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:RQ: Melody Breeze

By furriKira
:iconnight-ferocity: *Night-Ferocity's Request
Speedpaint Available:

This is the lovely Melody Breeze.
The likable singing pegasus who's musical talent is very rare.

I was happy I made this deviation because I started to record this one as a speedpainting video.
The video itself was 5x than the normal speed.
This is my will first time uploading a speedpaint video since the others are kinda fail.

This only took just an hour and 15 minutes I guess.
Took me a little longer because I had to adjust some parts.
Don't worry about it, it's included in the speedpaint video.

Artwork: ©2011 =exKira
Melody Breeze:
:iconnight-ferocity:*Night-Ferocity(formerly !Zia-Ferret)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
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© 2011 - 2021 furriKira
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i dont want to come over as a A hole but i think you should change the Zia-Ferret in to requested and put :iconnight-ferocity: so people knows who made Melody Breeze and who requested it also the Cutie Mark is wrong it can also be that he/she stole the name and idea happens to her a lot and Melody Breeze looks different

here haz prove and look at description [link]
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You don't need proof. I'm confused but I guess yeah.

I see that she moved accounts. (Did you notice the account was deactivated?)
Thanks for notifying me about this. Usually, the guys who have their art drawn don't tell they moved. Like =LiahMew.
That's her 1st version of her cutie mark though.
I know her way back as !Zia-Ferret and her first version of her reference is with that cutie mark.

Just clarifying but thanks for notifying me.
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thats good to know explains why she looks so familiar and stuff
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D'awwwwwwwwwwww, can you please make on for Red Lightning :3 ?
ElectricAssasin's avatar
Awesome job and cute OC <3
Zia-Ferret's avatar
AWWW thank you so much I love the way you drew her :love: I love it!
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Wow. Very well done. :)
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