Yay, My Images are Fixed!

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I was clued in to how to "fix" the artifacting/compression issue. Turns out if you add a line of transparent pixels dA doesn't convert the image. So my last few images that were noticeably bad have been fixed. 

Why dA can't fix the actual issue already we may never know, but at least my stuff looks okay enough now.
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i usually just make all of my images full size so they're PBGs in full view, but it's a massive pain in the ass because my files can get pretty big. when the fuck will dA fix this shit?
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I think it's a feature, not a bug personally.

I think they're sitting on 19 years worth of uploads, in the billions, just sitting in a crud ton of expensive servers, and they needed to cut costs after Wix bought them, so they compressed the heck out of the images. 

But that's just my guess.