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Name/Username: Furreon

Achievement Stickers: (13)

1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa 1 Mothcat Owned (Event)
2016 Ocean Wars Participant by floramisa 2016 Ocean Wars Participant (Event)
Mothcats Mentee Graduate by floramisa Mothcats Mentee Graduate (Event)
5 Mothcats Owned by floramisa 5 Mothcats Owned (Event)

2016 September MotM by floramisa Member of the Month - September 2016 (Exclusive - Event)
1 Year Cupcake by floramisa 1-Year Birthday Cupcake (Event)
Mothscouts Parent by floramisa Mothscouts Parent (Event)
1 Friend Referred by floramisa 1 Friend Referred (Event)
Fundraiser - A Thousand Miles by floramisa A Thousand Miles (Event)
2016 Mittens for Kittens Participant by floramisa 2016 Mittens for Kittens Participant (Event)
2017 Northern Mettle Participant by floramisa 2017 Northern Mettle Participant (Event)
2017 Pride Month by floramisa 2017 Pride Month (Non-Event)
Happy 2! Birthday Cupcake by floramisa 2-Year Birthday Cupcake (Event)

Mothcats Owned: (10)

Mothcat ID - Miki by Furreon
Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten Scarf - Magenta by Mothkitten
(Attached items: Mothscouts Sash & Magenta Scarf)

Mothcat ID - Fizzi by Furreon
Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten
(Attached items: Mothscouts Sash)

 Fawni (female)
Mothcat ID - Fawni by Furreon
Hamster - Honey by Mothkitten Hamster - Teddy by Mothkitten Hamster - White by Mothkitten
(Attached companions: Honey, Teddy & White Hamsters)
Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten  Fawni's Scarf by Mothkitten
(Attached items: Mothscouts Sash & Rainbow Scarf)

Ruby (female)
Mothcat ID - Ruby by SammichPup
[CO-OWNED - main owner SammichPup; co-owner Furreon]
(Attached items in main owner's bank/ID)

Tico (male)
Mothcat ID - Tico by Furreon
Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten
(Attached items: Mothscouts Sash)
Nami (female)
Mothcat ID - Nami by Furreon
[CO-OWNED - main owner Furreon;co-owner SammichPup]

Loggo (male)
Mothcat ID - Loggo by Furreon
Loggo's Bell Ribbon by Mothkitten
(Attached items: Bell Ribbon)

 Tala (female)
Mothcat ID - Tala by Furreon

Lucky (male)
(needs ID)

Azule (female)

Scarlet (female)

+ 1x Rare Mothcat MYO (from here)

Subspecies Owned: (3)

BonBon (male)
Bumblebun ID - BonBon by Furreon

Bea (female)

(ID coming soon...)

Sylvie (female)

+ 1x Florabun MYO (free)

Bank Balance:
5 Copper Flower Token by aquilala 1 Silver Flower Token by aquilala 5 Gold Flower Token by aquilala


Hamster - Dwarf: Black Barred by Mothkitten 1x Dwarf Hamster - Black Barred
Hamster - Dwarf: White by Mothkitten 1x Dwarf Hamster - White
Hamster - Honey by Mothkitten 1x Hamster - Honey TENTATIVE
Moth by Mothkitten
1x Moth NFT

Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten 2x Mothscouts Sash
(not attached yet)

Mothscouts Backpack by Mothkitten 1x Mothscouts Backpack NFT
Swimming Badge by Mothkitten 
Poetry Badge by Mothkitten  Fishing Badge by Mothkitten Naturalist Badge by Mothkitten Campfire Badge by Mothkitten
Swimming, Poetry, Fishing, Naturalist, Campfire
Craftsman Badge by Mothkitten Boating Badge by Mothkitten Bakers Badge by Mothkitten Lumberjack Badge by Mothkitten Shiny Rock Badge by Mothkitten
Craftsman, Boating, Bakers, Lumberjack, Shiny Rock
Planter Badge by Mothkitten Song Badge by Mothkitten Entrepreneur Badge by Mothkitten Doctor Badge by Mothkitten Bun Badge by Mothkitten
Planter, Song, Entrepreneur, Doctor, Bun
Kindness Badge by Mothkitten Elderly Badge by Mothkitten Flower Crown Badge by Mothkitten
Elderly, Flower Crown

Amity Park:
Honey Stick - Full by Mothkitten 1x Honey Stick - Full (collectible)
Honey Drop by Mothkitten 3x Honey Drop (collectible)

Crafting Items:

Fabric - Pink by Mothkitten 1
x Fabric - Pink
Silk - Gold by Mothkitten 1x Silk - Gold
Thread - White by Mothkitten1x Thread - White
Thread - Orange by Mothkitten 1x Thread - Orange
String - Brown by Mothkitten 1x String - Brown
String - Grey by Mothkitten 1x String - Grey
Plastic by Mothkitten 1x Plastic - Bottle
Glass Shard by Mothkitten 1x Glass Shard
Paper - Index Card Stack (x10) by Mothkitten 1x Paper - Index Card Stack (x10)

2x Empty Dye Bottles (old)
1x Dye - Red (old)
1x Dye - Orange (old)
1x Dye - Yellow (old)
3x Dye - Blue (old)
2x Dye - Pink (old)
Brown Dye Bottle by Mothkitten1x Dye - Brown
Essence Of Rainbow by Mothkitten 1x Essence of Rainbow TENTATIVE

Rocks, Gems and Shells:
Rock by Mothkitten 1x Rock
Pendant - Jade: 1 by Mothkitten1x Pendant - Jade: 1
Rock - One Tumbled Keystone by Mothkitten 1x Rock - One Tumbled Keystone NFT
Rock - Pink Pearl by Mothkitten 1x Rock - Pink Pearl NFT

Accessories and Wearable Items:

Necklace - Sunrise Shell by Mothkitten 1x Necklace - Sunrise Shell
Cool Kid Aviators - Dawn by Mothkitten 1x Cool Kid Aviators - Dawn
Band - Silver by Mothkitten 1x Band - Silver
Feather - Light Iridescent by Mothkitten 1x Feather - Light Iridescent

Flowers, Plants & Gardening:
Flower - Forget-Me-Nots by Mothkitten 1x Flower - Forget-me-nots
Flower - Pink Carnation by Mothkitten 1x Flower - Pink Carnation

Flower - Pansy by Mothkitten 2x Flower - Pansy
Flower - Rose by Mothkitten 3x Flower - Rose
Flower Crown - Rose: Pink by Mothkitten 1x Flower Crown - Pink Rose
Bag of Seeds (L) by Mothkitten 1x Bag of Seeds - Large

Housing Items:
Pillow - Heart by Mothkitten 1x Pillow - Heart
Pillow - Silk by Mothkitten  1x Pillow - Silk NFT
Easter Egg - Opal by Mothkitten
1x Easter Egg - Opal NFT
Easter Egg - Orange by Mothkitten1x Easter Egg - Orange NFT

Other Items:
Coconut by Mothkitten 1x Coconut
Common Trait Change Ticket by Mothkitten 1x Common Trait Change
Float - Swan by Mothkitten 1x Swan Float NFT
Pool Noodle - White by Mothkitten 1x Pool Noodle - White NFT
Pool Noodle - Mint by Mothkitten1x Pool Noodle - Mint NFT
String Light by Mothkitten 1x String Light
Snowglobe - Mothcat by Mothkitten 1x Snowglobe - Mothcat

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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