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53 Warning Signs Brushes

First brush set. 53 Warning Sign brushes made using Photoshop CS2. Between 100 and 250 in size.

Enjoy and use how you want (you don't even have to credit me). Just don't take credit for them yourself. Thats just mean.

and for those unlcy folks who dont have CS2 or above here they are in PSD format so you can make 'em into brushes for the older versions or use them how you like
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Thanks for sharing :) such signs are just great for everything
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Shveetness. Fav'd.
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Used thank you : [link]
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Thank-you so much! I love these brushes, they are exactly what I was looking for!
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Used here in Ladies and Gents [link]
Thanks you always save my life
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I adore these brushes, just so you know.
thank you very much.
this is very useful!
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Thank you!
Exactly what I was looking for...
:star: :star: :star:
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Ughhhh, I wanna use this so bad but I have PS7 DD:
Is there anyway you could make it 7? <3
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Belive me, I've tried, but without a copy of PS7 myself, I havnt the slightest clue how. Best I can really do is bung them all down on a PSD file, and you can use to remake the one you want for PS7. Thats all I can really suggest im afraid :(
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Anything would be helpful. <3
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Here they are in PSD format. Hopefully there wont be any problems. Enjoy :)
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Thank you so much. <3
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Yey! Very very spiffy, it's hard to find good hazard brushes in abr. [brouhaha, iono how to open .zip files. xD ]
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i got cs3 upstairs
and cs2 down here =p
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I've got CS1!
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I dont have CS2 =[
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Kidding; I don't think many people have it. I'll might remake them on my PC downstairs at some point - I think thats Photoshop 7 or CS1.
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