirrel.Jase: Flying squirrels cannot actually fly, though. They are actually gliding.Monty: Well, Platia could carry you girls on her back. She carried an otter on her back before.Princeton: Not to mention we saw three dragons carry people on their backs, and another who carried a robot on hers.Kathleen: But can Platia carry two people on her back?Platia: Well, let's see.They all headed on outside and both Amanda and Kathleen climbed onto Platia's back. Platia tried to take off, but she wasn't able to.Kathleen: I guess two people is too much. I guess it is possible to carry two 4-6-year-old kids on a dragon's back, but not two teenagers.They both got off Platia's back.Kathleen: Maybe it is best if one of us goes with the guys and the other two go after Rusairus.Monty: I guess we'll have a better chance with five Draconightgers against the monster.Kathleen: Are you two going to be OK facing off against Rusairus without any help?Platia: We'll be fine, Kathleen. Don't worry about us.Amanda then climbed onto Platia's back, and this time, Platia was able to get up off the ground.Platia: This is much better. I can lift you, Amanda.Amanda: That's good, Platia. Now. Off to find Rusairus and to get that scroll back.And they took to the sky.Kathleen: Good luck, girls. Monty: OK, team. We've got a monster to find. All: (Gets out their ranger keys) Draconight Change! (They insert their keys, the tiny knights dance, and they are transformed)The five Draconightgers headed into the city to search for the Minotaur monster.Harry: So where do you think this Minotaur monster is?Just then, Wrestlestaur jumped in and began to punch at Harry.Harry: Whoa! (Begins to fight with his sword)Harry used his sword to fight back against Wrestlestaur, who kept on blocking off his attacks with his fists.Harry: Huh? How are you doing that?Wrestlestaur: Nobody can beat Wrestlestaur's wrestling! (Manages to punch Harry in the stomach)Harry: (Gets pushes back) GAH! (Holds his stomach) That hurt!Then, Monty charged with his sword, as it was lighting up with fire.Monty: Fire strike! Wrestlestaur: (Uses his horns to push Monty away)Monty: (Gets pushed by the horns) Ah!Jase and Kathleen then came in with their swords, but Wrestlestaur punched them both away with each of his fists. Jase got pushed into a crate of bananas and Kathleen was pushed into a crate of lemons. Then, Princeton charged with his sword, but Wrestlestaur just pushed him back with his horns, too.Monty: That was quite uncalled for!Wrestlestaur: You want unexpected? I'll give you unexpected! (Makes a spear appear in his hands)Monty: No! I said it was uncalled for!Wrestlestaur then charged towards Monty with his spear. Monty got his sword ready and proceeded to swing it at Wrestlestaur. But the moment that Wrestlestaur's spear hit Monty's sword, it pushed Monty very far away.Other Rangers: Monty!Princeton: You'll pay for that! (Gets his sword ready and charges for Wrestlestaur)Wrestlestaur: You think you can beat me when your friend couldn't. (Knocks Princeton away with his spear, knocking him very far away)Kathleen then charged for him, holding her sword up as it glowed purple with the intent of hitting Wrestlestaur with an energy ball.Kathleen: Energy ball strike! (Releases an energy ball from her sword)Wrestlestaur: Like that will hurt me! (Uses his spear to hit the energy ball very far away)Kathleen: Oh no! I sure hope that doesn't hurt anyone or break anything important!Jase: That has gone on far enough. Wind tornado! (Raises his sword and prepares to make a wind tornado appear)Wrestlestaur: (Charges with his spear at Jase and knocks his sword away as the tornado is formed) Ha!Jase: Oh no! My sword! My tornado!They all watched as the tornado disappeared.Jase: This is not going to end well. Wrestlestaur: You bet it won't, Greenie! (Manages to knock Jase far away with his spear)Kathleen: Jasey!Wrestlestaur: And you're next, Princess Purple! (Proceeds to use his spear to strike at Kathleen)Kathleen: (Tries shielding with her sword, but is knocked away) AAAAH!Harry: You still have me to deal with!Wrestlestaur: Bring it on! (Gets his fists ready and charges to Harry)Harry: Earth Shake! (Thrusts his sword into the ground to cause the ground to shake under Wrestlestaur)Wrestlestaur: (Feels the ground under his feet move a little bit, but doesn't fall) Whoa! You are pretty strong, Yellow dude. But that isn't enough to beat me. (Thrusts his fists down to the ground to make it shake even more)Harry: Whoa! (Falls on his bottom) Ow! That was quite strong!Then, Wrestlestaur charged up towards him with his fists.Harry: I will not give up! (Shields himself with his sword as Wrestlestaur tries to punch at him)Meanwhile, Platia and Amanda were in the sky, looking for the temple.Amanda: Do you see this temple anywhere, Platia?Platia: I'm looking, Amanda! I'm looking!Amanda: (Looks down) There! There's the temple!Platia looked, and Amanda was right. The temple was right below them.Platia: But that's not the only thing that is down there! Look what else is down there!They looked and saw Rusairus with her henchmen.Both: Rusairus!Platia: And she's got the scroll!Down below, Rusairus was just approaching the temple.Rusairus: I'm amazed that we are the only ones here.Tinker Tonker: Because Wrestlestaur is distracting the Draconightgers?Rusairus: And also because I would think that there would be some tourists!Jaroblin: I guess we're the first tourists to come here.They walked up to the temple but saw the entrance boarded up.Turantrax: Dang it! How are we supposed to make some progress in this temple when some moron puts this stupid board in our way!Amanda's Voice: You're not going to go into that temple!Rusairus: What? (Turns around to see Platia and Amanda flying down to the ground)Amanda: (Climbs off of Platia's back and onto the ground) And we're taking that scroll back to the museum where it belongs!Rusairus: But, how are you here and not fighting my newest monster?Platia: Kathleen and the boys are handling him while we've come to fight you!Both: (Gets out their Draconight keys) Draconight Change! (Inserts their keys into their swords, the tiny knights dance, and they are transformed)Rusairus: Whiknights, take them both down!The Whiknights then charged with their swords towards Amanda and Platia.Amanda: (Knocks over a couple of Whiknights to the ground) Water Wave! (Her sword creates a wave of water and splashes it at some of the Whiknights, then knocks over a couple more.Platia: (Strikes some Whiknights with her sword one at a time, then an army of them comes towards them) Shine Strike! (Her sword lights up with light and then she shines it at the Whiknights, vaporizing them)Over at the entrance to the temple, Rusairus was thinking of a way to break into the temple.Rusairus: Turantrax, do you think you can eat our way in?Turantrax: Gladly, Mother! (Proceeds to eat the boards blocking the entrance)Turantrax began to eat, but he was doing so slowly.Jaroblin: How long do you suppose this is going to take, Mistress?Rusairus: Hopefully our Whiknights will distract Bluey and Silvy long enough for us to bre-(Looks to see the Whiknights are already defeated) What?Amanda: You think that those Whiknights are a match for us?Platia: Hand over that scroll if you know what is good for you!Rusairus: Like I am going to hand this scroll back over!Platia: Then we'll have to take it from you. (Jumps towards Rusairus and tries to grab the scroll back)Rusairus: (Blocks Platia off with her free hand as Platia tries to grab the scroll) You are pretty tough for a dragon! But I'm even tougher as a demon! (Flips Platia over her hand)Platia: (Lands on the ground on her back) Ugh! (Gets up and still attempts to grab the scroll)Rusairus: (Holds her hand out towards Platia's face as she still tries to get through, holding her hands out) Ohoho! This is so hilarious! (Platia keeps trying to get through as Monty comes in thrown from far away and lands somewhere outside of sight)Amanda charged for Turantrax, but Tinker Tonker and Jaroblin got in her way.Amanda: (Swings her sword at both villains, but they avoid getting hit. Princeton also comes in from the air and lands somewhere out of sight)Tinker Tonker: (Grabs the end of Amanda's sword)Amanda: OK! You asked for it!Tinker Tonker: What? No, wait!Amanda: Water Wave! (Water splashes from her sword, pushing Tinker Tonker back) Tinker Tonker: AAAAH! (Begins to spark)Jaroblin: Uh oh. It looks like Tinker Tonker will need some repairs! And that doesn't come cheap, Blue Girl! (Gets out his crystal ball to create an energy blast at Amanda, knocking her back)Amanda: Ah!Jaroblin: (Gets out his spear and begins to fight Amanda)Turantrax was still eating the entrance to the temple to get inside when he suddenly heard something.Turantrax: Nom, nom, nom...Huh? (Turns around to see a purple energy ball coming towards him) Uh oh! (Jumps out of the way as the energy ball hits the border, blowing it up)Everyone looked at what happened.Platia: Uh-Amanda: Oh!Rusairus: Well, that was lucky! (Pushes Platia way) We'll handle you two, later.And the villains went towards the temple to get inside.Platia: Where did that energy ball come from?Amanda: I have no idea. But it opened up the temple. We better head on in there and see if there is any way we can stop Rusairus.Platia: And to get that scroll back.And the two of them headed on inside the temple after Rusairus. Monty then got up from a bunch of bushes.Monty: Whoa. That was some throw. I wonder where I am.Then, Princeton came by him, much surprised to see him.Princeton: It looks like that monster has thrown us both here. I just hope we can find our way back.Then, they both saw the temple.Monty: Hey, he threw us far enough for us to reach the temple. But I don't see Amanda, Platia, or Rusairus anywhere.Princeton: Do you suppose they went inside of the temple?Monty: They might have. I just wonder if Harry, Jase, and Kathleen are having better luck in fighting against that monster.Just then, they saw the tornado that Jase had created.Princeton: A tornado? I didn't think we got tornadoes in this part of the world. Not unless Jase creates them.Then, they heard Jase screaming through the air.Monty: It's Jase. It looks like the monster pushed him far away, too.They watched as Jase landed in a pool of sinking sand.Jase: (Looks to see where he is) Oh no! Sinking sand! (Tries to get out, but goes deeper into the sinking sand) Well, I'm doomed. Monty and Princeton then arrived at the sinking sand pool.Monty: Oh no you are not, Jase.Jase: Monty, Princeton, thank goodness you are here!Princeton: We'll get you out of here.Monty: But what about that tornado?Jase: You saw the tornado here?Monty: We certainly did. We better get you out and head into the temple for safety.Monty grabbed hold of Jase's hands while Princeton put his arms around Monty to help him pull. Monty and Princeton pulled and pulled and pulled. Jase was slowly coming out, but not very fast.Princeton: Well, he's starting to move at least.Monty: But not fast enough. And I want to get to shelter from that tornado.Jase: You may as well head into the temple without me. It was my fault that the tornado was sent out here.Monty: No way, Jase. We're not leaving you behind. Either we all go into the temple for safety or none of us do. If you are caught in the tornado, we'll get caught with you.Then, they heard Kathleen's voice screaming through the air.Princeton: It's Kathleen! Hold on. (Goes over to hold his hands to catch Kathleen)Kathleen: (Lands in Princeton's arms) Oh phew. That was a close one. Thanks for saving me, Kathleen.Princeton: You are welcome, Kathleen. But Jase needs saving now.Kathleen: (Gets put down on her feet) What happened to Jase?Princeton: He's stuck in some sinking sand. Monty and I were pulling him out before you came in.Kathleen: Can I help?Princeton: Of course.Kathleen and Princeton went back to Monty and Jase. Princeton held onto Monty and Kathleen held onto Princeton. They all then went to work pulling to get Jase out.Meanwhile, Harry and Wrestletaur were still fighting one another. Harry did his best to hit the monster with his sword, but Wrestletaur kept blocking his attack.Harry: Ugh! I got to figure out some way to hit him.Wrestletaur: (Punches at Harry, knocking him back)Harry: Whoa! (Lands next to a pile of road rubble) Ugh. (Looks) Hey. Road rubble.This gave Harry an idea. Wrestletaur then arrived.Wrestletaur: This is too easy. Rusairus will be so proud of me.Harry: Why don't you try using that spear of yours? I bet I will be a match for it.Wrestletaur: You think you can beat that after what happened to your friends? (Gets his spear out) Come at me. (Charges toward Harry)Harry: Gladly! (Picks up a piece of the broken road) Oh, man. This is heavy! (Tosses it at Wrestletaur's spear)Wrestletaur: What? (Shields himself with his spear, but the piece of the broken road hits it and it breaks in half) No! My spear! How could you?Harry: Not too easily, actually! Can you take more of these? (Tosses more pieces of broken road towards Wrestletaur)Wrestletaur kept on punching at the broken pieces of road, shattering them as they hit his fists. But Harry kept on throwing them.Harry: I sure hope I can keep this up until he gets tired or until the others are able to get back here.Deep within the temple, Amanda and Platia were searching around the temple.Amanda: Platia, do you not suppose we are already too late, do you?Platia: I don't think so. I am sure that we should be able to reach the important room before Rusairus gets there.Amanda: What room are we looking for?Platia: Probably a room with a lot of ancient writing.Amanda: Oh. You mean like this one? (Points to a huge room they were close by)Platia: Oh. Well, look at that.She looked and saw that there was a lot of writing on the walls. They both entered the room and took a look around.Amanda: This is just amazing. So, we just need to make sure that Rusairus doesn't come in here?Platia: That is about right. I think I may know how to do it.Amanda: What would that be?Platia: You go out in the hall and keep her from coming in here. Maybe I can burn out the writing on the wall just in case we cannot get the scroll.Amanda: Do you think it is a good idea to try and destroy a piece of history?Platia: What choice do we have?Amanda: (Sighs) Alright.Amanda did what Platia told her and went out in the hall and waited for Rusairus to show up. Platia removed her helmet, put it on the ground, and then used her fire breath to try and cover up the writing on the walls. Outside the temple, Kathleen, Princeton, and Monty were still trying to get Jase out of the sinking sand, and Jase was closer to getting out.Monty: We're nearly there. Just a little bit more.Jase then saw the tornado getting closer.Jase: You better hurry. The tornado is coming closer.With one final pull, Jase was out of the sinking sand.Jase: Oh good. I'm out. Thanks, guys.Kathleen: Not a problem, bro.The tornado then came in and out came Jase's sword. It landed on the ground facing point down.Jase: Ah good. My sword. (Runs over and pulls it out)Monty: Now let's get into the temple and see if Amanda and Platia need some help.But then, the tornado came to the temple and pulled it out of the ground. Lifting the temple.Princeton: Oh no! The temple is getting lifted.Inside the temple, Amanda, Platia, and the villains felt the ground shaking.Jaroblin: Oh my! The ground is shaking!Tinker Tonker: We better head out of the temple if we do not want to get killed.Rusairus: Not until we find that chamber.Amanda then saw Rusairus and her henchmen at the end of the hall. She looked to Platia who was still working to burn the writing on the wall but was shaking a bit. No matter how hard Platia burned the wall, the ancient writing would not burn away.Platia: (Stops breathing the fire) Ugh. It is no use. I cannot burn the ancient writing. It must be made from some fireproof writing.Amanda: Well, Rusairus is just down the hall! (Takes a closer look down the hall) Uh oh! She's coming this way!Platia: (Picks up her helmet and puts it on) Then we got to get that scroll taken away from her!Rusairus heard what Platia said.Rusairus: Like that will happen! I'll capture you both and make you my servants!But then the temple shook so much, it caused Rusairus to let go of the scroll out the window.Rusairus: No! The scroll!Amanda and Platia saw the scroll blow out the window.Amanda: We've got to get that scroll back.Platia: But how will we get out?Amanda: Hmmm.Rusairus and her henchmen got closer to them.Amanda: Let's just run down the hall and hope that we find a way out.They ran down the hall as the villains chased them. Outside, Monty, Jase, Kathleen, and Princeton saw the scroll.Monty: Look! There's the scroll in the air!Kathleen: We got to get it before Rusairus can get it back.Monty: Let's summon the Draconight Dragons.They got out their keys and tossed them, summoning the Fire, Wind, Energy, and Lightning Dragons. They got into the cockpits and flew into the air.(Cuts to Fire Dragon's cockpit)Monty: Can anyone see the scroll?(Cuts to Wind Dragon's cockpit)Jase: I can see it. It is close to me.The Wind Dragon flew closer to it, then opened his mouth and caught the scroll.(Cuts to the Wind Dragon's cockpit)Jase: I got it!(Cuts to Energy Dragon's cockpit)Kathleen: Alright, Jasey! Amanda and Platia then found an opening in the temple.Amanda: Here we go. Let's summon our Draconight Dragons.Platia: Yeah.They both got out their Draconight keys and tossed them to summon their Draconight Dragons. They flew in and they both got into the cockpits and flew off just as Rusairus and her henchmen made their way to the opening.Rusairus: Dang! I lost both the Draconightgers and the scroll!The tornado then took the temple far from where the Draconightgers in their Draconight Dragons were. All six of the Draconight Dragons soon saw each other.(Cuts to Water Dragon's cockpit)Amanda: Guys, Rusairus lost the scroll.(Cuts to Energy Dragon's cockpit)Kathleen: And Jase had caught it.(Cuts to the top of Light Dragon's head)Platia: Yes! Way to go, Jase!(Cuts to Lightning Dragon's cockpit)Princeton: Now we better see how Harry is doing.And they hurried back to the city. By that time, Harry had thrown all of the pieces of the broken road at Wrestlestaur, who was now looking very tired.Wrestlestaur: Ugh! I cannot punch any more of them. (Falls onto the ground)Harry: Woo! That was very tiring! But at least I am still standing.Then, the other six Draconightgers arrived.Harry: Oh guys. I'm glad you're here. I just managed to tire Wrestlestaur out.Monty: Then we better finish him off.They all got out their swords and faced them toward the unconscious monster.Monty: Fire Strike! (Releases fire from his sword at Wrestlestaur)Jase: Tornado Strike! (Releases a small tornado from his sword, lifting him into the air)Amanda: Water Strike!Princeton: Lightning Strike!Both: (Releases their respectful attacks at Wrestlestaur)Wrestletaur: (Gets hit by the attacks) GAH!Kathleen: Energy blast! (Releases an energy ball at him)Platia: Light Strike! (Releases a light strike from her sword)Wrestlestaur: (Gets hit) It looks like I am no champion in wrestling! (Blows up)Monty: Alright! Another monster is down!Amanda: But do you think Rusairus will be coming back?Platia: We better get the scroll back to the museum if she does return.And they all hurried to the museum. Meanwhile, the temple had crash-landed and was now rubble. Rusairus and her henchmen all emerged from the rubble.Rusairus: Ugh! It will take a little more than a bunch of rubble to take this demon down.Tinker Tonker: I bet the Draconightgers have defeated Wrestletaur by now.Jaroblin: I guess that ancient writing is now lost to time.Turantrax: Why does that matter? We do not even have the scroll anymore! The Draconightgers must have it now!Rusairus: If they think this tornado was enough to stop me, they are wrong. Come on, boys. (Climbs out of the rubble) We must head back to the castle and come up with a new scheme.Over at the Draconighter's base, the Draconightgers (All demorphed) had returned.Platia: We managed to get the scroll back to the museum. So hopefully if Rusairus has any chance to figure out that spell, it will be much harder for her now.Princeton: It is a good thing the museum is working on a better security system.Harry: I just wonder what sort of monster Rusairus will send after us next?Jase: Let's just hope it isn't as hard as this one was. I am in no mood to go on another trip like that anytime soon.Kathleen: I'm with Jase.Monty: At least we can relax for the time being knowing the scroll is no longer in Rusairus's possession.To be continued...
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Marshwalker reference by qells
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30 Days draw your oc challenge: part 4 by Yingyue-draws
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Nidoqueen by Anselmejk
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Skibid3: The Final Skibbeding by Pony-Berserker
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