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So as you see guys, I open a commission list, so if you are interested please send a mail to => bruno.furlani@yahoo.fr <= to get some informations and details ! :)
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Do you know Devilman Lady (sometimes just called Devil Lady), it's an anime and i think it could make a good crossover with X-men

Devil Lady was a manga from Devilman's franchise first but has been later adapted as an anime. However the anime version story is far different compared manga version's one (but it's better in my opinion).

here the anime story (WARNING SPOILER):

Jun Fudo is a pretty model. She also has a dark secret that even she doesn't initially know about. Within its DNA resides a gene leading to the next evolution of the human species, "Diabolic Beast Syndrome" (DBS), also present in the blood of beastly super-humans terrorizing the city. Unlike them, Jun manages to retain her sanity and is then recruited by the mysterious Lan Asuka, a member of a secret government organization used to control and eliminate devilbeasts that attack humanity. Jun, now also known as Devil Lady, then sets out on a quest to exterminate her fellow beasts. However, it is difficult for her to maintain her will to live in this situation that she never chose.

here some detailed description of the devil beast syndrome (DBS):

Although the devil beast gene can lie dormant for several years, once it breaks out there is no cure for it. People with devil beast gene end up turning into monstrous creatures with superpowers and incredible resilience, but lose their inhibitions , turning violent. Changing into a devil beast bring a strong feeling of freedom and power so the infecteds follow their repressed desires and emotions without any care about consequences (in worst cases, they even become mindless predator). The transformation seems to be done in connection with the personality of the victim (a swimmer will transform into a beast with fish features for example). Those who sufficiently retain their human faculties can choose when and how they transform. In addition, powerful enough infected can use the Giga Effect which gives them even more strength and makes them grow to the size of a building. Subsequently, while the syndrome is widespread, we learn that it is not transmitted by a virus, but by sensory data. Simply exposing a dormant beast's five senses near another devil beast is enough to trigger the mutation. Also, the more time a infected person spends in the presence of an evil beast, the more similar their transformation will be. However, it is found that simply developing the devil beast gene is not enough to transform into a bloodthirsty beast, and that those whom Jun was forced to annihilate were only individuals who have surrendered to their desires after their change. At the end of the series, we learn that the beasts are simply the inevitable next step in the evolution of the human species. The idea that this change is negative gradually fades away and the story ends on a positive note when Jun walks past two girls with tails playing together.

Could you watch the anime in some streaming website, trust me it's a very good serie and short (only 26 episodes). It would please me to have your opinion on it


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hope there will be more DBZ att comming on!

>! love your work !<


Nice gallery, but WHAT? No Supergirl??? No Black Widow??? No Captain Marvel??? (Female)

great stuff adding to my watch.