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Rules & Folder Information

Questions? Contact the group or one of our administrators.

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1: Please, submit your art to the correct folders! If you are not sure about to which folder to submit your art, just make your submission request to the folder "HELP PLEASE" and wait for an admin to guide you.

2: Don't harass nor be rude to any other members! In case it happens, this member is subject to be removed and/or blocked from the group. We are all furry lovers and we don't judge on fetishes and preferences.

3: If you would like to advertise a contest, YCH auction, etc, please Don't write about it in the group's comments. There is a proprer folder for that, and in case you want to submit a journal about it, please ask one of the admins first via group comment (no PMs, please).

4: Any artist from the group can submit artworks, but the characters illustrated in these works must be females only.

5: If your artwork has a male character in it along a female character, your art is still welcome in the group, but there must be at least one female character!

6: Extreme fetishes are not allowed in the group.

7: All the illustrated characters in the artworks must be adults (+18 years old).

8: Please, respect the admins and don't block any of them. In case a member blocks an admin, this person might be banned from the group.

9: In case of art theft and/or character stealing, please DON'T hush to make a Journal/Group Comment about it, nor tag the deviantartist explicitly. Just contact one of the admins, explain what is going on and see if they can help you to do something about it.

10: Do not ask to be an admin/co-founder. We have enough of those. Contributors are always welcome, though!

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All Folders are allowed to have mature/nsfw content. If your art has any sort of nudity or sexual content don't submit it straight to the "NSFW Babes" folder! See if it fits another folder first, and if you are not sure what to do, please submit your work to "HELP PLEASE"

:star:HELP PLEASE: Submit your art to this folder if you aren't sure to which folder submit your art. An admin will guide you from here then.

:star:Advertisements: This folder is to put your commission information, contests, YCH auctions or adoptables out there! If the adoptables are sold or if the contest is closed please remove the deviation from the folder and submit to a proper one

:star:Animated Babes: Submit your animations and GIFs here!

:star:Busty Babes: This folder is specific to big-breasted babes.

:star:Bottom-Heavy Babes: This folder is specific to big booty babes.

:star:Cartoon, Cute or Chibi Babes: Artworks showing babes that are drawn in cartoon or chibi style.

:star:Chubby Babes: Folder dedicated to our wonderful chubby/overweight babes.

:star:FanArt Babes: Folder used to submit fanart themed artworks. Obs: Digimon, Pokemon, Sonic and My Little Pony not allowed in this folder.

:star:Feral Babes: Here is for you to submit your female feral/animal artworks.

:star:Latex Babes: Folder dedicated to artworks featuring babes in latex themed illustrations.

:star:Lingerie Babes: Folder consisting of artworks which have characters wearing some sort of lingerie.

:star:Literature: This folder consists of written works, fanfics and/or original stories. These must include at least one female anthromorphic character, being it the main character or not.

:star:Freaky Babes: Babes that aren't a specific species or a recognizable one and are freaky-lookin! (includes monsters, creepy themed art, etc)

:star:Neko Babes: Folder for artoworks featuring female neko characters.

:star:Pokemon and Digimon Babes: Submit your Pokemon and/or Digimon artworks here.

:star:Pony Babes: A folder for My Little Pony themed artworks, being it self-created characters and/or official characters.

Folder dedicated to the deviant's best works!

This folder must NOT be used to feature the admins' personal tastes of works nor just their own artworks, nor just because "Oh hey, I think this is my best artwork I've done so far, so I'll submit it to featured".

All members of the group can have an artwork featured, but be sure that this art is full-colored, has light and shading techniques, a simple or complex background, and that the character(s) involved has(have) an anatomy at least close to a 'real' anatomy. (Traditional art is also allowed, as far as it suits the rules)

Please, don't be sad if your art isn't featured. There are always new opportunities for artists who are willing to improve with each new artwork ;)

:bulletred: NSFW Babes:

Just remembering, all the previous folders are allowed to have mature content !!

If your artwork has any sort of nudity and/or sexual explicit content, it won't necessarely be submited here. This is a folder for +18 arts that don't fit in any of the folders above OR that could fit in more than one folder. If you are not sure if your art should be submitted here or in other folder, please submit your art to "HELP PLEASE" and wait for an admin to guide you.

:bulletred: Sexy Babes:
This folder is dedicated to submit artworks featuring gorgeous babes, SFW or NSFW, that don't aim for any specific fetish. PLEASE, don't make a fuss if this folder seems stereotyped at any point! This ISN'T a folder for the admins' or members' particular fetishes, it is just another folder. All babes are sexy, no matter how they look ;)

Gallery Folders


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Stories and Comics
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Cartoon, Cute or Chibi Babes
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Animated Babes

Mature Content

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Chubby Babes

Mature Content

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Mature Content

(AT)  sexy selfie by FurNaz
Fursuit Babes
Fursuit adopt for sale OPEN by TinySpoons
Character Sheets
[SONA] New design by Space-Justice


Hi! Wanna' affiliate with us? ;)
Just make sure your group accepts us furries. <3
Hey, Folks!

SnakeTeeth12 here, again xD

Before going ahead and announcing the winners of :iconfurry-babes: 's first art contest, I'd like to say Thank You SO Much for all the support and the amazing artworks done! For a first contest and with prizes...not so high, the number of participants was good enough and I do hope to make many more contests like this in the future :meow:

I'm sorry that it took so much longer than I expected to finish the detailed artworks' feedbacks to announce the winners, but 2 commissioners of mine asked and payed for "urgent" commissions and I had to give priority for those ^^;

Also, something extremely weird happened while I was setting the scores for each art: there was a tie of 1st, 2nd AND 3rd place!!! Something...clearly went wrong and the results needed to change, since I couldn't give so many prizes and I was sure that some of you wouldn't be satisfied with this result.

Because of that, I've asked the opinion of some of my friends who are both artists and commissioners to help me deciding scores that would be fair enough and choosing the winners :D
I do hope that you all were satisfied with the feedbacks. I am not the best artist in the world nor any art expert, but I did my best to make a constructive critic to all the participants, without having any favorites nor basing the scores in personal tastes. 

If anyone has a question about their own feedbacks/scores and/or didn't like it, feel free to PM me so we can talk about it. The winners, after this journal, will receive their art feedback with an even more detailed explanation on their scores, since...the 1st and 2nd place almost had a tie again xD hahaha. Me and the other artists had to be a little more critic with them to see who'd take each place.

Without further ado, let's announce the winners :la:


Agatha Final by zahpkiel

Art by: 
Final Score: 59

Although it isn't a fullbody art, zahpkiel drew this wonderful art that brings a lot of sensuality and shows the youth on Agatha's face. The choice of lingerie not only is very sexy and unique, but also fits the background and scene well with it's colors matching. With his own drawing style, zahpkiel drew the lovely and classic "sensual without being vulgar", but that at the same time is a very provoking art :)

Your prize: Halfbody art with simple background. Can be SFW or NSFW, and will be solo picture. If it is SFW and FanArt, I'll make a timelapse video and post on my YouTube channel. Feel free to message me whenever you want ;)


Stay for Tonight [Contest: 2nd Prize Winner] by DeadBird-Hushabye

Art by: 
Final Score: 66

A surely wonderful and well done piece, which is so detailed that every time you look at it you see something new! It is well done in all aspects, from coloring to shading and from anatomy to background, and it is the only art that got the max score at both Sexual Appeal AND Lingerie Design! Not only because of the sexy and well designed lingerie, but also because of the small details that lead your mind into the "what happens next" mood. A fantastic art in an overall :D

Your prize: Fullbody or knees-up art with simple background. Can be SFW or NSFW, and will be solo picture + 500 DA Points. Message me whenever you are free to talk about your art ;)


[CONTEST] Agatha Sabreena #1 by Den-of-AlexA

Art by: 
Final Score: 68

Bringing a very sensual and teasing pose along a wonderful and well designed lingerie, Den-of-AlexA managed to draw a quite lovely artwork! From the choice of background, light/shading techniques, facial expression and painting, there is no doubt that this is an amazing art. A pose that shows off all Agatha's sexy body and a scene that brings the mood that clearly something else is about to happen...surely a view that many would be pleased to witness :meow:

Your prize: Fullbody art with background. Can be SFW or NSFW, and it can be solo or up to 2 characters + $30,00 USD :la: ! Feel free to send me a PM to talk about your art and your PayPal email :)

The winners of the contest will have their works Featured and the results of my works will be up in the group once they are ready. And once again, thank you very much for all the lovely and impressive works, and for being so pacient waiting for the final results. You guys rock! And I will be more than glad to bring the prizes as soon as possible Wink/Razz 

I will be talking to the admins to plan a future art contest with new prizes and challenges :happybounce: 

See You Later :wave:

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Excuse me 
I have a question involves your “Busty Furries” folder. According to a friend of mine who was trying submit one of his artworks to the folder was rejected because of it being “too big”? So his art was declined due to it. I like to know why that happened and why his art is being rejected when there are other furries in that folder that have bigger breast and thighs then his artwork. 
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