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Deviation Actions

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This group is currently not accepting submissions. Not because your art isn't lovely, but because not enough people were getting on to yay or nay the submissions, and the decision was made to dock the group in the harbor, as it were.

So right now this group is just some of the contributors requesting artwork every day. I personally can only request ten a day, and I try to do so every day, to try and keep the group alive until the higher ups are ready/willing to do more. I mostly just surf my inbox and the home page and try to get a variety. I hope that if you are following the group you are at least finding new artists to follow directly!

Hopefully things will change eventually. For now please look through the curated posts and leave a comment on a few, I'm sure the artists would appreciate it.

(Also I'm sorry about the Bear folder, I can't seem to put anything in there because there's too many folders or something, so I've been putting bears in Other Animals.)

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Do you see Submissions being opened again soon?

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Not unless the person in charge wants to get on and appoint me as the new person in charge. Right now it's just me. Sometimes, once in a blue moon somebody else submits a couple of things to the group, but it's been a while since that happened.

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I see, hopefully things will pick up for you and the group soon. I remember seeing something about a Discord server, is that active at all still?

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Yes, but not super active. If you post someone will say something to you. Do you want a link?

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Sure! It'd be nice to check out (o:

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Hiya there. If you cannot put anything into the Bear folder, as an admin that means you probably don't have admin access to the Bear Folder. I don't know how your group is set up, and what permissions your level of admin has, but to change permissions you need to go to Admin Area > Manage Members > [Admin type] > Folders > manually change access to that folder.

When new folders are made in a group, all access to them are set to No Access. You definitally don't have too many folders in this group. I know groups that have close to 100 folders like @duelingartistsden

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I think it was a weird glitch. It seems to have fixed itself when Eclipse officially launched.

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