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The latest project we have been working on is printing cards. We are starting out with custom redesign of the famous card game from the a galaxy far far away. Landonis Calrissian would be quite happy to see weve thrown in a few extra sylops to hide up his sleeve. For better immersion, these cards arent branded in any way that would spoil the atmosphere. Make sure you grab an extra deck for your next trip to Black Spire Outpost on Batuu!

There is a plain deck and soon to be premium holo deck.

Sabacc Holohand by furocious-studios


Sabacc Cards Proof001b by furocious-studios

Specially included are classic face cards from SW Legends (formerly just the EU)
Below are the suggested values with a slight variation from the traditional set. Green being positive, Red negative, and the Balance Card being positive or negative! Hopefully that will add some spice to your game of Corellian Spike.

Sabacc Face Card Values by furocious-studios 

Now that this set is complete we will be going back to the Spiritual Warfare Card set started on back in the early days of furocious studios™

Spiritual Warfare by furocious-studios

There's a whole set of card sheets that have never been off to the printers yet.
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John Wesley's The Book of Common Prayer by furocious-studios

Here is the Dust Jacket for the Special edition that I've been editing since the beginning of the year.

This book is a Methodist Book of Common Prayer.

This is the original work by John and Charles Wesley published by them in 1784. This was their version of the English 1662 The Book of Common Prayer. It was intended to be a Minister’s Manual useful to the itinerant pastor. In the back of the book is a collection of Psalms and Hymns that they found inspiring and useful for Methodist’s services. It appears that these Hymns are from a variety of authors such as Issac Watts though no credits are referenced in the original.

The entire original work including scriptures has been transposed from the 18th Century original publication to the 21st Century digital age keeping all the original language and spellings so that students and researchers may make complete comparative studies of early Methodism and early Christian services and liturgies.

Prior works have been done producing a partial facsimile of the original book. This new publication is the first complete reproduction of the original book within it’s own volume and in modern text-type. The entire book has been prepared for print and eBook.

For more information about this project check out JohnWesleyPrayer.com

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FEATURED CONTENT: at the bottom of this post


This is a project I came up with for sheer entertainment purposes back in 2009. Soon after that I submitted my definition of furocious to the Urban Dictionary online.

The original furocious series started with off-putting undertones of unusual situations bordering on the mood of horror complete with the sensational shaky font.
The Furocious Chipmunk TM by furocious-studios  furocious_wild font by furocious-studios


Initially I came up with the Rated Furocious badge
RATED FUROCIOUS by furocious-studios


I didn't get much interest across the intranets because I did little to promote my project. Soon after in 2010 I published the idea here on DA.

I made several DA Stamps for the task of rating within the community.
Stamp Rated General by furocious-studios  Stamp Rated Teen by furocious-studios  Stamp Rated Furocious by furocious-studios  Stamp Rated Xtra Furocious by furocious-studios

A couple years later I liked the idea of the rubber stamp and came up with this
Rated-F by furocious-studios

And now that computers and mobile browsers commonly process images greater than 72 px I came up with this smaller version with a transparent background and another version for use with dark backgrounds such as in this journal.
Rated Furocious Stamp by furocious-studios  Rated Furocious Stamp 2 by furocious-studios


The original website for the project is located here rated.furocious.net
Feel free to drop by there and read up on the project.


If you want a Devious stamp to display your support of all things furocious then you may freely display one of these stamps without being rated:
i like it furocious2 by furocious-studios  i like it furocious by furocious-studios


If for some reason you are actually interested in having your content rated send me a private message on this site along with a link to the content to be rated.

I will not rate or feature Nude art and reserve the right to exclude content from being featured here in my own (journal) platform for free speech. 

If you wish not to be featured here and only display the rating stamp on your content, please let me know in your message. In the meantime I will be making my way around and rating stuff at random for the fun of it.

UPDATE: Furocious Content is featured below

Red Panda by furocious-studios  Feels sooo good by Pandinus  Chipmunk by pange  Chipmunk by sebreg  Chipmunk by LanniePossum  Tribal Chipmunk by DolphyDolphiana  Chipmunk Tea Party by Red-Clover  
Fox, Chipmunk by SheltieWolf   Bear and Chipmunk by hellcorpceo <da:thumb id="252616628"/>  SCULPTURE chipmunk and pixie by pixiwillow 

Visit Furocious Studios @ furocious dot com
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Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole
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My exhibit was a great success!

We had a great turn out for the reception and everyone seemed to have a great time.

To commemorate the event and as something special for those who couldn't make the show I've recently published a book featuring the sculpture from the exhibit and related work created at that time.  Everyone who has seen the book so far has been pleased with how it has turned out.

If you are interested in buying the book :pointr: www.lulu.com/spotlight/furocio… :pointl:

Book Cover by furocious-studios
Finite Perspective - Book by furocious-studios

Visit Furocious Studios @ furocious dot com
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