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Closed. Aya-Shuar Adoptpack

                                                    Start Bid in the comments. See the Rules below.
                                      Bullet; Purple The backview for Aya-Shuar adopt is  +25$ to the adopt cost. Bullet; Purple 
New See the example here:… 

New See the Aya-Shuar Specie List here:…

Rare Hybrid (Kahuna Tohil+Kahuna Viila Aqueous type) - Owner :iconsurt-ainly:
Kahuna Ashny - Owner :iconthetoxicnotion:
Kahuna Viila - OWNER ~AriesRedWolf (FA)
Kahuna Viila - closed.
Kahuna Viila - Owner :iconstarwolfhunter:
                                                  #6 Kahuna Ashny - Owner ~Amarok14 (FA)

PayPal $ payment only! 


This day begins after 1-st bidder appears.

You may bid only if you have money on PayPal. 

Bullet; Green Read the following rules attentively, before you buy the adopt.Bullet; Green 

Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red Attention! Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red

This is not a base to use for creating your adopts for sale!

Bullet; Blue  You can not resell this design, or use the design elements for your adopts and sales.

 Bullet; Blue You can:
Bullet; Blue Use the design only for non-commercial purposes.
Bullet; Blue  You can create your OC based on this design, use the design elements. In this case, you should mention that the design belongs to :iconfurrirama: 
Bullet; Blue  If you use this design partially for your OC (jewelry, tattoos, horns, wings, patterns, etc.) – you should mention that you were influenced by :iconfurrirama: 
Bullet; Blue  If you post it anywhere else in the web – add “Design by Furrirama” and leave link to my DA page.
Bullet; Blue  You can make it a gift only if the person you give it has a DA account, read my rules of usage and you’ve sent me the new owner nickname.
Bullet; Blue  You can sell the original image only to the person having DA account, should definitely give him/her read my rules of usage, and you must send me the new owner nickname. You can sell it only for the price you bought it from me or lower.

Bullet; Green Auction RulesBullet; Green 

 Bullet; Purple Bid in the comments.

Bullet; Purple  If you won, you have 24 hours for payment after you get my note. If you do not pay in 24 hour – you loose the lot automatically.

Bullet; Purple If you not paying twice – you go to the blacklist.

Bullet; Purple No money back after you bought the character.

Bullet; Purple I'll give you the unmarked transparent version upon purchase and bigger size.

My Aya-Shuar group - :iconfurrirama-manedwolf:

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#4 Kahuna Viila

Start bid: 25$

Min. increment: 5$

AB : 65$

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#3 Kahuna Viila

Start bid: 25$

Min. increment: 5$

AB : 65$

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Auction closed on FA with bid from ~AriesRedWolf.

Paid and closed.