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Being on art twitter right now is a lot of artists who left long ago bagging on deviant art, which... okay. There's some valid complaints, like with the tagging system and searching for things, but the rest is just a weird little hate fest of people coming out of the woodwork to see who's got the worst put down for a website.

I don't have much to add, other than to gripe about the griping. Art twitter is always upset about something every day. I can't really handle it most of the time, it's just so dang negative CONSTANTLY, and so much of it is a retread of an argument they've already hashed out or so inconsequential I get contact embarrassment. I quit my other twitter that was helping me keep track of politics and the world because *gestures at everything* but there's some days I want to quit the art twitter too.

I'll give this to dA - At least those guys have mostly gone elsewhere.

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