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Warrior's Book Cover

By Furramon
I didn't know where to put this man.... it's design (but i didn't really design the type or layout), it's fanart, (but yet it's not), and blah blah. So... here it is.... the character is mine, and I did all the art... and it's a digital painting and all that.

The character (Brightpelt) is my old roleplay character that they gave me and I designed. I had the old forum in mind when I made this. (those who used to play with me can imagin that there characters are the ones running at the bottom ;) )

For StarClan's [link] contest :D This was sooo much fun. I got to learn a little more about Painter, and filters.... it bugs me that I don't have the warrior's font, (the name and the jacket thingy i scaned in from a Warrior's cover that I own and altered- so i didn't do THAT *duh)
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Meowmer7915's avatar
did u write a story about it? it ant to read it
Thebestwarriorfan's avatar
virgofemme's avatar
Thisi really cool! If it was a book, I'd read it!
Ask-Spiderleg's avatar
How do you make the font and stuff?
kalinda001's avatar
That's really good.
frnkeroh's avatar
hey i'm making my own books that looks good
WHOVlAN's avatar
aound like u need to write a book1 ;)
louli9559's avatar
it sounds like it would be a good story.
InfernoOblivion's avatar
you should show the erins i mean email them i hear firestar is going to die soon *cries* so mabye they could use it it's epic
frnkeroh's avatar
i think so too
InfernoOblivion's avatar
Mmmm, apparently he *SPOILER*

already has died ;_;
peaceislimited's avatar
holy crap!!!! its awesome if you were a writer you could team up with Erin Hunter!By far wouldve been best book well other than firestars quest.
TheSilverMoonLight's avatar
can i alter this for my own covers?

i don't own any books so it would be greatly appretiated:)
8rhyme-and-reason8's avatar
This is really great! It looks like it's be a real book cover, definatly. It makes me feel all.... art-stupid. :P
WarriorDreamer12's avatar
Good gracious!It's AWESOME!!Make more please!How did you make them?
Kafoo329's avatar
u sould write a story about this cause its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Valerie-Sandheart's avatar
Woah... awesome! looks like a real warriors book
lollipop427's avatar
This is amazing! I thought it is was a real Warriors Book cover!!
ivyheartmoonlight's avatar
wow. Like, wow. that is amazing! I absolutely love it! well done. but...I can't believe that firestar would ever be a legend... oh well, great work, though!
Ninjustupower's avatar
That's awesome! How did you make it???
WAP-94-LATW's avatar
Awesome Book cover :) really good detail

Warriors Hiss
:) &
Soldiers Howl
Aarri2129's avatar
SO AWESOME! I was going to make a cover too, and still am. How did you get the right fonts? It's been killing me, because I can't get the exact fonts for the cover and...:D Oh well. GREAT work by the way!
awesome. u should make a fanfic of it.
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