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Wolf anatomy study - Level of bois

Canine References

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Patreon Tutorial: How To Draw Spots And Markings

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Supplementary Lesson: Subtext

Writing General Lesson 1: subtext Ah, subtext—one of those oft talked about though rarely addressed issues of writing. If there's no other thing that 'shippers can call for evidence of their 'ship, they'll call subtext.* But subtext has so much more to do with writing than just "But you can see it in the way he moves—he's so into her!" Think about the arguments that people get into—not about shipping, but just regular fighting. The argument is never about what the argument is about. It's never about who's making dinner, or who needs to move out of whose parking spot, or who squeezed the toothpaste from the middle. It's about

Elaine Rose Writing Lessons

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5 Pieces of Critique You Should Always Disregard

1. "I have a problem with your premise." This is the red flag to end all red flags. I don't care how flimsy the premise is. Every idea has the potential to be a good story. Execution is something else entirely, but if somebody doesn't like your idea: don't listen to them. What they're basically saying is "I am not an Ideal Reader, therefore not your target audience, therefore I am not the right person to critiquing your work."  I hate, hate, hate people who think you should be writing for broader audiences than your story is capable of reaching. If you're writing romance, you're writing romance for romance readers. You're not trying to reach

Droemar's Writing Tips

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Tiger thing - Tutorial


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